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Rockwell Binge Cutter

The ultimate double-fisting tool.

The Rockwell Binge Cutter features a thin, compact design and two razor-sharp blades, allowing it to easily clip up to a 64-ring cigar. As a bonus, there’s a sturdy, built-in bottle opener. That's right, bottle opener. It's friggin awesome. Without a doubt, every beer drinkin' cigar dude needs one of these. 

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Rockwell Binge Cutter CUTTER & BOTTLE OPENER In Stock $40.00$19.95
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Customer Reviews of “Rockwell Binge Cutter”
“I'm not impressed, and you won't be either. This is a novelty item only, with the emphasis on the bottle opener. The cutter came with a nick in the blade and it binds at 90% closed. Sure, this is a nifty thing to have for cutting cheap sticks and opening cheap beer....get a belt with a bottle opener in the buckle. That way you get a better cutter and more laughs when you open your buddy's beer for him!”
CP of West Bend, WI