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Factory Throwouts

No need to throw these out!

These Factory Throw-Outs are so darn tasty, you’ll be left scratching your head and wondering what makes them throw-outs anyway. Slight discoloration, sun spots, minor and miniscule blemishes....that’s it. The good part is that they are a fraction of their full-priced counterparts. Straight from J.C. Newman’s Florida factory, here you’ll find tasty treasures in a variety of sizes. Each is wrapped in an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper and then filled Cuban-sandwich style with Dominican tobaccos. No bands, no labels, no boxes, no frills – just pure, unadulterated goodness that the money-minded should be stocking up on, and often.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Factory Throw-Outs 49 Nat. (Robusto) (5.5"x49)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $27.99 $19.99
Factory Throw-Outs 49 Sweet (Robusto) (5.5"x49)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $27.99 $19.99
Factory Throw-Outs 59 Claro (Corona) (6.2"x45)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $27.99 $19.99
Factory Throw-Outs 59 Nat. (Corona) (6.2"x45)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $27.99 $19.99
Factory Throw-Outs 59 Sweet (Corona) (6.2"x45)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $27.99 $19.99
Factory Throw-Outs 99 Nat. (Churchill) (7.2"x52)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $36.99 $24.99
Factory Throw-Outs 99 Sweet (Churchill) (7.2"x52)
BDL OF 20 Backordered $36.99 $24.99

Customer Reviews of “Factory Throwouts”

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i have smoked hundreds of them great cigar for seconds i will order them again for a buck a cigar their really good cigar only con is some have tight draw but nothing a draw poker wont fix
Great stick for the price,an if you're looking for quantity these are a great buy. They have a great draw and a very nice flavor. Every now and then you will get one with a weak wrap or a very tight wrap, but that is just something to expect. The wife loves the aroma which is always a plus. I have one every evening while we watch our shows. Of course I will be purchasing more, the Churchill's are great.
I've reordered these twice now because they are just that good. Excellent for a buck a piece. If you want a cheap every day cigar with decent quality this is for you. Pretty smooth mild and flavorful.
Stick these in your humidor for a few months and they become really soft throughout and very sweet in the head of the cigar. I've smoked 2 bundles of the corona size and only 2 were inconsistent. Packed tight and has a nice ring size to it.
These are a good working man's cigar - a nice mild cigar that doesn't get harsh or hot. You don't need to think too deeply while smoking these; they deliver a consistent - perhaps one-dimensional smoke like many sandwich-style cigars - therefore it allows you to work outside or in the garage and not worry if you need to put it down for a minute or two - as you won't forget for too long and you'll keeping reaching for it because they're that enjoyable. The only minor issue is a homogenized binder - but it's almost unnoticeable. However, for me the keep buying these factor was the sweet tip - it is clearly there (unlike some very lightly sweetened tips). It stays sweet the entire cigar, yet it does not have an overpowering or artificial sweetness like some cigars. There is a nice degree of firmness to the cigar - and they do hold up to some chewing while your day dreaming in your backyard enjoying a smoke while raking the leaves!
Great machine mades at a great price.
Factory Throwouts are now some of my favorite cigars. I first saw these and thought to myself "these are probably O.K. cigars and for a dollar a piece I can't go wrong" and boy were my initial thoughts wrong. The sweet cigars are fantastic with their nice aroma and their great taste. There is no better option at this price and even at a $5 a piece price there are few better options.
These Factory Throwouts are a can't miss. I know you hear and read this a lot, but these taste better than some more expensive smokes. Plus they always burn good and they always stay together. Factory Throwouts are better and more reliable than many bundles ranging up to $30 bucks and they are always consistent. The biggest mistake I made was sorely underestimating these smokes a few years back because a bought a bundle of crap at a big store in Florida and the Factory Throwouts were setting next to them. Guilt by association I guess? Aside from some La Aurora Principes, Factory Throwouts are the best $1/sub $1 cigars I've smoked.
Man, this Churchill is hitting the spot. It has a smooth, creamy taste. Just what I was looking for in an everyday cigar.