Style:Glass Top

Whitetail II Glasstop Humidor

The Whitetail on steroids.

The Whitetail II is the charming older brother of the original Whitetail. And this go round, it ate its vegetables, because it's bigger, roomier and just as snazzy. Capable of storing up to 100 of your finest handmades, the Whitetail II boasts premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar and SureSeal Technology, creating quite the hangout spot for your cigars. Plus, if you're like me, you'll find it easy to gaze in amazement at your precious stash through the glass top lid. Looks great, works great, and won't set you back a ton of cash. I expect this one to be even more popular than our already uber-popular original Whitetail. Check out the additional features below.

The Whitetail II Humidor features include:
- 100 cigar capacity
- premium Spanish cedar interior
- SureSeal Technology
- Spanish cedar tray with divider
- 2 additional Spanish cedar dividers
- analog hygrometer
- rectangle humidifier
- gold-plated lock & key
- external dimensions: 13.625" x 9.5" x 6.25"

MSRP: $100
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Style:Glass Top
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Customer Reviews of “Whitetail II Glasstop Humidor”
“Bought one of these and couldn't be happier. Great size and keeps cigars perfect! Shipped with care and well packed. Not a scratch on it when it arrived. I just ordered another one to add to my collection. For the price it's hard to go wrong if you buy this humidor. I do suggest to get an extra humidifier to keep things stable. ”
RS of Corunna, ON
“This is one awesome box; it will make all of your buddies jealous! I received this as a gift from my in-laws. Straight out of the box, I noticed the stock hygrometer was broken. Called CI and they had a replacement gauge in the mail that same day. Excellent customer service, as usual! The box itself is solidly built and has an excellent hinge and seal. Not to mention the fact that it looks absolutely stellar! My wife even commented on how awesome it looks on our wine rack. A work of art. Just filled to the brim with sticks after a week of slow seasoning. Holding steady at my optimal 68% Rh. So far, so good! Can't wait to see how my collection ages in this killer humi!!”
JW of Juneau, AK
“Couldn't be happier with this humidor. Looks great and has gotten me compliments when friends have seen it. It keeps a great seal and requires minimum maintenance. I recommend this humidor to anyone in the market for a new box. You'll love it.”
MA of Kingsland, GA
“Great humidor. Was able to add cigars in only a couple of days after arrival, and it has kept the sticks at a perfect humidity. Lid closes nice and tight. Good seal. Even looks as nice as it functions. Money well spent.”
JM of Bastrop, TX