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Colibri Grip Camo Cutters

A hidden gem....

An ergonomic design and two razor-sharp, honed stainless steel blades are paired with a tough, durable, realistic camo outer wrap to create this one-of-a-kind item. It looks good and works even better....embrace your inner outdoorsman.

  Name Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Colibri Grip Brown Oak Camo Cutter BROWN OAK CAMO Sale In Stock $39.00 $9.29
Colibri Grip Green Oak Camo Cutter GREEN OAK CAMO Sale In Stock $39.00 $9.29
Colibri Grip Pine Camo Cutter PINE CAMO Sale In Stock $39.00 $9.29
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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Grip Camo Cutters”
I got one of these in my latest box for free and the spring action stopped working after two uses. Popped it open and was able to get it back together with the spring in place with a little coaxing. Sharp, and cuts big rings.
Just received two as promos and they are nice cutters. One for me and maybe the other for a hunting buddy of mine. I'm a hoarder! I literally have around a hundred cutters floating around along with lighters. Never run out is my philosophy. Anyway, nice cutter; you won't be disappointed.
ML of Pinson, AL
Very disappointed. Even though it was a freebie add-on, I have much higher expectations from Colibri. This cutter lasted through 3-4 cigars before the spring mechanism was shot. It won't even open now. At least I didn't spend any money on this, but I would be very reserved spending any money on a Colibri product based on this experience.
I had gotten a different cutter with a Father's Day gift set and the cutter in it was just junk. After replacing the cutter once the second one fell apart, in a drawer it went; I found it sometime months later and while CI couldn't exchange it(my fault it went waaay past the 30 days return), they let me purchase another cutter and sent it free shipping. This cutter is great; it's durable, sharp and has yet to jam or crush a stick, plus it's easy to carry in the pocket. Thanks again CI for the service and the great cutter! P.S. it came the next day and I was floored they went that extra mile for me! Thanks Elizabeth YOU ROCK!
DH of Johnstown, PA
Looks cool, does its job, feels nice and sturdy. So far it's a good buy to me!
CH of Port Saint Lucie, FL
Great cutter, cuts nice and clean, for the price you can't go wrong with this one.
MT of Allegan, MI
It was more than I imagined. Will cut 60 ring cigars just as well. Great cutter.
DH of Montrose, CO
I got this for a fathers day gift and it was all good. I really like it a lot.
CM of lancaster, PA
Great cutter for $10 got myself a few more.
JS of Atlantic City, NJ
Nice cutter. Works with all ring size cigars (for nipping the tips) even just enough for an 80 ring cigar. Fits down a 52 or 54 ring size cigar. It will open in your pocket by itself. A few days, after getting it, a pin fell out on the floor, but found it and pushed it back in with needle nose pliers. Then covered each pin with a drop of super glue gel. No worries so far.
PB of High Springs, FL
Love it. Cuts like a champ even on the box cigars. Can't wait to crawl up in my deer stand, armed with my trust box, Colibri Camo cutter, and smoke me a fine Java to start my day off right, in tune with the great outdoors.
CR of Whitesville, KY
I've been using this cutter for several weeks now and it has worked great. I still can't afford a Xikar to compare it to, but I don't think I will be needing one anytime soon since this Colibri works so well.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
Very dependable and proficient cutter. Having purchased one before with same characteristics, I am familiar with this type. I would vouch for this type, to anyone needing to know about it. I highly praise this item! May even start a collection of them!
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
Great cutter for the them to my sons in the Army. Sharp...gets the job done even on 54+ size cigars.
JK of Leavenworth, KS
Great cutter; stays sharp.
SH of Tulsa, OK
Perfect cutter for my everyday smokes. Quality cutter for a fraction of the price. SWEEETTTTTTTT!
RS of Ladson, SC
This cutter is sharp and does it's job well, but about a month of use and the spring popped out rendering the device useless. After an hour of removing the small screws I was able to put it back in working order. It hasn't failed a second time yet.
MC of Medina, TN
Great cutter. Looks and works great!
MF of Cherry Hill, NJ
Great cutter. Sharp and simple.
RS of Kitty Hawk, NC
Not quite as sharp as I would like, but over all pretty good.
VR of Aliceville, AL
This cutter works very well. Cuts large ring cigars and is extremely sharp for a perfect cut. For the price, its a great cutter.
RA of Liverpool, NY