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EZ Cig

   » Price Range: $50 - $75

These e-cigs are called “EZ” because….err because that’s what they are - easy. Plain and simple. Quickly and effortlessly get on your way to e-cig enjoyment with a host of fine, long-lasting options – each cartridge packs a punch of about 400 puffs, which is approximately the equivalent of 8 packs of cigarettes. Just imagine all the cash you’ll save. If you’ve never tried e-cigs before, here’s your chance to get everything you need without all the hassle. Just choose the flavor for your starter kit – tobacco or menthol – or go buck wild with single use disposable e-cigs in crazy flavors like White Grape and Wild Berry. No matter what you choose, you’re making a good decision with EZ Cig.

Grid List
    Graycliff G2
    12 Options
    $3.00 - $5.00 per cigar
    Graycliff G2 Maduro
    10 Options
    $3.00 - $5.00 per cigar
    Gurkha Private Select Abuelo
    2 Options
    $11.00 - $11.20 per cigar
    Graycliff Meritage
    2 Options
    $11.67 - $13.00 per cigar
    Graycliff 30-Year Vintage
    8 Options
    $13.33 - $19.70 per cigar
    Graycliff Heritage Royale
    6 Options
    $9.96 - $19.00 per cigar