Minimum Capacity:150, 25

HUMI-CARE Black Ice Humidification

Have a piece of this pie, son!

One look at this jar, and it seems all but the same as Humi-Care's top-notch, award-winning humidification beads. But an apple ain't an orange, and a closer look reveals a lot more ingenuity than that. These new, advanced capacity Black Ice beads ensure a slower, steadier release of moisture, ensuring even greater humidity stability than before (65-70%). And here’s where the "oh-damn" moment happens. Black Ice ‘Pie Jars’ separate into 4 equal-sized pieces, allowing for more proportional humidity distribution. Plus, they free up a ton of wasted space by fitting snugly in the corners of your humidor. Genius! Don't bother trying to compare this to another jar you'll find somewhere else. Humi-Care Black Ice has no equal.

Check out the new 8oz jar size! Designed for larger 150 to 300-capacity humidors.

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Minimum Capacity:25
Maximum Capacity:150
Size:4 oz
HUMI-CARE Black Ice Pie Jar - 4-oz 4 OZ. PG PIE JAR In Stock$15.00$12.50
Minimum Capacity:150
Maximum Capacity:300
Size:8 oz
HUMI-CARE Black Ice Pie Jar - 8-oz 8 OZ. PG PIE JAR In Stock$20.00$14.95
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Customer Reviews of “HUMI-CARE Black Ice Humidification”
“My humidor (bought a starter and thought it would be fine) was (soon) overfilled and was on a slow, down-hill spiral. Humidity kept dropping and some of the "buried" cigars were starting to dry and crack. I bought one of the 4oz jars, filled all 4 sections with cigar juice and 2 days later, they started to make a turn around. Still had to upgrade my humidor to fit the appropriate number of cigars, but the Black Ice saved what I had long enough for a new humidor to arrive and season.”
“I recently bought the Royal Tradition Humidor, a fantastic box, and the 8 oz. Black Ice Jar since I needed to use the 'shot glass' method of seasoning which is the recommended method by the manufacturer. I did use the Humi-Care seasoning wipe to give the interior a one time wiping, then filled the black ice sections and the humidification trays included. After only one day, the humidity was holding at 75 percent. Waited two more days, same level. I had to take out the Black Ice sections since they were a little too tall for this unit, they stood up a little over the upper tray ledge. I should have gotten the smaller 4 oz size to begin with, but I will use these in my older humidor since they work so well. I highly recommend them to everyone needing a simple way of keeping the best cigars properly aging, but first measure your humidor!”
“The package comes without instructions, and the segments do not have a "fill line," like Drymistat tubes. Take care not to fill more than half way, or you'll be left with gel crystals overflowing from the jar! That said, the increase in humidification is almost instantaneous. I use two segments per 20-capacity humidor.”
“I just purchased 3 of the 4oz and 2 of the 8oz pie jars; all 5 of my humidors are now perfectly stable. Here in Hawaii I have the toughest time with over-humidification. With the 2-way control of HUMI-CARE's Black Ice RH super beads, I can keep the humidity down in the ambient humid summers and up in the ambient dry winters. Solid product! Suggestion for Humi-Care: add a fill line to the jar for the distilled water. Fill to 50% in each pie slice and you will get the optimal performance from your Humi-Care Black Ice product! #HawaiiBOTL”
JM of Waipahu, HI
“I received, along with 40 new cigars, the 4 oz jar... I opened the sections and was not happy. I saw so few crystals that the bottom was not even covered. So, I filled them to the bottom of the inserts with distilled water, let it sit about ten minutes and went to empty the excess water only to find the inserts would not fit back in due to the crystals protruding from the wedges. Crazy!! Overflowing with very few crystals!!!! Heed the fill 50% advice. Performance is, dead on at 70% in my humidor, even though usually my humidor is in the 60 degree range, even at seventy degrees, it stayed at 70% humidity. These crystals are a little miracle in perfectly shaped containers!!”
MM of Coarsegold, CA
