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Intensely unique.

Arby’s nailed it: different is good. And this new handmade from one of Nicaragua's finest cigar gurus makes just plain different seem normal. I’ll be honest, it’s kind of crazy. Sensory-overload crazy. An oily pitch-black maduro wrapper and a ‘secret’ blend of tobaccos combine to deliver a profile that’s smoky, spicy, bold, rich, and brimming with notes of cocoa, pine, leather, black pepper, honey, and oak. I can’t promise you’ll like it, but I do promise it’s unlike any cigar you’ve had before. For some fellas out there, that’s the ticket.

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Gordo (6.0"x60) BOX OF 10 In Stock $100.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $32.50
Robusto (5.0"x50) BOX OF 10 In Stock $80.00 $44.99
5-PACK In Stock $25.00
Toro (6.0"x52) BOX OF 10 In Stock $85.00 $49.99
5-PACK In Stock $27.50
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Customer Reviews of “Spectre”
This stick was recommended by a very nice employee at the Hamburg Superstore who happens to be a huge A.J. fan like myself. All I can say is thank you because this was a fantastic smoke! Smells like a campfire, one of the few sticks my girlfriend actually enjoys the smell of. The taste is unique and outstanding, reminds me of camping and smoked meats..a real mans stick! Upon trying one I immediately bought a box of these. Another homerun for A.J.
EM of Bethlehem, PA
This a good cigar, it is different. The distinct 'camp fire' smell, and smoked BBQ taste is because it has Latakia tobacco in it, YES, the same stuff that is in some pipe tobaccos. Very nice, if you are a pipe smoker, and a Latakia fan. I am. Need them in boxes of 20 or more however. ; D
AS of Pasadena, CA
This is a smokin' hot cigar. No pun intended. I did not expect to like this near as much as I did. Full of wonderful, rich, savory smoke that rolls across the tongue and tastebuds like nothing else. The smokey aroma is unique, and the flavor profile is pure FLAVOR BOMB. You should try will most likely be a great smoking experience. Another win for AJ Fernandez! Thanks, 50ft. Jesus
RR of San Diego, CA
Same story as EM. I was in the Hamburg store chatting with some of the employess telling them how much of an AJ fan I am and they directed me to these. Even though I'm not a fan of big cigar gauges, I grabbed a Gordo to give this thing a go. Absolutely amazing cigar. For me the ideal setting for smoking a cigar is sitting around the camp fire at night with a beer and a good stick. This takes me back to that instantly. The smokiness that comes off of this is difficult to fully describe other than fire pit / BBQ pit as others have said. I ordered up a pack of these and showed them to my wife. She took one sniff and said "Beef Jerky" I highly recommend these and they will continue to stay in rotation in my humi.
JT of Schuylkill Haven, PA
Amazing smoke, got 20 when they were the JC deal. Lit one up as soon as they were delivered, great construction and no burn issues. If you like a full bodied smoke that delivers then try these out. Will always keep some in my humi.
DB of Midwest city, OK
Surprising good cigar. I didn't know what to expect. Aroma and taste is unique blend. Nevertheless, it smells good and taste great. Nice in the Gordo size too.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
This is a great smoke. I bought these because i like to try different things, and when i got them and just smelt them i was a little skeptical, it has a very heavy woodsmoke smell. It instantly reminded me of camping, laphroig scotch, and smoking ribs on game day! Lighting up, the aroma is woody , campfire and bbq , but the draw brings other things into play like honey and spice. It was also a very pleasant strength, medium-full to full but very smooth! A great smoke, Aj fernandez has knocked it out again.
Just finished my first one and looking forward to the rest of the 5 pack. They need to be stored separately since the aroma is quite strong. Haven't found a bad Fernandez blend yet. This one is totally different than anything else out there in a good way. The roll on mine felt loose and it did smoke fast but never got hot or bitter. The burn started lopsided and straightened out within 1". Will try a couple more before buying a box. Not an everyday smoke but a great change of pace.
Cigars from AJ are my absolute favorites. This cigar is a delicious, distinct winner. It's smoky, pre-burn aroma and its complex smoke after lighting are a real treat. If you enjoy bold, and you enjoy AJ's blends, you've got to try this one. It's a keeper.
Very well put together stick loved it the whole way quite a complex stick lots of great flavors first stick to get a 4.5 in my dosia
SC of Ypsilanti, MI
These offer a very different cigar taste but a good one in my opinion. When I bought these AJ was mentioned as the blender but now his name is removed from the sales pitch. No matter, AJ or not this is still a good unique cigar.
This is one of the most distinct smelling cigars I've come across. And that's before lighting it up. Very strong aroma. So strong, I had to move it to a separate box to keep its 'aura' from invading my other cigars. Kinda the same quaratine you do with infused cigars from Drew Estates. Didn't know what to expect but I lit it up and puffed away. Beautiful light ash and easy draw. No expert in defining different notes in a cigar but the aroma of the cigar came through all the way to the end. I agree with the other posters of the campfire, beer and this cigar in the same picture. I definitely liked it.
MT of Tabor City, NC
I just tried my 1st spectre during the Kentucky Derby..I must ay the bystanders enjoyed it well. I don't agree with the full description..A very nice burn in the beginning,but needed relights..maybe another week in the humidor and try another
Phenomenal cigar! One of my favorites!
