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Lamborghini Precisione Cutter

Precision cutting at its finest.

Lamborghini creates some of the world's finest sports cars. Unfortunately, most of us can't even come close to forking over the dough for one, and usually resort to gazing at the poster on the wall of our basement or mancave. Boasting super-sleek designs and downright ridiculous performance, Lamborghinis no doubt put meaning to the term: dream machines. And now, Lamborghini brings their talents from the asphalt into the world of luxurious cigar accessories. Built with the same frame of mind as their finely tuned road warriors, few can even be mentioned in the same sentence as Lamborghini lighters and cutters.

This compact double guillotine cutter is the complete package. Looks, check. Performance, check. Top-notch construction, check. And above all else, this baby knows how to cut a cigar. Boasting razor-sharp stainless-steel blades, you'll feel like a cigar cutting master. Making a quick, clean, effortless cut, every single time, this is bar-none one of the finest cutting instruments I've encountered. And compared to other high-end cutters, this one is priced in a lot of people's wheelhouses.

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Lamborghini Precisione Black
BLACK In Stock $85.00 $67.99
Lamborghini Precisione Black/Silver
BLACK + SILVER Backordered $85.00 $67.99
Lamborghini Precisione Red
BLACK + RED In Stock $85.00 $67.99
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Lamborghini Precisione Cutter”

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4 out of 5
Glad I ordered it more for show than for intended use.
Hit & miss all at once. Innovative design as you'd expect from the logo, but seems they should've done a bit more r&d before shipping. Cuts ok, but the blades feel sloppy & loose. Many of the other cutters in the $30 range are far superior performers than this. I can't see this being a go-to everyday cutter, but it's adequate for occasional use. Mostly, it's like any other lamborghini product: primarily for show, not a daily driver.
3 out of 5
Lamborghini aesthetics, not so much Lamborghini performance.
This cutter fits done of what you'd expect from something with a Lamborghini logo: slick, stylish, different, more for looks than actual use. The cutter is okay, but it feels cheap & loose. If you prefer function to aesthetics, get yourself a Xykar. For the cost, they could've done far better.