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Bally II Glass-Top Humidor

The new Bally comes with sunroof!

This is a great display humidor. The Bally II Glass-Top is a practical storage unit crafted to store 75-100 cigars. The dark rosewood finish and tempered glass makes it quite appealing to the eye, while the SureSeal Technology maintains humidity with ease.

- 100 cigar capacity
- Tempered display window
- Kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior
- Spanish cedar lift-out tray
- 2 Spanish cedar dividers
- Exterior analog hygrometer
- Large rectangle humidifier
- Hidden quadrant and piano hinges

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Bally II Glass-Top Humidor 100 CAPACITY Out of Stock $106.00 $59.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Bally II Glass-Top Humidor”
Superb humidor (Bally II Glass-Top Humidor)! I used to have a 25-capacity humi as a beginner smoker, but now that I'm an enthusiast, I wanted something that held a few boxes worth. The external hygrometer is perfect so I don't waste the humidity when I wanted to see my gems! Speaking of which, the glass top is perfect for those days I just can't decide what to smoke. This box makes it fun and easy to select and put my paws on the day's smoke! GET ONE!
M of BTucson, AZ
The Bally II Humidor is a beautiful piece of work! Very nicely crafted. My only complaint is the cheap all-plastic analog hygrometer that doesn't work. Other than that, love it!
GR of Sterling, VA
Really good deal for the money! Quality product the will last years! Love the glass top for viewing and saving humidity when selecting a smoke. They only thing I did was upgrade the hydrometer to digital one, much more accurate. Now it's the perfect humidor!
KC of Mount Ephraim, NJ
This was the first humidor I ever bought and I am not satisfied with the craftsmanship. The hygrometer never worked right from the start and it even fell out of the front, leaving me to believe that humidity is being lost through this area. Though this next comment may be operator error, I never could seem to get the cedar to hold humidity. The brick humidifier that comes with it never held water too well, doesn't hold anything at all anymore (1 year later). The cedar around the top that seals it from the outside warped after a few months. Now I'm stuck trying to seal it off with gulf wax. The overall look of the humidor is beautiful but it doesn't work. If you have the money to buy something better, buy something better.
Have had this humi for a year now. very satisfied, for the price you cant beat it. Great for beginners. Very well built for the price.
JS of Greenwood, IN
I love this humidor (Bally II Glass Top). For the price it is unbeatable in quality. Judging from the wood grain and brass fittings, it looks as if it could easily cost twice what I paid. I have had mine for about a year now, and it has held up wonderfully. It keeps a great seal and imparts a delicious flavor to my cigars. Like any humidor, I wish it was bigger and the dial hygrometer is junk, but that is 99% of all desktop units. Attesting to it's durability, while filling it recently the humidor was sitting on the floor of my office. I turned my back and my 3 year old son stood on top of it! No cracks or damage. It has passed my test!
HS of Fayetteville, PA
I love this humidor, had it for 4 months now and it keeps a nice constant humidity level. Make sure to get a digital hygrometer though....the hygrometer it comes with is junk, drove me nuts for the first few weeks constantly calibrating and readjusting it.
AG of wallingford, CT