PT of Pekin, IL
Being an AJF fan, and a Latakia lover (both aged Syrian and newer Cyprian), I just had to try this cigar. In fact, I bought a box of the robustos and a box of the gordos, and have recommended them to many customers who like Latakia. These are definitely a departure...and much as Latakia seems to be a love it or hate it pipe leaf (with a few in between who say they like it in small doses), the same could have been true about these. However, the Latakia is used as a condiment here, to borrow from pipe parlance, and it does not overwhelm the cigar at all. While I enjoyed the cigar overall, it could use some sweetness to balance it out a bit. Perhaps a binder and some filler aged in rum barrels, for example. And the finish is quite dry; I recommend enjoying this with a sweet beverage handy (a Pepsi with real sugar works for me). Good idea, and a good cigar...just can't smoke them one after the other with the dryness factor. I'll still smoke more Man-o-War, San Lotano, Pinolero and Diesel lines and slip one of these in once in a while....
TP of Freeland, WA
This is a great cigar, though the secret blend is pretty easy to decipher. It's Latakia, a tobacco that's produced in Syria and Cyprus. It's a tobacco that's cured by fire using oak, pine and other herbs. The flavor is very distinctive and unique, and it's used frequently by English-style pipe tobacco blenders. I think it's a great addition to cigars, as is evidenced by Spectre. This stick has a great outdoorsy smell, and introduces flavors to cigar smokers that they normally wouldn't encounter. I personally will buy these by the box as long as they're made. I'd suggest you try a 5 pack first though. I can see where some cigar purists would not find these to their liking. Now if only a blender with AJs skill would just produce a cigar using St. James perique in the blend, I'd be in heaven.
This stick embodies everything masculine. Just smelling the cigar before lighting brings to mind campfires and smoked meats. Upon lighting I was reminded of my favorite Islay malt scotch, if you enjoy strong pipe tobacco, campfires, smoked meats, growing a beard, or being manly in general this is the cigar for you. I don't know the exact tobaccos in this cigar, but it has a healthy dose of latikia and embodies all the greatness that is implied with that tobacco.
MA of Moweaqua, IL
This stick was referred to me by Terry at the Hamburg super store aftet a lengthy conversation of different flavors and blend preference, I told him about how much I enjoy the MUWAT KFC from Drew Estate and he said he could do better and he delivered on his words. After I finished this cigar all I could do was shake his hand and thank him, definitely one of my top 5 favorite smokes and can't wait for more!
PT of Philadelphia, PA
I was looking for a Drew Estate MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured at the Hamburg super store, but they were on backorder. One of the salesmen suggested a Spectre. I took his advice, and I am glad I did. All I can say is "It was OUTSTANDING!" A glass of Laphroaig Quarter Cask and a Spectre, you're in heaven. CI thanks for the recommendation!
You had better like the smell of Latakia tobacco if you want to smoke this stogie....
if you love latakia or a pipe smoker, you'll love these. great stick!
JB of Santa Monica, CA
This is one unique cigar. Reminds me of firing up a bowl of Dunhill's Elizabethan Mixture. Perfect for those times you don't want to fiddle with a pipe. Makes MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured seem tame, so it's definitely not for everyone.
AS of Greensboro, NC
I stand corrected on my initial impressions/review. I got a bad one full of stems first go around. It was time to revisit these tonight and I am glad I did! What a way to end the night. My team beat their division rivals and this cigar was outstanding. After a little while longer resting it was a pleasant surprise compared to the first one I tried. AJ makes a good smoke period! No problems with burn or construction this go around. The taste really just kept getting better. Definitely a unique stick. Nothing to really add as far as what I taste as others covered it. Try it and you might like it! Second time was a charm.
MP of Abita Springs, LA
Simply great is what this cigar is! I'm a big AJ fan already, and I like the MUWAT KFC but, there nothing to the Spectre. I bought a single for novalty but it amazed me, immediatley bought a box. I've had a couple so far burnt them both to the nub, my finger couldn't take anymore. These are a must try for anyone that likes something different or a full flavored person.
Not my cup'o'tea. I love AJ but in my eyes a swing and a miss on this one.
Great looking stick! I kinda like that campfire-ish prelight smell too! Just wasn't a taste I liked. Glad I only bought the 5-pack for cheap from MMAO!
I must have missed the part about it smelling like a campfire, because when I opened the box, the aroma just about knocked me over! I was a little worried because I could tell that the smell was from latakia, and I am not crazy about latakia. But when I lit up, the campfire smell and tastes were almost undetectable! It immediately gave rich and smooth full flavors of honey and chocolate and coffee and spice! Delicious from first puff to last, what a gem! Never EVER pass up an opportunity to smoke one of these beauties! FREAKING AWESOME!! :)
ER of Paso Robles, CA
I got some of these for my birthday and I think I have fallen in love with them. Great smoke; I've smoked two of them and I have not had a problem with them. They burn great and the Latakia in them is really a different type of taste than most cigars. I'm going to try to keep a few in my humidor at all times.
DR of Frankfort, IN
What they say about this cigar is true - it's totally different from just about any other cigar I've smoked. Its unusually deep, rich flavors and aroma are apparently due to the Latakia (normally a pipe tobacco) and the fire-curing. Powerful flavors, but by no means harsh or too strong for those used to medium-strength cigars. Spectre is nicely constructed and burns evenly. The flavors develop and change as you smoke it down ... good all the way! As I read in some web review, lovers of Laphroaig (the peatiest of the scotch single malts) will love this one; those who favor Glenlivet ... probably not so much! You'll love it ... or hate it! For me it's totally a keeper!
JK of Cornelius, NC
One of the best Cigars!