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If a relaxing moment becomes filled with harsh, nauseating sensations....
....who will you turn to?

Palate Dysfunction (PD) affects 93.4% of non-CI customers.

CI for daily use, so your palate can be ready anytime the moment is right.

Put an end to PD with CI's Staff Picks.

NOTE: if you experience CI-aprism, a heightened sense of palate euphoria lasting 4 hours, call 1-888-244-2790 immediately. CI is available 24 hours a day to treat PD.

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    $2.00 - $3.80 per cigar
    Strength: Medium-Full
    Wrapper:San Andres
    Shapes:Double Perfecto, Perfecto, Salomon
    Estd 1844
    $4.16 - $4.70 per cigar
    Strength: Medium
    Origin:Dominican Republic
    5 Vegas Relic