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Calcutta Metal Works Slide Cutter

The Calcutta Metal Works Slide Guillotine Cutter is a unique product that’s sharp and easy to use. Featuring an all-metal design and a slim, lightweight profile, this durable guillotine is compact and comes with a handy storage pouch.

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Calcutta Metal Work Slide cutter CUTTER Sale In Stock $14.50
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Customer Reviews of “Calcutta Metal Works Slide Cutter”
Terrible cutter. Normally I really dislike having something so poor that I need to write a negative review but in this case I felt obligated to. The cutter itself is nice looking, sleek and pocket friendly. However the cutting ability is practically non existant and it's actually physically painful to use. When you slide your cigar in the opening to be cut, everything looks fine but as soon as you try to slide the cutter closed it completely destroys the head of your cigar and makes it split everywhere. Just as bad is the fact that you have to press so hard to cut your cigar that you almost dislocate your fingers from pushing so hard that they bend backwards and it STILL doesn't cut all the way through. This was absolutely terrible, I got it as a promotion so it was free but it's something I still wanted to return because it was so terrible. I do not blame CI for the product, it LOOKS like it should work, it just fails horribly when it actually comes to working as intended. Save your fingers, and cigars. Do NOT get this cutter.