“We'll have to see how these actually perform, but if they are anything like other Humi-Care products, they should work as advertised or better. The four little wedges nestle nicely in the corners of a glass-top Whitetail humidor and are barely visible through the glass. Definitely nifty and unobtrusive. And a word of advice: Give these a good hour after filling them "half-way" before you add more distilled water. A little goes a long way...”
“I'm not too sure what to think... At first I had to find something to pry the lid off to pour the solution in (I use my pick on a pipe tool). Once I got it filled up I wasn't sure how much was enough, so I continued to add more and more. It is ok now, but my humi is staying right at 60% :/ It does add space tho.”
“Great product. I added cigar juice HALF WAY and than added a bit more after about an hour. DONT FILL TO THE TOP IT WILL OVER FLOW. maintaining 72%. Works great for me so far.”
JS of Bear, DE
“Love the Humi-care humidification products, and swear by them in my own humidor - but i have to say I was let down by the 8oz jar not fitting properly in my humidor! It's too tall for the lid to close, so it can't be pushed into the corner as advertised. The 4oz jar would be fine, I imagine - but avoid the 8oz if you have a typical 50 cigar humidor. I actually prefer the Xikar / Humi-Care power sticks, for 1/2 the price you can get two and they definitely fit well!”
RA of Sherwood, AR
“Love it. Came in the mail. I opened, put in my cigar juice and placed in four corners of my humidor. There are 12 Gurkhas and 4 Ave Marias in there and the humidity went to 70% in about 3 hours. Two weeks later still there. Glad I bought this Black Ice.”
JR of Muskogee, OK
“Works great. Absorbs water like a sponge. Just be careful not to overfill it, the crystals can hold a lot of water. Great buy, they fit well in the corners of my humidor.”
WW of Hamilton, VA
“Awesome product. This mixed with cigar juice is perfect for maintaining a humidor. Works great and is holding perfectly.”
SG of Marshfield, MA
“I like this design in that it fits snuggly into the corners of my humidor; however, there were no filling instructions or line to denote how much water to add to each section. I would say filling these halfway with distilled water should be about just enough.”
AG of Anderson, IN
“These are great. Finaly a jar that can be split in 4 pieces. Great stuff”
IS of San Francisco, CA
“Great little addition for humidor”
BG of Somers, NY
“I love this keeps my humidor at 70 so easy to use ”
“These things are Great! Perfect in any Humidor large or small, need more humidification add another 1/4, need less take it away. Small and easy to fit in the corner; out of the way. As always Humi-Care is great stuff.”
JK of Porter Ranch, CA
“Keeps the humidity in my 10 cnt humi at 69%. Great idea on the design to safe real-estate for more sticks. I would recommend giving it a try.”
ML of Aurora, IN
“Great idea and great size for my humidors. I would recommend using the cigar juice every other refill. Used two 8 oz to charge/season two new humidors (each holds about 100 cigars +/-). After the two week seasoning process, the humidors were ready to go. Just ordered my 3rd humidor and already have the black ice and the seasoning wipes ready to go. Wish i owned the patent on this product. ”
CF of Worcester, MA
“received my black ice 4oz containers; each segment had a layer of black ice granuals on the bottom; is this normal for so few granuals? If so, I am assuming I fill the remaining space with distilled water; Correct?”
“Pretty good so far. A few things though, these suckers suck up a lot of distilled water or PG solution!! As other reviewers have said, only fill each section half-way up or even a little less with DW or PG Solution or it will swell up enough to push the tops off. Also, the sections, even from the smaller 4oz. jars will NOT fit in a small 15-20 capacity desktop humidor without laying them on their sides, like I do with mine. Just make sure you get all the unabsorbed liquid out of em' first if you have to do that. Would definitely buy again.”
KW of Lillian, TX
“Keeps humi at an even 69%, very user friendly”
CI of Huntington Station, NY
“Get product it works very well. The split size makes them easy to use also . ”
“This is a good space saver for my humidor. I am able to put 2 pieces on one side of divider and 2 on the other in the middle with very little room taken. More room for my 60 ring cigars.”
“Seems to work well for my 150 box. Staying right around 65% in a full box.”
JB of Livonia, MI
“Great product!!”