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Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto Sale

This limited release is truly something special. Gurkha, of course, is the brand that’s widely hailed as one of the finest handmade cigars in the world, often called the “Rolls Royce of cigars.” And with the extremely limited, Special-Edition Centurian Double-EX, they may have outdone even themselves. In fact, this was originally made for the Sultan of Brunei - a cigar so limited and exclusive that it was commissioned specifically by one of the wealthiest men in the world for his own private consumption.

These cigars are hand-rolled from exquisite Cuban-seed ligero tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, aged 8 full years, and hugged by gorgeous, dark, silky Connecticut wrappers fermented to perfection. This combination imparts a rich, very creamy taste with just the slightest hint of spice, and a mellow, pleasant, yet remarkable burst of flavor on the finish. This Perfecto shape is intriguing, a thick 60-ring perfecto that carefully tapers at both ends. Due to the demands of the tricky shape and quantity of aged tobaccos used in each cigar, only the most experienced torcedors in the factory are allowed to make the size, resulting in unerring consistency and flawless construction.

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Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto (6.0"x60)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $450.00 $49.99    
Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto”

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5 out of 5
Critical analysis of the Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto...sweet Jesus...
One of the finest Cigars one can obtain outside of Cuba....smooth as silk, and delicious to the taste buds! Man...I'm telling you I am JOE GUIDE...the Outdoor Writer and curmudgeon - this Joe Knows a good cigar when I get em'. Whooo..eee boy...this is one great cigar.
Customer Testimonials
One of my favorite cigars of all time. I love the smell as much as the taste.
This is a fine cigar. I enjoyed the flavor from the first inch to the stub. I will be getting more of these sticks.
One of the finest sticks I've had. Very well constructed, the burn we even, very nice draw. Very flavorful from start to finish. Extremely smooth. I'm ordering another box!
Smoked this one last night. Great flavor, almost a cocoa hint to it. Good draw, very creamy smoke. However, I do agree with those that think it lacks good construction. It had a constant uneven burn and I couldnt get one whole side of the stick to burn. Regardless, a very delicious cigar that is worth getting if you don't mind dealing with a bad burn.
Hey guys, so I got 5 of these bad boys with a combo sampler I purchased, these cigars did not disappoint. The Gurkha cigar was incredible by far the best cigar I've ever had. I enjoyed it very much. I originally bought the sampler because it came with COHIBAs, which in my opinion are great cigars in there own right. To be honest the Gurkhas blew them out of that water. I'm a huge fan a nod definitely a repeat customer. Thanks you guys for having a great company with incredible prices.
Great cigar! I picked up the sampler and the Centurian was awesome. Just picked up a pack of 15!
I received one of these as part of a sampler, then purchased another from a different source to rule out CI's stock as a variable (not a perfect analysis, but one can only do so much). I so want to love this cigar, but the it presents a regrettable dichotomy. Wonderful flavor, excellent draw due to the double perfecto form, truly enjoyable down to the point of burning my fingers from the closeness of the cherry. Except for the fact that they burn uneven.... you have to chase the blasted things with a lighter.... kills the whole "relax with a great stick" gestalt. In both cases, I left the cigars in a well-maintained humidor for weeks before smoking, but the poor burn progression persisted. FWIW, this has been my experience with Gurkha in general, they have great blends and profiles, but evidently their construction just doesn't match the excellence of the design.
I really wanted to like this cigar, it was my first Gurka. I thought the taste in the beginning was very mild and the draw wasn't that good either.
This is a very good stick for the buck. I enjoy the rich and creamy taste. The construction is good and the burn is fairly even. I have had much more expensive sticks that don't perform any better. Give it a try and you will enjoy.
I really wanted to like this stick for some reason. Unlike the other reviewer, I did not find the same construction issues that I often experience with Gurkha. I did, however, just find the flavor flat. Just really did not excite me and can think of many, many cigars of the same price point that are absolutely amazing. When it comes to the Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto, it's just not for me.
A fine, smooth, flavorful smoke. However they suffer from construction issues, namely tunnels. I have smoked 4 now, 2 had a tunnel. So if you are willing to fuss with them, the reward is worth it.