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Boutique Bundle Bonanza

Boutique Bundle Blowout Bonanza. It's quite simple, really. We've set aside 20 different, crowd-pleasing blends, and cut pricing down to the bone. Tasty boutique handmades starting at just 63-cents apiece. Indeed, for one short week, select from 20 scrumptious, boutique bundles, starting at an outrageously low $12.50. That slashes normal retails by up to 85%. Oh yeah!

Rocky Patel, Perdomo, Oliva, Bahia, Torano, Xikar HC Series, and so (so!) much more. Awesome brands, awesome blends, each crafted into a variety of sizes....yours for just 63-cents to $1.98 apiece. Obnoxiously low prices from yours truly, delivering obscene savings and 20+ memorable hours of cigar-burning bliss with every purchase. Over $1,600 in combined savings are at play here. Go nuts, and enjoy superior cigars at superior prices. 

20 dee-lish boutique handmades, as low as $12.50. One week only, or while supplies last.

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