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MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured

The newest extension to the Drew Estates My Uzi Weighs A Ton line has been a long time in the making. Drew Estate has recently kicked it up a notch with the addition of the MUWAT Kentucky Fire-Cured. The inclusion of American-grown fire-cured tobacco leads to a rich, smoky, slightly-sweet flavor with exceptional balance and uniqueness. The leaf is hung in barns and is slowly fired to impart rich hickory and oak flavors. Then it's draped over a a bevy of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers. To say the flavor of this cigar is unique is definitely an understatement.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Chunky (Corona) (4.0"x46) MAZO OF 10 In Stock $59.50 $46.41
SINGLE In Stock $5.95
Delfinas (Lancero/Panatela) (6.5"x26) BOX OF 18 Backordered $46.80 $36.47
SINGLE Backordered $2.60
Fat Molly (Robusto) (5.0"x56) MAZO OF 10 In Stock $79.50 $62.01
SINGLE In Stock $7.95
Flying Pig (Gordo) (4.1"x60) BOX OF 12 Backordered $144.00 $112.32
SINGLE Backordered $12.00
Hamhock (Gordo) (3.7"x56) MAZO OF 10 In Stock $65.97 $51.46
SINGLE In Stock $6.60
Just a Friend (Toro) (6.0"x52) MAZO OF 10 In Stock $81.50 $63.57
SINGLE In Stock $8.95
Kyotos (Cigarillos) (5.5"x34) MAZO OF 10 In Stock $37.97 $29.62
SINGLE In Stock $3.80
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Customer Reviews of “MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured”
I am not surprised that all sizes are currently on backorder. To smoke one of these unique cigars is to want more. The aroma is like no other stick I have ever smoked. Enjoyed this one with some Facundo rum. But I think it would pair up even better with a nice small batch bourbon. And, on top of everything else, the cigar has a smooth draw and an even burn. Another excellent Nicaraguan cigar.
CL of Cedar Hill, TX
These cigars are like smoking the smoke off a wood burning meat smoker.
BC of Owensville, MO
This one is quickly becoming one of my favorite cigars. The Fat Molly is one nasty lady(in a good way) that is unforgiving if you aren't ready to bow to her authority. Love, love, love the KFC.
AM of Freemansburg, PA
I tried one of these for the first time last night and I was amazed. I never thought the word nostalgic could be used to apply to cigars, but when I first opened it and smelled that rich, sweet aroma, it evoked memories from my childhood that I had almost forgotten. Weekends in Gadsden, Alabama with my great grandparents back in the early to mid sixties. Neither of them smoked cigars, but they dipped snuff and it had a smell like the snuff they dipped. Tasted as good as it smelled, and very well constructed. I highly recommend them.
TR of Gaithersburg, MD
Wow if you like to smoke meat, or just sit around an oak wood camp fire, this is your cigar. Its like a little camp fire. Top notch cigar construction and full flavor. Simply awesome!
BC of Owensville, MO
Great smoke but didn't expect anything less. Paired it with some Jack Daniels Honey and coke. They were made for each other. The smokey flavor of the KFC goes great with the sweet whiskey. Didn't have any issues with the two that I've smoked. After the first one I went and ordered 20 more that night.
GA of Bedford, IN
Great smooth smoke with great taste all the way to the end. Smokes as well as a padrone but without the high cost! Great everyday smoke.
CB of Guin, AL
....If you enjoy a rich almost decadent smoky taste, this is your cigar. campfires on the beach, and so forth, or riding in your car/truck in the back woods and smelling the unmistakable smell of smoky goodness, this is the cigar for you! Medium(in body) for me at least, well constructed, toothy, and an absolute perfect burn. This cigar is a lip smacker. almost as oily as a pork rib on the lips. just plain yummy......
Being from the Cincinnati/ Kentucky area these caught my eye. One of my favorite smokes. Great with beer, bourbon, or grilled meats. I prefer the Fat Molly. Love the things Drew Estate does and this one was no exception. Always in my humidor.
WP of Cincinnati, OH
My god what a cigar freaking awesome, the aroma right out of the box is awesome backwoods/campfire smell just awesome!
Really really good! If you're into the MUWAT and want some smokey depth, this is for you! I love it!
SW of Abingdon, VA
This Fat Molly smoke was perfect with an 18 year Talisker. Made me want to go light a bon fire and smoke some ribs. Super smooth draw until my fingers were burning. Great job Drew Estate!
Probably one of the most unique cigars I've ever smoked. I used to smoke a pipe regularly and my favorite all time tobacco was Germains Special Latakia. This cigar is an exact replica of that smell and taste and I absolutely love it. Thank you Drew Estates and CI for this offering.
JJ of Burleson, TX
What a fantastic smoke. In a very simplified explanation, this smelled and tasted like beef jerky. But don't let that explanation fool you. The flavor is deep and complex. It's rich with a beautiful smoky flavor, but without a peppery bite. The flavor is so unique you'll be thinking about it long after you're done smoking it. Highly recommended.
TS of Riverside, RI
Absolutely the best in cigars! Would highly recommend the Kentucky Fire Cured to anyone!
LC of Slidell, LA
I am a HUGE fan of many of Drew Estate cigars. I love the original MUAT, Kuba Maduro, Tabak Especial, Undercrown, Natural, Opulence 3, Liga Privada No.9, and others. But this particular stick was not my cup of tea. Pre-light, it smelled like wet, burnt firewood. And it pretty much tasted like a camp fire all the way through. I got a hint of something salty, like BBQ sauce when the cigar burned up to where the band had been. If you are a big fan of a robust smoky flavor. If you yearn for a mouthful of camp fire smoke… This would probably be your cigar. It isn't mine. But Drew Estate has me covered quite well with their other sticks. So I cannot complain. Happy smoking!
CS of Campbelltown, PA