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JFK Humidor

The JFK is a beautiful 70+ capacity humidor.

Offering distinctive features like brass handles and key, full Spanish cedar lining, divider, humidifier, hygrometer gauge and much more. The heavy lid and snug seal help assure optimum regulation of the humidity level. The high-gloss cherry finish lends a handsome and classic look, and the felt underside prevents any scratching. A wonderful gift for any cigar lover, and an excellent value for yourself.

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JFK Humidor 70
50-70 CAPACITY In Stock $99.00 $59.99
Overall Rating 4.57 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “JFK Humidor”

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5 out of 5
Jfk humidor
this humidors lid fits nice and tight.Humidor keeps humidity at my specified number longer than my other humidors.This is a good humidor.
5 out of 5
What a Nice Humidor!
For me, this is an excellent humidor. For sixty bux, I'm not gonna go thru the interior with a fine toothed comb to find and point out imperfections! I seasoned it, and it holds temperature and humidity amazingly well! I've had and used mine for about a year and a half, it does everything I need it to...which, I admit, ain't much...and I store my sticks with confidence in it! In fact, I'm gonna get another one. I really would like one for the 'sticks never to be shared', and for the 'gars for the world'. Very rude to keep them in the same place and offer a stogie to someone while sayin' "Well, you can have one of these but hands off of these'. Plus, I tend to exceed capacity from time to time, so...time for a new one! Anyway, I recommend one of these to anybody. If you prefer the smaller ring gauges, like up to fifty, it'll probably hold seventy sticks, no problem. But I like bigger the fifty to sixty usually, sixty or so is all I can cram into it.
5 out of 5
Great Product!
Great product! This humidor is beautiful and eligant. I seasoned it in 72 hours and it holds perfectly at 70% humidity. You want be disappointed with this purchase, it is large and roomy for all your sticks. As an everyday smoker myself, I am well satisfied. Thanks CI for offering such great products at reasonable prices, I will be a customer for life.
3 out of 5
Not bad....
This Humidor is not bad. Holds humidity level just fine, but has some rough interior areas that could have been easily sanded down... Furst purchase from CI that I haven't been 100% satisfied.
4 out of 5
Received this unit about a
Received this unit about a month ago. After seasoning it is just starting to hold humidity. looks beautiful
5 out of 5
JFK Humidor
Excellent quality humidor. Price is well worth it.
5 out of 5
JFK Box Works Like A Charm
After disappointing performance from two previous types of humidors, I must say that I am very please so. Very well constructed and nice, tight closure. Works like a charm.
Customer Testimonials
Got mine in today as a birthday gift from my girlfriend. Looks and feels great! Nothing like some of the cheap ones I've had before. The finish is really more of a red cherry which I like. I am calibrating the hygrometer now and can't wait to get my favorite sticks in there.
This is my first humidor, so I have nothing to compare it to. With this in mind, I think it is working as intended. The Mrs. likes the looks of it and doesn't mind it sitting on the dresser. Unlike some, I have found the dial hygrometer to work just fine. I used the "salt and water method" to calibrate it. With a Humi-Care bead jar inside, it holds at 70% on the dot. If open for a while, it will drop and then recover right to 70 again when closed. The fit and finish are quite nice.
First humidor and also got a digital hygrometer and a Humi-Care HX-10 as upgrades, and some seasoning wipes. Two or three days later we were calibrated and ready to go. Has held at/near 70% for a couple weeks, now. Seals well upon closing. Nice little desktop/starter humidor. I have about 60 sticks in it and holds that amount just fine. No downside at this price.
After seasoning, doing a great job so far. Great looking, holds all my smokes easily. Very happy so far!
I freaking love this humidor! Just got it in 4 days ago, seasoned it for 24 hours and calibrated the analog hygrometer the same night. The box is holding good at 72 humidity with the gel beads it came with. My only suggestion is to add a digital hygrometer to your order just incase. Its been holding steady for 3 days now and I can't find a single bad thing to say about it. If you're looking for a nice medium humidor for your office or bedroom stash... This one is it!!
It came in the mail earlier than expected and it seasoned in a couple days. The analog hygrometer that comes with it is useless, definitely get a digital hygrometer. It has been holding a steady 71% since I seasoned it and I am putting cigars in it today. It also looks great sitting on the desk, I haven't had an inspector complain about it yet, so all is well.
Nice look and nice size. The hygrometer needs a little calibrating,(try the salt test). Worth the price. Get one.
Awesome product. Sturdy, executive looking and alot of room
As previously noted, if you season this humidor a couple of days before adding your stogies, you will find it really does the job well. Of sad note is that the hygrometer, while decorative, is non-functional. Either get a digital one, or some Humi-care products. Storage space is good, and fits churchill sizes just fine. If you keep smoke large gauge cigars, it will probably not hold 70 of them. But for like 50 ring size, it does wonderfully. It looks grand and has that all important "key lock" to keep small unwary fingers out of it. CI did an excellent job of getting it here to me quickly and in excellent condition.
This is my sixth humidor ,its one of the best (JFK Humidor 70).Seasoned it for two days it went to temp and has stayed there. great humidor!