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Bahamian Cigars

   » Shape: Robusto

The Bahamas is the black sheep in the cigar world. Because unlike other cigar making countries, the Bahamas is home to just one cigar manufacturer: Graycliff. Utilizing a small team of a dozen or so rollers, each Graycliff cigar is carefully crafted by hand for a distinct and unique experience. Often pricey, these cigars combine rare small-batch leaves for a one-of-a-kind indulgence. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying the skill that goes into each and every one. If you ever get a chance to visit the Bahamas, check out the five-star Graycliff resort. It’s gorgeous, and you can score yourself an awesome handmade fresh from the source. 

Grid List
    In Stock
    Graycliff Espresso Series Double Espresso
    15 CIGARS
    In Stock
    MSRP $300.00
    Only $99.99
    Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru Series
    8 Options
    $14.42 - $21.60 per cigar
    Graycliff Emerald Series
    6 Options
    $14.42 - $19.80 per cigar
    Graycliff Crystal Series
    10 Options
    $8.00 - $21.80 per cigar
    Graycliff Meritage
    2 Options
    $11.67 - $13.00 per cigar
    Graycliff Casillero Privada
    5 Options
    $9.50 - $16.00 per cigar
    Graycliff Espresso Series
    9 Options
    $11.67 - $22.40 per cigar
    Graycliff Heritage Royale
    6 Options
    $9.96 - $19.00 per cigar