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Aging Room Small Batch

Limited edition is surely a term you’ve heard before. But Aging Room takes it to a whole new level, with blends that employ the rarest tobaccos which are only available in short supply. When you factor in the notion that Small Batch M356 was ranked among the 25 Best Cigars of the Year in 2011, and earned a rating of “94” from Cigar Aficionado, I shouldn’t have to tell you that this one won’t last long. Get it while you still can, or risk missing out big time.

A Dominican puro that was blended by Rafael Nodal, this is one premium handmade that exemplifies refined power. Bold, yet elegant. Strong, yet restrained. Apparent opposites unite, and the end result couldn’t be more enticing. The blend was actually created two and a half years ago for a different line, but there wasn’t enough tobacco for the full planned release. Hence, it was saved and now stands before you as an important part of the exclusive and unique Aging Room line. Go ahead...give it a second look, before it’s too late.

The M21 is the newest addition to the Small Batch line. It is also a Dominican puro that's limited to just 3,000 individually numbered boxes, and each one is teeming with complexity. It’s offered exclusively in the Fortissimo size (a Preferido 5.75”x47), and considering that “Fortissimo” means “strong” in the music world, it’s no wonder that this full-bodied premium handmade is so impressive. Deep notes of cream and cedar-y goodness are met by punctuated pops of pepper. This is one rare find, so be sure to get your order in now or risk missing out forever.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
M21 Fortissimo (Salomon) (5.8"x47) BOX OF 10 In Stock $129.00 $115.99
5-PACK In Stock $61.00
M356 Forte (Perfecto) (5.8"x56) BOX OF 20 In Stock $190.44 $170.99
5-PACK In Stock $45.00
M356 Major (Gordo) (60.0"x60) BOX OF 20 Backordered $196.46 $175.99
5-PACK In Stock $46.50
M356 Mezzo (Toro) (6.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $186.38 $166.99
5-PACK In Stock $44.00
M356 Motivo (Corona) (6.0"x46) BOX OF 20 In Stock $173.10 $154.99
5-PACK In Stock $41.00
M356 Paco (Robusto) (4.5"x48) BOX OF 20 Backordered $167.58 $149.99
5-PACK In Stock $39.50
M356 Rondo (Robusto) (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $177.64 $158.99
5-PACK In Stock $42.00
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Customer Reviews of “Aging Room Small Batch”
DO of jefferson city, MO
This is a must smoke... Just earned a spot in my "favorites" humidor.
LJ of Cabot, AR