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Eliten Smoke Starter Kit

Good-bye and good riddance, cigarettes.

Eliten Smoke e-cigarettes offer a great alternative to cigarettes. Just charge the battery, screw in one of the disposable cartridges, and enjoy a similar cigarette taste and sensation delivered through water vapor. They’re easy to use, affordable, and once you try ’em, you’ll never look back.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of choosing e-cigs over traditional cigarettes:

- They’re much less expensive than cigarettes
- They also contain nicotine (available in varying strengths)
- They taste very similar to cigarettes
- No tar, no carbon monoxide, no lingering stench
- You can smoke ‘em in public (it’s not a cigarette, so smoking bans don’t apply)
- No secondhand smoke, and no fire
- They’re reusable and rechargeable - just change the cartridge

The Eliten Smoke Starter Kit includes:
2 - Rechargeable lithium ion batteries
1 - USB battery charger
1 - Wall charger
5 - Disposable e-cigarette cartridges

*Each disposable cartridge is comparable to about 1 pack of cigarettes.

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
STARTER KIT Out of Stock $50.00 $46.99    

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