Style:Double Guillotine
Max Cut Ring Gauge:56
Punch Size:0

Colibri Grip Gurkha Cutter

Grip the Gurkha.

This cutter is freakin’ awesome. And here’s why. It boasts an impressive, ergonomic design that contains two razor sharp, honed stainless steel blades. These high-quality blades will dispense with the head of your cigar quicker than you can say Gurkha cigars. Plus, it features eye-catching copper colored wings, and comes emblazoned with the Gurkha logo.

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Style:Double Guillotine
Max Cut Ring Gauge:56
Punch Size:0
Colibri Grip Gurkha Cutter BLACK & COPPER In Stock$39.00$19.50
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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Grip Gurkha Cutter”
“I have several cutters in this design. I love them especially as a promo! Gurkha is one of my favorites and they have some great bling! The cigars are some of the best made especially for the price. Overall, Gurkha is the bomb.”
ML of Pinson, AL
“Finally upgraded my cutter and did I make the right choice! This Colibri Grip just feels right when it is in your hand. Always give a superb cut, never stretching the wrapper. Looks great sitting in my ashtray right in front my humidor! Makes it hard to not want to light one up just to put it to use!”
“Solid Cutter with a good feel. The subdued Gurkha Warrior in the background looks great with the word "Gurkha" written across the front. I've had this particular cutter for roughly one month now and have used it to chop a couple dozen cigars (ring sizes 33 - 52). It performs flawlessly every time. I have noticed that the paint is starting to wear away on the edges of the "release lever" to reveal a silver in color metal body underneath. It makes me wonder how long the rest of the paint will hold up over time. All-in-all It is one of my favorites and I intend to use it for a long time to come.”
DS of Lexington, SC