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Espinosa EO 21 Sale

An amazing $1.40 handmade from 601 cigars.

The new-old gem recently made its way back to CI HQ. And just a few puffs had the boys in the office throwing around prices like $4-5 apiece. And they’re worth that easily.  But my heart’s with the people - so I vetoed and ‘suggested’ a sub $2 price tag. Naturally, no objections. 

From Erik Espinosa, the man behind the highly-rated 601 brand, these hearty, Cuban-esque handmades are carefully crafted in Nicaragua with a silky Connecticut wrapper and a rich, well-aged blend of Cuban-seed long-fillers. The combination promotes a smooth, everyday smoke complete with ample flavor and a perfectly-medium-bodied profile. Notes of oak, black pepper, sweet cream, coffee and more grace each clean n’ creamy puff. It’s good….really good….and they’re yours for as little as $1.47 apiece.

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Robusto (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 21 Out of Stock $84.00 $24.22    
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Espinosa EO 21”

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4 out of 5
Decent Smoke
These are a decent smoke with mild flavor, even burning, and good taste.
5 out of 5
Cigar smoker since 1995, this is 5 Stars for relative value; Quality of smoke vs Price.
I don't write many reviews, but this one is worth mentioning. I like Med to Full flavor & body cigars but these are a nice change at Mild to Med. Truest to a typical CT flavor description I've ever smoked, creamy nutty toasty slight pepper. I like the flavor profiles for Obsidian Wht Noise & CAO America which this cigar reminds me of, but This cigar is a CT flavor bomb (if there's such a thing). To give reviewers a idea of my palate, I like: Tatuaje Regios Fausto & Grand Cojonu (anything from Pete Johnson), Oliva V, Liga Privada & Undercrown, anything My Father esp Jamie Garcia, LGC Series R & N, Fuente D.Carlos & Hemmingway, Cain F, Sancho Panza F & D.Maduro, Bahia Mad, Anything from Don Pepin, anything from Roma Craft, Padron 5000 & Anni 1964, JdN Red Antano & Rosalones, Diesel Rage, all CAO esp Bazilia, Monte Edmundo Peruvian & Afrique, R&J Bully, 601 la bomba... You get the picture. If these are the cigars you smoke I think you'll like EO 21 with your morning coffee.
Customer Testimonials
A top-shelf smoke with a unique and delicious flavor. If you like Macanudo, or cigars with similar body and profile to Mac, you will like Espinosa EO 21. I smoke the churchills on the golf course and they last 9 holes (about 1.5 hrs). Good burn, good draw. A winner at any price. I consistently run out of these before anything else in my humidor collection.
Not bad. Great for a daily back porch smoke.
Dang decent cigar. Generally shy away from Conn. wrapper units, but got this guy on a Free Shipping Joe's Deal thing-thought I'd roll the dice. Good, straight forward cigar taste. Draw is quite acceptable, burn line is typically straight, noticeably milder than what I usually have but a change of pace is good for you (Now and Again!) Try these Torpedoes for yourself! They smoke longer than I expected them to!
These are my favorite cigars, the best blend I have ever tasted.
I got them two days ago, smoked a couple, and want more. Great balance and a lot of flavor in a smooth smoke. Burnt well, ample smoke. I hope they don't run out too soon. Better order more now!
Not bad! I wish I had bought more at the sale price. Decent smoke.
This is my new favorite. Excellent even burn, peppery smooth taste. Not too mild nor strong. I am enjoying my first from the bundle now, but unless I got lucky this is one good smoke. I can't find anything to say negative about this cigar. I conveniently left out the fact that this is a ridiculously affordable cigar.. Thank You CI!
MS of Conyers, Ga. may need to check his humi- I keep my EOs in a plastic canister with 70% beads, and they smoke perfectly. These things look and smoke like much higher priced sticks and I'm ordering my 3rd bundle!
I bought a mazo of the Toros and was pleasantly surprised. Great value with ample flavor and a true-medium-bodied profile. Reminiscent of Montecristos. Great burn, firm white ash, gobs of creamy smoke. It’s good. Thanks CI.
