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Presidente Humidor

A beautiful humidor at a great price.

The Presidente is an 80-100 capacity humidor with an attractive high-gloss Italian-style finish, Spanish cedar interior, hygrometer and humidifier, lock and key, lift-out cedar tray and cedar dividers.

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Presidente Humidor
100 CAPACITY Backordered $175.00 $99.99
100 CAPACITY Backordered $185.00 $124.99
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Presidente Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Excellent bundle for beginner!
Just bought Presidente Humidor and starter kit...Great value for a beginner. Recommended!
5 out of 5
The humidor was a Christmas gift to my son. He said he loves it but I don't thing it's seasoned or stocked yet.
Customer Testimonials
Very nice humidor, well constructed, great seal. Seasoned very nicely. Rock solid 72% humidity. Flawless exterior finish. Capacity is less than stated, but still well worth it. A great medium sized humidor for your favorite sticks. You will not regret getting this humidor!!! This is not my first nor my last humidor from CI. Great product.
This thing is beautiful!! Wiped down with a Humicare wipe last night and 24 hours later the RH is @ 62%. Soaking up 2 of the pie pieces from an 8oz Black Ice jar as I write. Will put them in for 24 hours and see where it's at tomorrow. I am in the dry state of Wyoming so we will find out how well it all works. If it works 1\2 as good as it looks, I'll be happy!
Very attractive humidor that is quality-built, nice hinges and seals very well. Plenty of storage (100 cigars) for Robusto's and smaller. Maybe 75 Churchills. A great buy compared to other on-line vendors. Only issue is that hydrometer is way off after using calibration kit, salt test, Boveda packs and seasoning wipes. Purchased digital hydrometer and the humidor now reads 72% (my preference). Overall, even with the hydrometer issue, it is very solid humidor but follow instructions regarding the seasoning period (2 weeks) and I recommend the Boveda packs and HUMI-CARE seasoning wipes.
Received this humidor a little while ago and it is very good looking. There are a few areas around the seal that don't have a perfect fit and finish but what can you expect for the price. My only other complaint is the seal. I have another humidor made by the same company and the seal is much better. The seal on this unit isn't bad and it is certainly usable, but could of been better. Overall for the price it is a good unit.
I just purchased this box yesterday...I love the rich and expensive look it presents while on display in my home. I am currently going through the break in process now. So far so good on the hygrometer with the salt test. Hopefully I will have this for many years to come and get good feedback. It is a great looking humidor for the price!! Smoke happy my friends.
This humidor is a beauty! The inlay on top is really cool. The wood that the whole box is made with is thick, and the unit is very solid. The lid seals GREAT!!! The humidity level stays exactly where I want it to stay. If I had to rate its capacity I'd say it will hold 50 -75 sticks. Ultimitly, the size of the cigars you smoke is what will determine how many you will actually be able to fit comfortably. I love mine! I visit it every day;)
I have had this box for over 10 years and it has served me well, however the humidity gage has never worked well, so I just try and remember to keep the res damp ever couple of weeks, less in the summer more in the winter.
I bought this humidor recently. It looks like a million bucks and seals great. My only complaint is with the hygrometer that came with it. It didn't work at all. It was broken right out of the box.
I ordered this humidor several months ago and have been extremely happy with it. Great looking box which has drawn many compliments (along with questioning how many "hundreds" of dollars I spent on it). Very good functionally (keeps my cigars super fresh), great amount of storage, and visually appealing. Highly recommend this one!
​For a limited time, add on the Deluxe Humidor Starter Kit for a mere $25!

For a limited time, add on the Deluxe Humidor Starter Kit for a mere $25!

Start your new humidor off in superior condition! For a limited time, with the purchase of this humidor, add the Deluxe Humidor Starter Kit for only $25 more. This kit comes equipped with a premium 8 oz. Black Ice humidification jar, a matching Black Ice digital hygrometer, a 16oz bottle of Humi-Care cigar juice, and lastly a 4 pack of Humi-Care seasoning wipes. Add this upgrade and save over 63% off suggested retail…only a fool would let this pass by! 
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