Style:Double Guillotine
Max Cut Ring Gauge:56
Punch Size:0

Colibri Grip Black Ops Cutter

A covert and concise cutter.

The Colibri Grip Black Ops addition is simply bad-ass. Boasting an impressive, ergonomic design, and two razor sharp, honed stainless steel blades, this cutter is ready for duty. A rubberized grip ensures an accurate and comfortable cut every time. Plus, you're really going to enjoy the diamond-plated design. It doesn't get more functional and legit than this. 

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Style:Double Guillotine
Max Cut Ring Gauge:56
Punch Size:0
Colibri Grip Black Ops Cutter BLACK In Stock$39.00$19.50
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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Grip Black Ops Cutter”
“First I have to comment on the cigars! Love them.... I have ordered many bundles and not a bad smoke after over 300 cigars. I love the cutter too, but I kind of wish the graphics were as cool as the T shirt and cigar ring. The cutter works well and is worth the money or even better as a Promo gift. Thank you Gurkha!”
ML of Pinson, AL
“I don't know if I just got a bad one or what, but I was super disappointed in this cutter. I don't fell like the blades are all that sharp and it is crushing the end of my cigar.”
JA of Barnhart, MO
“I was not lucky with this cutter. It doesn't make nice clean cut. The blades are not thin enough to make clean cut.”
DK of San Mateo, CA