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HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes

'Tis the season for Humi-Care wipes.

How this product never existed until now, blows my mind. It's simple, easy, cheap and so damn effective. All you have to do is tear open the packet, and inside you'll find a specially engineered cloth. Simply use this cloth to wipe down and season the inside of your humidor. When you're done, give it the ol' heave-ho. No more looking for new sponges or going to the store for distilled water. These wipes have been manufactured with propylene glycol and distilled water to provide everything you need. Perfect to keep on hand to restore a dry, or out of use humidor too. Once you use one, I know it's a well you'll keep coming back to. 

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HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes 4-PACK In Stock $8.00 $4.99
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Customer Reviews of “HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes”
Bought on recommendation from CL of Lincoln, NE. Gets the job done with way less effort. I highly recommend this product to someone seasoning a brand new humidor.
MC of Lincoln, NE
They work pretty good...thanks!
EW of broadway, NC
These worked fine but when seasoning a new humidor, or one that has not been used in awhile, purchase 4 wipes and use two the first day and 2 again on the second day (for humidors that state they hold between 75-150 cigars.) The humidity, with the wipes and the Black Ice humidification units (8 oz for each humidor), produced a constant 72% within a week. I have seasoned a few humidors before using the 50/50 cigar juice and a sponge but these are handy for a measured result. Regardless, they worked for me but I will use the 50/50 juice going forward.
CF of Worcester, MA
I have used distilled water only to season my previous 2 humidors and found it to be a pain to get the levels right and decided to try these wipes on my new Humidor. I was very pleased with the results, the time and effort it took to season and stabilize the humidor was well worth the few dollars I spent on the wipes. I will only use these it the future to season and keep my humidor top notch!
JM of Milwaukee, WI
These worked great to jump-start the humidification process in my humidor. They worked well and are good if you are scared of over moistening the wood. They tend to leave little bits of white fluff in the humidor but you can remove them.
PV of Carlsbad, CA
They work perfectly, as advertised.
SF of Richmond, VA
Bought these to season my Yukon humidor from the Blue Chip Combo #12. They did an awesome job. I will definitely get these whenever I need to season a humidor!
CK of New Freedom, PA
Worked great for seasoning my new humidor!
KC of Buffalo, NY
Great buy! Super easy to use especially with a new humidor, with these there is no over seasoning. Will buy again with new humidor.
JD of Brownsburg, IN
These worked amazingly! Only took two days to season my 100 count humidor.
KR of Fraser, MI
What can I say? These wipes are awesome! Just use 2 and the humidor is like new. Definitely will keep these on my supplies list.
MG of Glen, MS
These wipes work great at seasoning and restoring a humidor. Takes any guess work or concerns out of the equation and makes getting them ready super easy!
DM of Souderton, PA
They worked just fine. Seasoned a Yukon Cherry 35-50 humidor in 2 days. They might be a gimick, but for me and my first humidor seasoning adventure they were ideal.
TP of San Antonio, TX
Thick, perfectly moist (doesn't dry out quick, and is not dripping wet), and extremely adequate!
ST of Odessa, TX
These wipes are great. Made it very easy to season. Does not over saturate the wood.
KB of Port Saint Lucie, FL
Highly recommend when you are setting up your humidor. One 2 pack was just enough for my 100 count humidor.
DL of Factoryville, PA
Made my seasoning truly simple! Didn't leave any fibers behind after!
CG of Woodland, CA
This was my first time seasoning a humidor. I was a bit nervous I'd make some mistakes but it's really hard to mess anything up with these wipes. They are straightforward and easy to use. I'm glad I bought them! It only took two to season my 30-50 count humidor.
DI of Palm Harbor, FL
The easiest way to season your box of goodies. The price is decent and I got a four-pack that will last me for a bit since I season my humidor about every three months.
LA of Ridgewood, NY
It is helpful for the novice but not really needed if you have seasoned a couple of humidors yourself already.
JP of Virginia Beach, VA
Easy to use packs make setting up your humidor simple. Just ensure you buy the 4 pack; this will enable you to fully set up your humidor. I will be returning to buy more of these to use.
These work great.
These wipes work great for conditioning your humidor. Well worth buying to condition your new humidor.
JS of Jacksonville, FL
They work. Need more than one though.
JG of Kansas City, MO
Works great!
CL of Lincoln, NE
Worked great just like advertised.
AR of Staten Island, NY
Its a thin sponge soaked with distilled water... Seasoning a humidor is not that hard in the first place.. Dont waste youre money.
AO of Simpsonville, SC
These worked great for seasoning my humidor. Definitely easier than getting distilled water and a new/clean sponge. They're a good buy, and you can save the extras for if you let your humidor dry out and you need to revive it later on.
WW of Hamilton, VA
So much easier, and foolproof.
great product clean an neat way to season a humidor got to get some more of these
JK of marshalltown, IA
Very handy if you want to season quickly, just open and start wiping.
JC of Goddard, KS
Helped speed up the seasoning process.
JE of Sagle, ID
Great product. Simple way to season a new humidor. Highly recommend!!
EC of Albany, OR
It works. Great way to season your humidor
RK of West Saint Paul, MN
Used a sponge & distillers water on my first two humidors. I just received my third 100 count humidor. After reading the reviews on the wipes I added a few of these with my order. The wipes are so much better than using a sponge due to the right amount of liquid left by the wipe. To give you an idea on how many you need to do a complete job. My new humidor holds 100 cigars & it took all of the wipe to cover all areas including tray & dividers. Since this is a process you do twice over a period of 12 hours. My humidor required one for the first wipe down, & a second for wipe down I will do tomorrow. If this had been my 300 count humidor. It would have taken a total of 4. Since you have to wait at least 12 hours for the second application. Even with a 50 count I would use 2 in order to have a fresh one for the second day. For me it was money well spent.
DM of Hixson, TN