Minimum Capacity:300

Cigar Oasis II Ultra-Deluxe

Humidify up to 3,000 cigars!

The Cigar Oasis II provides the perfect humidity level for your humidor with very little hassle - and this version offers humidification for large cases, armoires, and display humidors. The Oasis controls the humidity over long periods of time - recommended for up to 3,000 cigar capacity humidors.

Features include:
- Totally unattended, reliable operation
- Uses only distilled water, no chemicals
- Water reservoir is user refillable
- Built in filtration and mold retardant
- Maintains the humidity at 70% or user adjustable humidity from 60-80%
- Suitable for large display cases and humidors, up to approximately 3,000 cigar capacity
- Dimensions: 6.5" x 5.25" x 13"
- Adapter plugs into any standard power outlet
- Standard adapter 120VAC - optional 240VAC

NOTE: the Cigar Oasis II is shipped with a foam which is treated with an anti-fungal agent and the user must fill the water reservoir containing the foam with distilled water only. The foam is a large block and will last for 2-3 years and replacement blocks can be purchased later.

The Cigar Oasis filters and circulates the air inside the humidor eliminating the "musty" odor commonly associated with well sealed humidors. The unit recovers rapidly to the controlled humidity after opening and closing the humidor. In addition the air circulation feature makes the unit a unique humidifier. It is a self-contained unit with the electronics in the upper section and the distilled water reservoir in the lower section ready to operate once you fill with water and plug it into a socket. A unique sensor accurately measures the humidity in the humidor and the signal is used to operate a control fan which returns the humidified air back to the humidor. A second fan is included with every unit which is on all the time to assure that air is always moving in the controlled space. If it is a large cabinet, a socket is available for an auxiliary fan with extended wires to be located at a suitable location in the cabinet to move the air and avoid gradients. The auxiliary fan does not come with the unit itself; it is an upgrade that’s sold separately. The unit filters and circulates the air inside the humidor and recovers rapidly to the controlled humidity after accessing the humidor. Cigar Oasis II is the reliable way to make humidification easy and guarantee that your cigars are always fresh.

MSRP: $250.00

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Minimum Capacity:300
Maximum Capacity:3000
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Customer Reviews of “Cigar Oasis II Ultra-Deluxe”
“The Oasis ll XL is a large humidifer. It is designed in two parts, top and bottom with foam in the bottom part with fans that circulate the humidy around. The unit is built for a larger chest and has a remote LED that has the connection for the extra fans that you can add to help circulate the air around. The unit can be set to a certain Humidity and left alone. When the humidity drops the third fan kicks in and the unit is LOUD. I had it pressed against the inner wall and moved it away to make sure it was not giving it anything to carry sound. I even sat it on some small towels to help and threw a towel over the plastic part, but made sure the air ways were clear. What I did find out is that by "REALLY SEALING" the box, I mean the drawers and doors with 1/8" x 1/4" foam strips, I was able to - I cut the sound down by 95% - what a difference with muffling the sound. I will make this statement - it is designed for a larger box and it does put out humidity, but when it engages to add humidity - be prepared. Would I buy again, I think I would try to find a quieter one, but not sure if you can when trying to humidify a large humidor. By the way, I got one of the Gurkha Warrior's Chest Humidor - FREAKIN AWESOME !”
AG of San Antonio, TX