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Raging Bull Punch Cutter

Mess with the bull and get the horns.

Raging Bull punch cutters have been a top seller in our retail stores for quite some time, and with good reason. They work extraordinarily well, and are inexpensive compared to other punch cutters. Remove the cap to reveal a sharp and reliable punch that's housed in a smooth, durable body. The attached key ring makes sure you'll never leave home without it. Plus, at my 2-fer price these things are a steal. And now, you can choose from either a rubber or plastic casing.

Note: Due to the way the manufacturer sends this product, we cannot guarantee exactly which color punch you will receive.

Type In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Raging Bull Punch - Non-Rubber 2-Pack
SET OF 2 In Stock $7.99
Raging Bull Punch Cut - Non-Rubber
Punch Cutter In Stock $4.99
Raging Bull Punch Cutter
Punch Cutter In Stock $7.95 $4.99
Raging Bull Punch Cutter 2-Pack
SET OF 2 In Stock $15.90 $7.99
Overall Rating 4.14285714285714 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Raging Bull Punch Cutter”

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4 out of 5
This punch cutter works good.
This punch cutter works good. Cuts a smooth hole and pushes the cut portion out easily. It just does not feel right when closing it.
4 out of 5
punch cutter
Good value and a convenient item to keep on your keychain.
5 out of 5
raging bull punch cutter
they work great. easy to use, small enough to place on your key chain.
4 out of 5
Great cutter for the price.
Blades could be a bit sharper and caps could be a bit tighter but all and all they are a good inexpensive cutter to keep on a key chain or in a travel kit.
5 out of 5
Bang for the buck
works just as good if not better than punches twice the price
5 out of 5
Great price
Great little punch always good to have a few extra kicking around.
2 out of 5
As a punch...meh
Mine came fairly dull and didn't punch very well. All in all, that's okay. These are dime a dozen and I typically lose them after several weeks anyway.
Customer Testimonials
Purchased a two pack of them and both arrived well packaged and in great shape. The colors I received (Blue & Gold) both look great and the small design makes them easy to carry. The blade itself is sharp and sturdy and the cut punch is easy to remove due to the design of the piece. I expect a long time of service from these little guys. Overall, very pleased. Reliable and cheap, no reason not to pick one or two up.
I like punch cutters for cigars that are mixed-filler or 'sandwich' cigars because they keep me from spitting out as many tobacco 'bits'. These little punch cutters are pretty dang good for the money. They cut well and if you lose one you aren't out much money. For the price you can't lose.
Works great, looks as much as they cost
Works well and is always on my keys
Perfect addition to my collection of cutters.
Great little tool.
Can't beat it for the price! The plastic outside isn't the best quality, but the punch stays sharp and cuts great!
Good value punch set.
Great cutter, the metal links attaching it to the key ring aren't the most reliable though.
Nice little punch and you can't beat the price. It could be a little sharper, but again the price is right. Only complaint, is one of the two didn't "click" together like the other so it doesn't stay together like it should. No doubt I would buy again if/when I lose them.
I prefer punch cutters over ring cutters and this one is just perfect. Highly recommend it.
This is a great punch value! In the past I improvised by using a "Smeads Quick Twist Paper Drill" bought from an office supply store. It provided about a 3/8' deep core at a cost of $16.00 and, is five inches of big and bulky. (Well, I did use it for paper too.) The punch set C.I. is offering here is a good two in a pack value. These are small enough to fit on your key fob and core a perfect hole for a full draw.
Great, simple to use, awesome price, comes with keychain and arrived promptly. Punched out 8 sticks so far. Thanks CI.
Great punch keychain. Works like a charm every time and clips in well!
Not a bad little punch. After using it though I've decided to stick with the cutter. What I end up noticing is I don't get the draw I'm looking for when smoking. What is great though is it helps keep tobacco out of your mouth, so if your looking for that feature, buy it.
Bought this cutter a month back and I have used it every day. Easy to carry in the pocket and makes a perfect cut every time. This one is a must have!!!
Easy to use, fantastic draw through the punch, not as bulky as some of the other cutters! A must have for cigars on the go or in an austere environment!
Works just fine, good to have on the key chain when you forget your other cutter.
You get what you pay for. Don't expect anything high end. So far mine are perfect for what I need them for (cheap punch for deployment)
Great little tool for the cigar kit. Not anything robust, but reliable. Has a very tight click-together to ensure you will not lose half of it while it dangles from a keychain...and, it slices the cigar cleanly.
Received my first set of two yesterday, tried one and it worked just fine. I was a bit taken back by the baby blue color, but I don't think I will have any trouble locating either one! Good value.
Works great, one of the chains on the two I ordered was broken when received though.
Nice little tool for the price. Wanted something to keep in the tool bag and not worry about.
Got the two pack. Works great, I have become a big fan of punches over cutters. Like the draw much better from a punch. Good product for the price. Service was fast.
A good deal on a punch.. A great deal when you buy two!
A cute little punch cutter that is both sleek & efficient is what you get when you order this product. I got a 2-fer with one grey & one black cutter on key chains. Kept one & put one in a starter kit of cigars, humidor, lighter & this cutter, for a friend's birthday. A couple bucks well spent. I use it all the time.