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Whitetail Glasstop Humidor

The perfect desktop.

The Whitetail is a great humidor for your office, living room, or cigar den. Fully lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar, this piece features a glasstop lid so you can gaze at your sacred lovelies whenever you please. Better still, it's equipped with SureSeal Technology to ensure a perfect seal and optimum moisture distribution and control. What more could you ask for?

Features include:
- 50 cigar capacity
- Tempered glass lid
- premium Spanish cedar lining
- SureSeal Technology
- 1 round humidifier
- 1 glass hygrometer
- 1 Spanish cedar divider
- Hidden quadrant hinges
- External dimensions: 10.3" W x 8.75" D x 4.3"

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Whitetail Glasstop Humidor
35-50 CAPACITY In Stock $75.00 $39.99
Overall Rating 4.06 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Whitetail Glasstop Humidor”

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3 out of 5
Very nice appearance but perhaps not for a dry climate.
I'm on the fence with this humidor. It was part of a package deal which was my first ever cigar purchase. After reviewing some youtube vids for recommended seasoning and purchasing a digital hygrometer I had trouble getting the humidity to stay above 50%. I live in a very dry environment where RH is currently around 25%. I utilized the wipe down method at first, then I sealed cracks with 100% silicone, and now I'm currently attempting to season it with a sponge I drenched with distilled water. I'm hoping this gives it the boost I need to keep it right after I reload with my cigars. Otherwise, it has a very nice appearance and my wife also likes how it looks in our curio cabinet.
5 out of 5
A Great Purchase
I Love this humidor and it looks great. Thank you C.I.
5 out of 5
Awesome humidor at an awesome price!
5 out of 5
Great Humidor , Great Company takes care of there customer , And it start with the top Mr. Reyonals the best God Bless Joe
4 out of 5
Glasstop Humidor
Love this humidor. Bought it for my office, and couldn't be happier. Seasoned like a champ. Great seal. My only complaint is the round humidifier takes up too much space. Should come with the rectangular one.
5 out of 5
Great buy
Looks great. Holds humidity great. Great buy.
5 out of 5
nice Glasstop Humidor
superb nice
4 out of 5
Not Bad for the price
Not Bad. I like the finish look of this Humidor. Good for a Beginner just starting out.
3 out of 5
Made In China
This Humidor was Not what I was expecting. I did some modifications to the Humidor and now I"m in my 2nd day of seasoning.
4 out of 5
class look
love the glass top and front humi check
5 out of 5
love it
glass top is nice to look at what you have inside
1 out of 5
Don't waste your money. This humidor is worthless and the analog hygrometer that comes with it is as well. Be prepared to lose many a good cigar.
4 out of 5
whitetail Glasstop Humidor :P
Got this with some other items and it was my first humidor. Was not sure about it at first because it was having a hard time maintaining the humidity. It now holds the humidity from 70 - 72. Looks very good and love the smell each time I open it. I use this more then the 200 count humidor that I got for Christmas. I like having the hygrometer on the outside of the box and so far I have found no need for a digital one to take its place.
3 out of 5
Looks nice but doesn't keep in humidity
Looks very nice, although I'm finding that the glass top doesn't keep the humidity level where it needs to be. I'm having to recondition it with distilled water every other day to keep it within the "ideal" level.
4 out of 5
good looker
I'm a newbie to the world of cigars and I picked this because of the hygrometer. Nice looking box and it arrived only 2 days after I placed my order!
5 out of 5
Whitetail Glasstop Humidor
Whitetail Glasstop Humidor lots spanish ceder Loved it!
4 out of 5
1st humidor for a newbie
Very nice humidor for the price seasoned up nicely . Seals up fine. Very nice finish goes well with my decor. Glass top is a nice touch.
Customer Testimonials
Perfect addition to my others; looks very nice.
Good little humidor. Definitely not for someone with a lot of cigars. I had to buy a larger one because it was too full with 40 cigars in it.
I ordered this combo late 2014 and love it! Since ordering it, I bring it out to backyard cookouts and get great comments on it. I recently shared pictures of this deal w/ friends in WI and they asked for me to ship one out. Looking at what CI has to offer, so I can send my friends a gift!
Very good, beautiful humidor, easy to set up, and looks good on my desk at work.
I got this as part of a package deal with an Oliva sampler, lighter, and cutter. I couldn't be more happy with the purchase. I was a little worried that the quality of the humidor would be lacking at this price range, but it looks great and hasn't had any issue holding humidity around 68-70. It's a great humidor for someone just starting out! I highly recommend it.
Top Ten Bill Clinton Tips For a Happy, Healthy Marriage #6: "If you must smoke cigars, get an actual humidor." - The Late Show with David Letterman - As a relative newbie to cigars, I did a lot of investigation on-line and speaking with friends who enjoy cigars. The Cigars 101 tutorials here on CI are GREAT for getting quick knowledge and how-to advice. Anyway, on to the Whitetail Glasstop Humidor. I ordered this humidor as part of the Christmas special that included a 5 cigar sampler, a cutter and a lighter. Everything I've read here and other places state that you should season a new humidor. The instructions that came with this humidor said not to treat the wood with any water; you should only put a shot glass of distilled water in the humidor for 24 hours and it would be ready to go. While I did that, I pulled the hygrometer and did the salt test. It was off by about 10%, so I corrected, let it sit for a while, and then did the salt test again. Right on the money this time. As for the shot glass of distilled water, not so much. So I treated with distilled water and let sit for 24 hours. It took two applications to get the humidity to stay consistently above 65%. It does take some babysitting, however. The included humidifier seems to need juice added about every other day. I think once I receive the Humi-Care Power Stick, there will be a lot less babysitting. I just made another order of cigars that I can't wait to get into this puppy. Won't be long before I have to get a bigger one, for goodness sake. At least I have some experience now. I would say that, even with the few growing pains, I am quite pleased with this humidor. My cigars stay nice and fresh and ready to smoke. Much preferable to the sock drawer I used to keep them in!
Beautifully made. Easy set up. It looks great on top of my dresser. Just great to finally have a humi.