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Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro

They say that change is a good thing. But when you're Partagas and you have 165 years of proven success, why reinvent the wheel? Because you can't strike oil if you don't drill....and the new Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro is a geyser of black gold....literally.

The new Partagas is a bold, full-flavored handmade crafted with a pitch-black Connecticut Havana Oscuro wrapper and a powerful blend of rum barrel-aged long fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican. Expect a full-bodied array of espresso, pepper, leather, cocoa, and earth.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Double Corona (7.5"x54)
BOX OF 18 In Stock $144.18 $85.14
Double Corona (7.5"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $40.05 $25.00
Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
BOX OF 18 In Stock $147.78 $87.30
Gigante (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $41.05 $26.00
Robusto Gordo (5.5"x52)
BOX OF 18 In Stock $135.00 $79.52
Robusto Gordo (5.5"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $37.50 $23.50
Rothschild (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
BOX OF 18 In Stock $129.78 $76.50
Rothschild (Robusto) (4.5"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $36.05 $23.00
Supremo (Perfecto) (7.0"x58)
BOX OF 18 In Stock $156.42 $92.27
Supremo (Perfecto) (7.0"x58)
5-PACK In Stock $43.45 $27.50
Overall Rating 4.78 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro”

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5 out of 5
Partagas extra oscuro
Taste and composition of this cigar are awesome. Very well crafted and well blended cigar. Definitely a must have for full bodied smokers.
5 out of 5
Tremendous Strong Bold Cigar, Bravo!
Ordered five and will order more, likely the 7" x 58 ring. Cigars arrived fresh and with a knock-out smell and construction. I could not wait, hours after delivery I fired one up. One light, no re-light needed, even burn with a deep blue smoke off the stick. Very well built cigar, strong construction, roll it a bit in your fingers before lighting to loosen it up a bit. Flavor was tremendous and what I like in strength, a profoundly flavorful cigar with much presence. I smoked down to about 1" normally quit at 2" but not with this tremendous full haymaker flavor. I don't know where this falls by the known raters, but I give it at least a 94, yes, it is that good! Exceptionally good and strong cigar. No evil aftertaste at all. If you are not a full strong flavor fan, this cigar will likely not please you. Otherwise, it is magnificent!
4 out of 5
Great, fast, hassle-free
4 out of 5
Partagas 1845
Hard draw, too tight, but great burn and great full taste !!!
5 out of 5
I will keep it short and to the point, this smoke is worth every penny! If you enjoy a full bodied tasting cigar with lots of depth that burns slow and goes through complex changes as it progresses....look no further! BUY IT!!!
5 out of 5
Partagas 1845
Exceptional medium priced cigar. Company has great selection, competitive prices and quick shipping.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites!
I received a box of these as a birthday gift from my brother. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like them as I prefer a mild and mellow stick. I broke down and had one a week later expecting the harshness I have experienced with other full bodied cigars. I was wrong. It is a full bodied, full flavored, cigar with a smooth draw and has me hooked. The only negative I have to mention is the burn. They do tend to tunnel even if I rotate the stick while I smoke, and I do have to relight occasionally especially near the head, but it hasn’t stopped me from naming it as one of my favorites.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
I believe it was Rudyard Kipling that said "A women is just a women but a good cigar is a smoke", this cigar has now become my "smoke" - great robust flavor and even burn.....priceless!
5 out of 5
Great cigar !
Love this cigar !!!
Customer Testimonials
Partagas 1845 Extra Osuro is one of my top five cigars. Stashed a few away in the humidor. It's a must try cigar if not tried already!!
I like the quality and full body of this cigar.
Tried the gordo. Wow, amazing smoke, full bodied, great taste all the way through. Didn't want it to end. I definitely recommend this smoke. Won't be a let down.
Wow, great cigar. I received one as a sample with a large order of cigars. Smart move by CI!! Was very impressed with [the] cigar. It maintained a nice, level burn with long ash. Had a well balanced, smooth, med/full body taste. Will be ordering a box to add to my collection.
Wow, found these by accident at my local shop. I was looking for my usual Omar Ortez, but they were out. So I bought a couple, I was totally surprised with how good the flavor was; leathery, earthy and slightly sweet. I am putting my order in today for a box. If you like a good full flavored cigar this is the one. Great after dinner smoke.
Burned quick for a gordo but everything else about it was excellent
Like many other reviewers, I agree this cigar is a powerhouse. Full body, full flavor & nice burn. I have not, however, heard anyone address the burn issues. These guys have a tendency to tunnel, requiring numerous touchups; as well as a tendency to go out, requiring numerous relights. I store them with my other cigars at 68-70%. Perhaps I should store them seperately at lower humidity. When I'm ready to smoke a couple of these, I dry box them for a couple of days. That helps quite a bit. Burn issues aside; these cigars are a good smoke. Not much complexity but consistent. Be warned, they are full strength smokes. Smoke after a meal. Not recommended for your morning cup of coffee or on an empty stomach. If you like a full strength, full flavor cigar; this is a cigar for you.
The Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro is a cigar for the experienced smoker. Very powerful and rich! Take care to smoke this one on a full stomach lest you don't get sick . A great evening after dinner cigar. Novice smokers beware! Partagas has done a good job of rolling out some great new cigars. I suggest trying them all. If you can get the Perfect Ten Sampler you won't be disappointed! The Black Label has not changed much. You will enjoy them I'm sure if you like a strong maduro.
Got this as a freebie thrown in on a CI order. Didn't really care for this gar. Very 1-dimensional smoke, somewhat harsh and dryish too.... Maybe I was spoiled by other smokes, maybe it was spoiled by the time it got to me, maybe it could have used more time in the humidor (only 1 week)....
Starts out with a bang and gets better all the way down to the last puff, one of my new go to cigars.
This is a great addition to the Partagas 1845 line. Coffee, wood, clove/allspice, and some cocoa make an appearance (at least in the double corona). It develops a fruity flavor over time and definitely gets better with a few months in the humidor. Well worth the investment.
This smoke is a wonderful go to smoke. I got the 5 pack of the 6x60 and it was smooth and kept power hitting the whole time with out changing flavor near the end. Partagas 1845 extra oscuro has moved up into my top 5 of go to smokes. Excellent bang for the buck. If you like leather, earthy with hints of pepper and chocolate packed into a full flavor fatty, then buy this cigar. I promise you won't be disappointed!
This cigar is a rock star another gem from partagas.