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Humi-Care 16 oz. Cigar Juice

Magic humidor sauce from Humi-Care!

Fill your humidifier with Humi-Care and rest assured that your precious handmades are safe and sound. This 50/50 mixture of propylene glycol and distilled water is perfectly calibrated to ensure a slow, steady release of 70% humidity. It's easy and works like a charm. Plus, the reasonably priced 16oz bottles offer a lotta bang for your buck! Another great addition to the Humi-Care line of products.

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Humi-Care 16 oz. Cigar Juice
16 OZ. BOTTLE In Stock $15.00 $11.99

Customer Reviews of “Humi-Care 16 oz. Cigar Juice”

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This is great stuff! You get everything you need to keep your humidor right in one bottle. Over here in Afghanistan we can't get ahold of distilled water. Everything over here has minerals in it. So instead of using the mineral water and ruining my humidifiers, I bought a bottle of this stuff. Very convenient and this bottle lasts a long time. Keeps my humidor at a perfect 70% humidity.
Humi-Care 16 oz. Cigar Juice works great in extreme conditions. Highly recommended.
Not much to say, that hasn't already been said. Great stuff. Works perfectly, and worth every penny to keep an investment safe and fresh.
This stuff works!
Good value!
It gets the job done. I'd prefer distilled water due to the price, but I have had no issues using this product.
Works just as described. Exceptional quality @ an amazing price. Hard to beat!
Keeps that constant 70% without fail.
I had lots of problems keeping the humidity in my large humidor up, until I started using cigar juice. This stuff works great for seasoning a new humidor, and helps keep you at that perfect humidity. Once seasoned you can start supplementing with distilled water.
Love this stuff. Works great paired with my CI bead jars.
Never fails me. Good stuff. Keeps my humi at 68-70 percent all the time.
Awesome! Solved the problem in 6 hours, thanks CI!
The juice is great and works as advertised. I use it to maintain a desktop humidor as well as travel humidors. The size is great and so far, I think it will last quite a while.
Borrowed some from a friend to get my huumy right!! Took less then 6 hours to get it right
Very reliable, and plenty of it in 16 oz bottle. The price is good also.
I call this the holy water of humidors. I use these with my Humi-care beads and I am set for a couple months at a time. Takes the guessing out of humidor maintenance. Keeps it simple....nuff' said!
Great deal. This stuff works great! It was a huge help when I was seasoning my new humidor.
Just use it and forget it(for a while). Keeps a constant controlled level. Fresh cigars for all.
Good stuff! What can I say?
Does exactly what it promises. I should have gotten this months ago when I first became an enthusiast.
Easy & perfect simple humidification
Get the "Juice", it keeps the humidity levels perfect.
Great item...
Works Great! It's made quite a difference in my humidor. I'm now holding steady between 68-70 % RH.
Either Cigar Juice , or go to the grocery for distilled water. Take care of your investment. Buy it.
Works great! If you have used this and then use tap water, it ruins the desiccant. Make sure to keep using this or distilled water, but this has a much slower evaporation rate.