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Arganese Habano

Oh boy, Arganese just got a makeover!

Same great blend, same low price, bold new look. This is the exact type of handmade you should be trotting out at picnics and BBQs, or anytime you’re looking to impress someone without spending a fortune. I can guarantee that the presentation will hint at a hefty price tag, but because you’ve shipwrecked here on the shores of CI, you’ll never pay even close to what it’s worth. So go ahead – bring home a slew of tasty, well-made, and flavorful handmades starting at just 40 bucks per bundle.

Arganese Nicaraguan Habano incorporates a dark-brown Habano wrapper from Nicaragua and a bold Cuban-seed long-filler blend to deliver a dense tobacco core supported by subtle notes of leather and a long, semi-sweet and peppery finish.

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20 CIGARS In Stock $140.00 $44.99
20 CIGARS In Stock $120.00 $39.99
20 CIGARS In Stock $130.00 $42.50
20 CIGARS In Stock $140.00 $44.99
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Customer Reviews of “Arganese Habano”
I received an Arganese Habano Torpedo in a Brown Bag Sampler. Woody, Earthy, with a hint of sweetness. Most of my favorite cigars are in the $8-$12 range. This one rates right up there with them. Then I went to CI's website and saw the price. Whoa! Unbelievable that at $1.75 cigar tastes so good.
DB of Phoenix, AZ
Decided to take a chance on this one and glad I did. First off, the wrapper is really attractive to the point that I found myself looking at it between the first thirty puffs - not something I've ever done! Flavor wise, medium with a distinct, heady flavor that only gets better as you smoke. Could do a lot worse for the money and worth a try this summer!
DS of Phenix, VA
Great cigar for after dinner, sitting on the porch and relaxing. I bought 2 bundles of 20 and they all burned slow and even, no rips or broken wrappers and had a good taste right to the end. I just bought the maduro, can't wait till they arrive.
EH of Haverhill, MA
How often does one take a flyer and hit a home run? Today my flyer was a grand slam! The Arganese Habano Toro was beautifully wrapped, burned flawlessly, held a nice firm ash, and tasted exceptional! The flavor profile was spot on! These cigars could easily garner twice the price!!!! But CI would never do that. Right?
GB of Saint Louis, MO
Got these because CI was out of Garo Habanos, another low priced cigar that smokes way more expensive than it costs. I ordered the robustos and I was not disappointed. They have a nice flavor with plenty of smoke and the four I've smoked have burned flawlessly. I would recommend these to any body.
I can't believe how much these cost. I am a day trader, buying and selling stocks, futures and currencies and trying to make a buck, and my only friend in such a lonely world is a nice cigar. My cigar of choice was the Oliva V lancero, but then I discovered a much cheaper cigar that gave me what I needed, the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro corona. But I'm a frugal s.o.b., and on a whim I tried these, Arganese Habano. You know, just a sh*t stick to knock around with. But man, these are better than waaay beyond their price. I'm sticking with these, as my trading cigar. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up my faves, but for a great cigar at a wonderful price....I'm impressed. Don't expect ever-changing flavours and complexity, what you get after the first half inch stays, but that is fine with me. There is a nice woodiness to it, plus a bit of pepper and-which i love-the taste of green walnut. I get perfume of some sorts, and a nice, straight up core that is best described as indescribable, but enlightening. I like this cigar. I tried the maduro; it is good. I normally prefer that dark wrapper, but this suits me quite well. Try it or not, I know I'm going to keep them in my humi.
I love these sticks! I was a little skeptical, but wow! These have a great draw and taste. Right around the end of the 2nd third and the last that sweet cocoa and espresso seem to come alive.
SS of lakewood, CO
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For a limited time, receive a free Colibri Grip Arganese Cutter (worth $39) with every bundle purchased!
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