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Colibri Grip CI Cutter

Start your own Reign of Terror with this precision instrument.

The Colibri Grip is simply awesome. A beautiful, solid luxury piece boasting an impressive, ergonomic design. Its two razor sharp, honed stainless steel blades will dispense with the head of your cigar more efficiently than the separation of Marie Antoinette’s dome. It’s a veritable Reign of Terror on your cigar collection, striking fear into the hearts of puros everywhere. Buy one.

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Colibri Grip CI Cutter BLACK & YELLOW Out of Stock $39.00 $19.50    
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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Grip CI Cutter”
Great looking cutter. This Colibri cutter is impressive, a must buy. Plus with a smoking smiley face you can't go wrong
BM of Townsend, MA
A sharp and reliable cutter for the money. Colibri makes wonderful products. You will get your money's worth and more from this. Plus, I like the smiley face too!!
AR of Alhambra, CA
You guys messed up. But I forgive you. In an order a while back I ordered a cutter and it was not in the shipment(it was not back ordered)Instead of informing you of the error I ordered this cutter, Boy, was I glad I did! This is a great cutter way better than the one I ordered plus the price can't be beat. I ordered it along with the Chunktastic sampler(all 60 ring,as you know{It rocks,by the way})and it cut through those babies like a hot knife through butter! Highly recommend this product!
BL of Philadelphia, PA
Got this cutter on Joes Daily Deal. Great price, great cutter , thanks CI
MM of Chicago, IL
Good looking, reliable, and precise... just like me :-)
RS of Valhalla, NY
What a difference a sharp cutter makes! My last cutter was very inconsistent and would often crack the wrapper of the cigar or get stuck on veins. This cutter makes a nice clean cut with its sharp pair of blades. Feels solid and high quality in the hand. Compact size when closed (about the size of a zippo but thinner) but seems like it could cut any RG. Got it for a steal on MMAO. Thanks CI!
MD of Belle Mead, NJ
For the price its O.K. To much play in the blades giving an uneven cut. Better than a single blade, but Xikar is a much better cutter. Don't expect Prime Rib when you pay for Ground Chuck.
My go to cutter! It is durable and gets the job done quick. Just wish I could sharpen the blades.
Very good cut, nice feel, nice construction. I think it may need some adjusting because it kinda sticks to itself since I unpacked it, but that is the only thing wrong. I like it with the smiley to represent I am CI to my non-CI friends!
AS of Aurora, IL
I am very happy with this cutter. I enjoy the cutter’s color and it’s sharp razors guarantee a clean, straight, cut.
MF of Dickinson, TX
Very pleased with this purchase. The cut is always quick and clean, and the little smiley smoker is always happy to see me.
BH of Lorain, OH
I really like the heft and the build of this, but in practice, it's only so-so. I like to light a stick while I lounge on the Mississippi and fish cats, and this thing is too heavy to have rattling around in your pocket, though the blade lock is plenty secure. It will also do a number on your cell phone should you choose the same pocket. It's sort of fumbly to open from the locked position, and the blades tend to offer a somewhat uneven cut, perhaps due to their thickness. I typically lay my cutter on a tray, and then stand my cigars on end and make the chop that way so I don't cut too deep into the cap. usually, it garners a super straight cut. This one isn't ideal for my uses, but it certainly beats the pants off the el cheapos. It could make for a nice, hefty desk piece.
LF of Saint Paul, MN
I love this cutter. Wish it was a bit sharper for cleaner cuts though.
TC of Fredericksburg, VA
Looks sharp. The blades themself need help, seemed very dull. Will try again on different brands.
NT of Three Rivers, MA
It is a solid, well-built cutter. It cuts cigars. It is yellow. I like cigars cut. I like yellow. Easy breezy.
EB of Richlands, NC
Great cutter. Had for about 2 months now and still going strong. Still sharp.
AW of Hardeeville, SC
Great cut and perfect size for the pocket. Love it!
BG of New Orleans, LA
Quality Colibri cutter included on Gurkha grab bag.
VF of margate, FL
Great cutter. Makes a nice clean cut every time. Plus it's a great conversation piece; people love to play with this guy.
SG of Marshfield, MA
Nice sharp blades that have good weight. I keep one in the boat for on the water light ups. Shows no rust and no tarnish.
FA of Miami, FL
This was not the best cutter. Felt like it was too dull.
AC of Westwood, NJ
Awesome cutter! Always a fan of Colibri products, and this is no exception. I would recommend it to any cigar smoker!
SS of Chandler, AZ
As others have said, not very sharp. Surprising for a Colibri product.
JB of Valparaiso, IN
this cutter works well giving a nice clean cut, but the screws holding it together seem to loosen as long as you have an allen wrench this is no problem. All in all a great value for 2 cents
AA of Saint Paul, MN
Just got out. Just used it. Replacing the old one. Like the feel and look. Sleek design with good sharp blades.
DP of Danville, AL