these were the first cigars i ordered for my new humidor. not a bad cigar, decent flavor. well worth the price i paid for them on deal of the day. would buy again.
These cigars are among the best kept secrets at C.I. They are mild to med, with excellent taste and generous with voluminous, creamy smoke! They have a perfect draw and an even burn. EO's are my first cigar of the day; a perfect compliment to my coffee! Not to mention C.I.'s great price! They compare to Casino Gold but are easier on my wallet!
Picked these up on a Tuesday deal of the day to start filling my new humidor. Not bad for the price, worth it. one of them had a lot more pepper flavor then the rest(liked that one).
Follow Up. After sitting in my humidor for a few weeks I am happy to report that these cigars are burning flawlessly even every time. These are an outstanding smoke for the price. Packed with tobacco they give you an impressive smoke cloud and near perfect draw. Right off the truck they tended to burn a tad unevenly as I stated in my previous review but a humidor nap has turned these babies into one solid performer. Mild in both strength and flavor they are great with a cup of coffee and/or after a meal. I would purchase these again without hesitation.
True medium in flavor and strength. The burn can get wonky but straightens out. Nice long smoke with a good/ok connecticut wrapper. RD is critical... too wet or too dry will give you smoking problems. Overall good buy for a medium connecticut (medium county's are not easy to find at this price point).
Just received these today via the Daily Deal. Smoked a couple right off the truck and they were about as expected for a bundle cigar. Nice mild flavor, good construction and appearance. Burned unevenly but I suspect some humi time will correct that. Overall a decent stick at a great price.
Honestly, not bad. Don't know if I'll buy any more, but I was satisfied with the overall quality.
They smoke like much pricier cigars. They make for great every day smokes. Get some now before they raise the prices.
Just purchased a bundle of EO 21s not expecting much as they were promoted as an 'everyday' cigar but I have not been disappointed. The first one I tried was a dud but the remaining sticks have been impressive-nice even burn, smooth medium flavor with plenty of smoke and a perfect draw. I have not had to re-light any except the first one. These are worth ordering again for sure.
Pretty good!
Great economical smoke. Well made, pleasant aroma, can't go wrong at this price. Perfect in the morning with coffee, and I will be ordering more!
The taste and after smell of these takes me back to the 90s Monte's, Mac's and etc. The construction is great, the burn is straight, even when I'm driving and the window is down. Not sure what some of the reviewers were complaining about. I'm on my second bundle and will have these as regulars in my humidor.
Very disappointed with these cigars. They don't burn evenly and are inconsistent. Cannot keep them lit if I put it down for a short time. I will not be ordering these again.
So far these are disappointing. The biggest problem is that many in the bundle don't burn right and that seems to hurt the taste. Won't be ordering these again.
Didn't quite know what to expect from '601' pedigree. However I trust the Brand. My purchase 5.0/50 were up to my expectations. Particularly pricing by "CI". At start my stick was on mild side, nice draw and plenty of smoke. 1/3 of the way, flavor change. Nice!! Went to a mild/medium. to me on a scale (5 being a medium). This took on a very nice (4). tasty and enjoyable. Absolutely satisfying, if that is the taste Your looking for. Beautiful wrapper, easy draw and well constructed. Another CI Smokers Gift. Thanks!!!! My tip, hold on to the smoke, nasal release and enjoy the flavour.
Not normally a CT smoker, but picked these up on a whim. Nice wrapper, nice construction, nice flavor, nice price, and none of the usual CT "bitterness". In fact, the only CT I prefer is Bueso's Odyssey, but I'm too cheap to buy those regularly.
If these are the same as they were before, I thought they were like the poor man's Montecristo White. Smooth, creamy, gobs of smoke. I like very few CT wrapped cigar and this is one that I really liked. Great summer smoke.