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Biker Cigars Tins

Let's be honest, not one of you has heard of Biker Cigars before today. Well that's because you can't find them in the US...until now. These petite coronas are handmade in the Dominican Republic. They consist of Dominican binder and filler while a sleek Connecticut shade wrapper seals the deal. Initially offered only in the European market for around 100 Euros, CI has struck a deal and is offering up these tasty little treats for well under MSRP.

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Biker Cigars Tins (Corona) (4.2"x34) BRICK OF 60 Sale In Stock $127.80 $37.84
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Customer Reviews of “Biker Cigars Tins”
Excellent buy very tasty!!!
MS of Syracuse, NY
HOLY CRAP!!! These are so damn good I might buy a motorcycle.
DW of Bluffton, SC
Don't judge a book by it's cover... been smoking Macanudo Ascot for 10 years until I got laid off in the spring. Needed something more budget friendly and found these. Can't believe how good they are. Smooth, creamy, and burns well everytime. Got a new job but I'm sticking with these Biker's. Excellent!!!
SM of Pasadena, CA
Perfect name for the perfect smoker for the rider. The flavor is spot on too. Not too big for those pit stop smoke breaks. The tin case is a bonus that can be re-used for all kinds of other things when empty. Then order some more!
KF of North Richland hills, TX
Mild, and very nice for the price. Out of my last order of 60 cigars, maybe half dozen were too tightly packed, thus, hard to draw.
Hard to beat for the price. Tasty.
RB of Salina, KS
Blown away is all I can say! This is the perfect little smoke for this time of year! Tasty with an easy draw! Hands down, one of the best surprise cigars I've ever had! Don't expect a $50 cigar when you light one of these up, but don't be surprised how much you like it!
HP of Britton, MI
great smoke!,smooth taste, easy draw,nice burn and convenient tin. cutting the tip can be a little tricky due to size, but with a little patience these are rewarding smokes. best kept little secret between us bikers.
MD of Wareham, MA
Surprisingly good little cigar for the price. Although it is smooth & mild, it has a bit of spice, surrounding a creamy core. Smokes great ROTT, which may be due to aging. The wrappers are either colored yellow or have been on these cigars a long, long time. An affordable option when you are looking for a quick smoke.
Tasty little treat! Full-sized flavor in a cool smaller package. Smooth flavor when you don't have time to enjoy a full-sized cigar.
I have finally found the little cigar that has taste, (creamy, smooth, light spices) construction, (firm) burn (even) & a price tag that makes them very affordable. Biker Cigars have just enough oomph to make them interesting. (mild/medium) A 6-pack tin of these have replaced the omnipresent pack of Camels in my shirt pocket. I am reordering two more ten packs, for a total of 120 tasty little morsels, before they catch on & are gonzo! Mild lovers will find these just right, while fullheads like myself can smoke them all day long or between a Prensado & Diesel. I start the day with them now after beginning a recent morning with a La Herencia Cubana Core Lancero. About halfway through, I realized I was in deep trouble. Don't get me wrong, Core is a winner, but it can be a bit rough 1st thing in the AM. The Spanish vitola smokers this packaging seems to have been aimed at, did us a big favor by holding onto their Euros & allowing CI to step in. Now we benefit with a high quality, 20 minute stogie for a paltry 4 bits & a Roosevelt!
A friend stopped by & was smoking a Swisher with a tip. He said he paid $.79 for it. I handed him a Biker & told him I paid $.63 for it. The next time he dropped by, he asked for more of the delicious little mini coronas. So I gave him his own tin, minus one I lit up as I handed him a fiver. A total $3.13 investment in this guys need to smoke something better than a Black-n-Mild or the like. We will probably split a brick of 60, but I intend to order up at least a couple more bricks myself to put in storage, before they disappear. I'm tempted to open one up to see the tobaccos & binder inside, but I'm convinced these are long filler. They taste great, burn well & are a great alternative to Macanudo Cafe Ascots, at about 1/3 the cost.