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   » Wrapper: Sun Grown

This is the high-octane fuel. The stuff that’ll put hair on your chest. This isn’t the watered down cocktail - this is the whisky straight up. An array of powerful, bold, and spicy choices await you here, each one pushing the limits of how much you can really handle. But full-bodied cigars aren’t just about brute force. Many are flavor-bombs teeming with excellence, complexity and cleverly chosen nuances. The brands you crave are all in attendance, including Diesel, CAO, Don Pepin, Padron, Man O’ War, Oliva, Joya de Nicaragua, and more. When nothing but the strongest will do, full-bodied cigars answer the bell.

Grid List
    In Stock
    Original Cubans
    4 Options
    $1.75 - $2.00 per cigar
    Oliva Serie V
    23 Options
    $5.64 - $15.00 per cigar
    Nica Libre Potencia
    5 Options
    $2.99 - $6.00 per cigar
    Ashton VSG
    24 Options
    $8.54 - $14.50 per cigar
    Drew Estate Liga Privada T52
    8 Options
    $11.43 - $15.40 per cigar
    Ashton ESG
    10 Options
    $15.72 - $20.00 per cigar
    La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series
    27 Options
    $4.75 - $13.20 per cigar
    Padron Singles
    29 Options
    As low as $10.30
    Padron 1926 Series 80th Anniversary
    4 Options
    As low as $31.30 per cigar
    Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown
    12 Options
    $6.62 - $9.00 per cigar
    Davidoff Millenium Blend
    17 Options
    $11.31 - $26.13 per cigar
    Oliva Master Blends III
    8 Options
    $7.03 - $12.00 per cigar
    Sancho Panza Extra-Fuerte
    10 Options
    $2.42 - $3.50 per cigar
    The Reckoning by Studio Tobac
    11 Options
    $4.67 - $6.90 per cigar
    AVO Domaine
    5 Options
    $1.30 - $7.77 per cigar
    Tatuaje Black Corona Gorda
    JAR OF 19
    Out of Stock
    MSRP $190.00
    Only $169.99