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Colibri V-Cut Cutter

Colibri's newest creation.

The Colibri V-Cut would be a great addition to your cigar cutting arsenal. There are few cutters better than this. Featuring an ergonomic design and stainless steel blade, this beauty combines comfort and function. The spring-loaded blade slides effortlessly in its track and delivers a clean v-shaped cut to any cigar, including torpedos and 60-ring behemoths. When not in use the blade safely locks into place.

  Name Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Colibri V-Cut Black BLACK In Stock $39.00 $34.99
Colibri V-Cut Blue BLUE In Stock $39.00 $34.99
Colibri V-Cut Brushed Chrome BRUSHED CHROME In Stock $39.00 $34.99
Colibri V-Cut Brushed Gold BRUSHED GOLD In Stock $39.00 $34.99
Colibri V-Cut Red RED In Stock $39.00 $34.99
Colibri V-Cut Rose Gold ROSE GOLD In Stock $39.00 $34.99
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Customer Reviews of “Colibri V-Cut Cutter”
Let me start off by saying the cutter is AWESOME! The only problem I've had with v-cutters in the past is that sometimes it just didn't cut enough of the cigar to get a good pull. I feel the same about punches. But after seeing the pictures and the great construction of this cutter I just had a feeling it was different, and man was I right! The spring loaded feature is pretty cool. Just push the button and the cutter snaps open. It cuts thru the cigar like butter, leaving a deep, perfect cut every time. The main reason the Colibri V-Cut is so much better is because it makes a cut atleast 25-30% deeper than any others I've used. Because of this I get a great draw off my cigar and haven't had any wrapper issues that sometimes happens from clipping. Colibri did their homework and came out with an excellent cutter that I will only use from now on out!
BJ of Omaha, NE
This gives a very sharp cut, but the cut is HUGE. On 50 gauge Churchill, all that was left were two skinny pieces on either side of the v-cut. It was an odd mouth "feel" that I'm not sure I could adapt to. There must be a way to make a smaller v-cut, but I haven't figured it out yet....
Great cutter and always a topic of interest for those who have not used a v-cutter before. With some practice, you can even cut smaller gauges without a huge V. Really great keeping the cap intact throughout the smoke.
DO of Tualatin, OR
I was a punch-cutter guy but after getting this Colibri, V-cut is my favorite. This cutter is massive, beefy steel and feels hefty in the hand. It's the Humvee of cutters, while the other guys have pickup trucks. For small diameter cigars, just don't push them into the divot or they will overcut. Not hard to adjust the depth of cut. A good conversation starter with my cigar buddies.
Excellent cutter. I've been a full cut guy for a long time, but I decided to try the V cut style. It makes a VERY clean cut and with minimal to no damage to the cap. I think the V cut would be easier for the new cigar smoker and prevents over cutting of the cap.
BS of Rocky Hill, CT