Strength: Full


Intensely unique.

Arby’s nailed it: different is good. And this new handmade from one of Nicaragua's finest cigar gurus makes just plain different seem normal. I’ll be honest, it’s kind of crazy. Sensory-overload crazy. An oily pitch-black maduro wrapper and a ‘secret’ blend of tobaccos combine to deliver a profile that’s smoky, spicy, bold, rich, and brimming with notes of cocoa, pine, leather, black pepper, honey, and oak. I can’t promise you’ll like it, but I do promise it’s unlike any cigar you’ve had before. For some fellas out there, that’s the ticket.

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Strength: Full
Gordo (6.0"x60) BOX OF 10 In Stock$100.00$59.95
Strength: Full
Robusto (5.0"x50) BOX OF 10 In Stock$80.00$44.95
Strength: Full
Toro (6.0"x52) BOX OF 10 In Stock$85.00$49.95
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Customer Reviews of “Spectre”
“This stick was recommended by a very nice employee at the Hamburg Superstore who happens to be a huge A.J. fan like myself. All I can say is thank you because this was a fantastic smoke! Smells like a campfire, one of the few sticks my girlfriend actually enjoys the smell of. The taste is unique and outstanding, reminds me of camping and smoked meats..a real mans stick! Upon trying one I immediately bought a box of these. Another homerun for A.J.”
EM of Bethlehem, PA
“This a good cigar, it is different. The distinct 'camp fire' smell, and smoked BBQ taste is because it has Latakia tobacco in it, YES, the same stuff that is in some pipe tobaccos. Very nice, if you are a pipe smoker, and a Latakia fan. I am. Need them in boxes of 20 or more however. ; D”
AS of Pasadena, CA
“This is a smokin' hot cigar. No pun intended. I did not expect to like this near as much as I did. Full of wonderful, rich, savory smoke that rolls across the tongue and tastebuds like nothing else. The smokey aroma is unique, and the flavor profile is pure FLAVOR BOMB. You should try will most likely be a great smoking experience. Another win for AJ Fernandez! Thanks, 50ft. Jesus ”
RR of San Diego, CA
“Same story as EM. I was in the Hamburg store chatting with some of the employess telling them how much of an AJ fan I am and they directed me to these. Even though I'm not a fan of big cigar gauges, I grabbed a Gordo to give this thing a go. Absolutely amazing cigar. For me the ideal setting for smoking a cigar is sitting around the camp fire at night with a beer and a good stick. This takes me back to that instantly. The smokiness that comes off of this is difficult to fully describe other than fire pit / BBQ pit as others have said. I ordered up a pack of these and showed them to my wife. She took one sniff and said "Beef Jerky" I highly recommend these and they will continue to stay in rotation in my humi.”
JT of Schuylkill Haven, PA
“Amazing smoke, got 20 when they were the JC deal. Lit one up as soon as they were delivered, great construction and no burn issues. If you like a full bodied smoke that delivers then try these out. Will always keep some in my humi.”
DB of Midwest city, OK
“Surprising good cigar. I didn't know what to expect. Aroma and taste is unique blend. Nevertheless, it smells good and taste great. Nice in the Gordo size too.”
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
“This is a great smoke. I bought these because i like to try different things, and when i got them and just smelt them i was a little skeptical, it has a very heavy woodsmoke smell. It instantly reminded me of camping, laphroig scotch, and smoking ribs on game day! Lighting up, the aroma is woody , campfire and bbq , but the draw brings other things into play like honey and spice. It was also a very pleasant strength, medium-full to full but very smooth! A great smoke, Aj fernandez has knocked it out again.”
“Just finished my first one and looking forward to the rest of the 5 pack. They need to be stored separately since the aroma is quite strong. Haven't found a bad Fernandez blend yet. This one is totally different than anything else out there in a good way. The roll on mine felt loose and it did smoke fast but never got hot or bitter. The burn started lopsided and straightened out within 1". Will try a couple more before buying a box. Not an everyday smoke but a great change of pace.”
“Cigars from AJ are my absolute favorites. This cigar is a delicious, distinct winner. It's smoky, pre-burn aroma and its complex smoke after lighting are a real treat. If you enjoy bold, and you enjoy AJ's blends, you've got to try this one. It's a keeper.”
“Very well put together stick loved it the whole way quite a complex stick lots of great flavors first stick to get a 4.5 in my dosia”
SC of Ypsilanti, MI
“These offer a very different cigar taste but a good one in my opinion. When I bought these AJ was mentioned as the blender but now his name is removed from the sales pitch. No matter, AJ or not this is still a good unique cigar.”
“One of the best Cigars!”