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   » Price Range: $25 - $50

The older you get, the less significant birthdays feel. All the more reason you shouldn’t skimp on a gift! We’ve got a stellar selection of varying gifts in all sorts of different price ranges. And if you’re still worried about that refrigerator dust collector (card), we’ve got those too. Just ask nice, and we’ll include a special message for ya. Sure you could buy a cake, but our gifts are a whole lot less calories and a hell of a lot more awesome. 

Grid List
    In Stock
    92+ Rated Big-Name Showdown
    10 CIGARS
    In Stock
    MSRP $81.21
    Only $35.00
    ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin
    TIN OF 14
    In Stock
    MSRP $74.40
    Only $44.99
    5 Vegas Gold
    28 Options
    $2.50 - $5.00 per cigar
    Man O' War Six-Pack Sampler
    6 CIGARS
    In Stock
    MSRP $56.00
    Only $25.00
    Obsidian 'The Experiment' Sampler Box
    BOX OF 10
    In Stock
    MSRP $75.00
    Only $39.99
    Xikar 11mm Punch Cutter
    3 Options
    As low as $33.99
    El Gordo #40: La Gloria Serie R + Herf-a-Dor
    In Stock
    MSRP $101.45
    Only $39.99
    The Man O' War Anthology Sampler Box
    BOX OF 9
    In Stock
    MSRP $78.40
    Only $49.99
    CAO Cuban Press Sampler
    BOX OF 12
    In Stock
    MSRP $71.40
    Only $46.47
    Ave Maria Sampler Box
    BOX OF 8
    In Stock
    MSRP $63.50
    Only $49.99
    Genesis The Project Ashtray Sampler
    In Stock
    MSRP $65.00
    Only $39.99
    Bugatti B-2002 Torch Lighter
    6 Options
    As low as $49.00
    Estd. 1844 Sampler Box
    BOX OF 6
    In Stock
    MSRP $38.77
    Only $25.00
    Colibri Slice Cutter
    7 Options
    As low as $49.00
    Palio Lighter
    3 Options
    As low as $49.99