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Hydra 'LG' Electronic Humidifier

Set it and forget it!

The Hydra is the most sophisticated electronic humidifier available today. The 'LG' commercial model is fully prepared to properly regulate the humidity inside cabinet or commercial humidors up to 16 cubic feet in size. Better still, it is fully adjustable to cover your needs, considering your storage space is of a lesser size. The large LED display provides an accurate relative humidity every 30 seconds for increased assurance that your cigars are being properly cared for. Additionally, both an audible and visual 'low water' indicator alerts you when the cartridge is low. But don't worry, it'll be a long time before you hear or see this alert, and spare cartridges can be purchased to keep your Hydra running an optimum capacity. There's even a handheld remote for basic humidity control, which allows you to modify the internal settings of your humidor without opening it up!

The beauty behind the Hydra is its flexibility. It can be used in a smaller, 100 capacity humidor just as easily as a larger, cabinet style humidor, achieving the same results. The unit even contains ports for external fans to distribute humidity and airflow within the humidor even more efficiently. This unit is designed to use a 1000mA power supply, making it much more powerful than the competition.

Features include:
- Humidify up to 16 cubic feet
- Fully adjustable
- Handheld remote w/ 54" cord
- Accurate reading every 30 seconds
- Large LED for easy reading
- Audible and visual low water indicator
- External fan ports
- Dimensions: 11" x 4.25" x 4.75"

Cartridge ships empty. Always use distilled water, only.

MSRP: $240
Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Hydra 'LG' Electronic Humidifier
16 CUBIC FEET In Stock $240.00 $180.00
Hydra 'LG' Electronic Humidifier Fan
FAN ONLY In Stock $9.99
Hydra 'LG' Electronic Humidifier Fan Kit
FAN KIT In Stock $13.99
Hydra Water Cartridge - 'LG' Refill
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hydra 'LG' Electronic Humidifier”

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5 out of 5
Excellent product, works as advertised.
Easy to connect to the humidifier and does the job moving the air around inside the humidor.
5 out of 5
Excellent humidifier!
I have used one of these in my 1500 cigar cabinet for almost ten years. I just bought my third one. It works great!
Customer Testimonials
I would not recommend this unit for tower cabinets unless you solve the issue of proper airflow. The towers are somewhat difficult to properly support because of the solid pieces in the center that reinforce the structure. Once modified and with the proper fans, this unit will work well and should be trouble free. You should check the unit for mold once a month or so and check it when you refill. If the clay looks like it's growing mold spend the 12 bucks or so and buy a new brick. Good luck and hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine.
I had one for about 3 years until the display quit. I bought another one and fan is squealing after couple of days of operation. Not too happy with product.
I love it. Filled the cartridge with distilled water, set my desired humidity level and I was done. My humidor is sitting at the perfect humidity. No muss no fuss.
Got this unit for my 3,000 count cabinet humidor. Worked great for about 6-7 months then it starting running into problems. Used outlet inside humidor to power it, the power supply "brick" aka plug burned out and made my humidor stink of that burnt electric wire, melted plastic smell. Maybe I shouldn't have used the inside outlet but o well whats done is done. Thank god I caught it on time and was able to air out humidor and re season and have peace of mind with that. I ran ribbon tape out to wall outlet in house with new power supply from radio shack. Alarm went off about 3 days ago and when I opened top of unit, mold was everywhere. I use distilled water every single time I refilled. Shaved off top layer of foam and wiped clean with warm water. In the market for new unit, def not this one. The unit cannot handle cabinet sized humidors In my opinion. The top tier was never at desired rh level, always had to use another form of humidifier up top. I also have 3 external fans for air movement inside and still never kept at desired levels. Good idea on the humidifier just not up for a challenge in a 3,000 count humidor
I have this for my 5000 count cabinet humidor, and let me tell you it works GREAT!!!! you cant go wrong with it.
Received an old cedar chest as a wedding present. After much discussion of what we were going to do with it I decided to reline it with spanish cedar and convert it into a humidor. I bought this item because it is a rather large chest and can easily hold over 2000 cigars. This product works great. Stays right at 70% humidity. Have checked it with two electronic humistats and it is right on the money. Great product.