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Empty Box

Everyone loves empty cigar boxes!

The best packaging of any product on the market has to be cigars. Where else do you see such intricate, attractive packaging on such a consistent basis? We have thousands of these in our warehouse, left over from sampler packs and 5-packs that we’ve put together. They’re in great condition and I just don’t have the heart to throw them away. We’ve had so many requests to buy them that I finally just put them up for sale here.

Cigar boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, including holding nuts and bolts, nails, file cards, recipes, matchbooks and just about anything else you can think of. Each order includes 10 different, empty wooden cigar boxes. No two are alike - each assortment varies.

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
10 BOXES In Stock $15.00
10 BOXES In Stock $25.00
Shipping Constraints:
Oversized items ship to street addresses in the Continental USA only (no PO Boxes or APOs). These will be shipped via ground delivery services and cannot be expedited.
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Customer Reviews of “Empty Box”

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Wooden Boxes(Empty Decorative Boxes - Set of 10)!
I've ordered these (Empty Wooden Boxes - Set of 10) over and over again. They are in great shape and help me keep organized!! Thanks CI..
The wooden boxes (Empty Wooden Boxes - Set of 10) are always in great shape! I've ordered them before & use them to organize my toiletries, makeup, and keep my collecting supplies in them. They're great!
It is great to know I can buy wooden cigar boxes now and don't have to run around town to all the cigar stores when I run out of them. I make cigar box purses and sometimes its very hard to find the boxes. Thank you. I will buy more in the future. Rita
Beautiful boxes and they smell wonderful! Nice assortment of sizes, colors, and designs. Great for purses or catch-all boxes.
Just received my cigar boxes today. They are in great shape and very colorful. I will be ordering more. Great for the grandkids to put their stuff in.
My boxes arrived today and they are beautiful! They are sturdy, well made and are perfect useful boxes to keep just about anything in. I'll definitely be ordering more of these!
Just received my order of empty wooden cigar boxes. There are absolutely wonderful -- in great shape, beautiful boxes, and went way beyond my expectations. Thank you! Fast shipping, and each box is in great condition. Couldn't ask for more!
Just ordered for the third time. Perfect! Very fast delivery! Well worth the money. Will probably order again.
I've ordered several shipments of these and I'm always pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of the boxes. They have surpassed my expectations and at a price that can't be beat!
Definitely worth the price, beautiful wooden boxes to hold wallet, keys and whatever on around the house. Very fast shipping and nice variety, wish I had a use for every box! Thanks.
Ten beautiful wooden boxes arrived at my doorstep in virtually no time! My kids and I are already busy making this year's Christmas gifts. I'm so happy with my first set that I just ordered another. This time we'll try the cardboard boxes. Thank you for making these available at an affordable price and for providing great service!
I wanted to make a few cigar box guitars and thought I'd take a chance on this assortment... they are awesome! All the boxes were very nice, no duplicates, at least 5 of them large enough for guitars and the rest useful for gifts, decoration, etc. And free shipping to boot. I am very pleased... an excellent deal!
Don't forget to read the "fine print". No expedited shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bought the Empty Decorative Boxes. There were some really nice boxes in there! They even included a couple gorgeous wooden boxes as well. I won't hesitate to order again in the future.
These are great boxes. We are taking both these boxes and wine crate sides, cutting the interesting sides and art work off of them, using adhesive to install them as a back splash in a bar. A little work to artfully piece together but looks great and very colorful.
I am so pleased I found Cigars International website. My father used to go thru a box of cigars once a week and he kept himself, me and neighbors supplied with boxes. He passed away 14 years ago and I lost my source of cigar boxes. I have purchased 30 boxes from Cigars International so far and will be ordering more for myself and friends. These boxes are in pristine condition and I have not received a single damaged box. Thanks Cigars International for offering such a cool product at such an awesome price. I don't know how you do it but it seems like the purchase price barely covers the cost of shipping. I am checking with friends before placing my next order. Thanks so much.
Boxes arrived in great condition. They came in a variety of sizes and brands. Overall great experience. I will be ordering more.
I love empty cigar boxes........thanks CI once again!...and as always my aficionados "Keep a happy face and smoke with pride".
I ordered the empty wooden cigar boxes. It took 9 days to get here. They were definitely worth the wait! They were beautiful! I couldn't believe how nice they were! I will definitely order again....and soon!
I just got my wooden boxes in today and I have to say they were all in almost perfect condition, I only got one that was scratched up but 1 out of 10 isnt bad and I am completely happy. I will be ordering more soon.
This assortment was well worth the money spent.. High quality, a couple of nice wooden boxes included.. If the need arises, I'd order again...
EXCELLENT variety of boxes. WELL WORTH the cost. Just ordered my 3rd shipment.
These are awesome! I am addicted!
So happy with the empty boxes!! All different sizes and styles and in great condition. Thanks so much!! :)
I am so glad I found you! I had no idea you could buy empty boxes straight from the dealer; this is about 4 times less expensive than what I was paying for them!
I ordered some of the empty wooden boxes and I was really happy to see the quality and the names on some of those boxes. Makes me want to order full boxes of them, if I can afford it.
Good quality boxes. My only drawback was that I received an ACID box and a small 42 gauge cigar box. For my purposes are unusable. However, these are still a great deal at the given price.
The set of boxes where absolutely beautiful. Only one duplicate, but I don't care. I bought the boxes to "alter" them into purses, but they are far too nice to touch. Instead I am keeping them stacked with my special items for the crafting I do and just love them! Never thought wooden boxes would give me this feeling, but they did. So glad I found your company and have told all my crafting friends and family to order. Thanks.
I just placed another order for these great boxes. Every year or so I place an order or two. My grand children love them for arts and crafts, and to keep their treasures in. I use them for decorative organization.
Decent selection of wooden boxes, 6 stars out of 10. Four of the boxes were duplicates, but the assortment in size was good. Most, if not all, had nice artwork and latches or hinges. With a warehouse full of thousands of boxes, I'd imagine the selection would include more name-brand boxes with a better variety. Maybe I just got unlucky with the selection?
Beautiful. I got some really nice boxes. All in good shape.
Some really nice boxes. I am using them as Christmas boxes for my buddies and putting a selection of collection in each one this year. I am looking forward to buying some of the cardboard boxes when they are available. Thanks CI!
Some nice heavy humidor boxes and a few lighter one very nice 10 out of 10
Received my assorted wooden boxes today, outstanding selection. Thank you
Wow! this was my first order and I love these wooden boxes. They are perfect to store items. I will be back for more soon. Thank you for the speedy shipping and the quality product!
These boxes are super!