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Punch Cigarillos

These convenient tins are slam-packed with 20 flavorful Punch cigarillos. Machine-made in Holland, these tasty treats incorporate the same premium tobacco that's present throughout the entire Punch line. Robust and full-flavored, these little smokes are smooth with a slight spiciness. Punch is a world class cigar, and these cigarillos are a great addition to their portfolio.

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Cigarillos (4.0"x24)
BRICK OF 200 Out of Stock $141.60 $96.80    
Cigarillos (4.0"x24)
TIN OF 20 In Stock $13.99 $11.99
Miniatures (Cigarillos) (3.0"x22)
BRICK OF 100 In Stock $50.80 $35.00
Miniatures (Cigarillos) (3.0"x22)
TIN OF 20 In Stock $9.99 $8.99
Overall Rating 4.44 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Punch Cigarillos”

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4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Awesome service I will continue to use C I
3 out of 5
Great consistent flavor
This cigarillo has great consistent flavor but tends to go out unless you constantly work it. The size is just a little too large for my habit but I needed to get these because you were out of the 3". At least I didn't have to do something drastic like "quit smoking".
4 out of 5
Great for the Biker
Were just the right size for having a nice semi full body smoke for a short stop of enjoyment when I'm out riding the Harley and stopping on our runs.
4 out of 5
Strong suckers
Beyond excellent construction for a cigarillo! Definitely some harshness to these smokes but the classic full bodied Punch flavor does not disappoint. After smoking ten I've out the remaining sticks in the humi to see if they mellow out with time and moisture. If you are looking for a kick-in-the-mouth quickie this one just might do the job.
5 out of 5
Little Cigar
The best cigarillos on the market.. The best prices and service on the market...
5 out of 5
Just a little smoke
Price is right. Cigars are fresh. Quick turnaround on order
5 out of 5
I buy all my cigars
I buy all my cigars from CI. It's the easiest and most affordable way to smoke cigars
5 out of 5
PD Soule
Quality service and product every time
Customer Testimonials
What a great smoke when I don't have time to enjoy a full size cigar!
As someone who likes strong flavored, full bodied tobaccos these cigarillos are a life saver as most other ones I have had are just too mild (it doesn't hurt that one of my favorite brands makes them either). These are my "go to" option for a smoke when I have very little time or a pipe or full sized cigar would just be inconvenient. I will have them as a quick smoke before I start my work shift, while I am driving, or for one of those those rare moments when I am not in the mood for a regular cigar or pipe. The only drawbacks I have are that sometimes the 4.0x24 sized cigarillos get a little harsh at the last third. I don't have this problem with the 3.0x22 sized ones. Also these will dry out very quick. If you smoke these occasionally like me I highly suggest keeping them in your humidor or put one of those 8 gram Boveda Packs in the tin and put it in an airtight container. I buy these semi-regularly and highly recommend them for a person looking for a stronger cigarillo.
Performed as expected from Punch. Delicious little treats to get you through your day.
Very tasty.
These cigars are great for break-time. Tasty little buggers. Smooth and great flavor.
These cigarillos are good both in draw and in flavor but they are harsh!!! some time in the humidor should fix it tho.