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La Perla Habana Black Pearl Ivory Sale

Exclusive. Rare. One-of-a-kind.

These words get thrown around all the time, but right here and right now, they couldn’t be more true. La Perla Habana Black Pearl Ivory is one helluva rare breed, and this one-time release is highly limited and going quickly. At one point it was slotted for full release, but for one reason or another, it never happened, leaving a staggeringly small number of premium handmades up for grabs. 

So what exactly do you get? So glad you asked. La Perla Habana Ivory is alive with rich and chocolate-y flavors, including tasty nuances of pepper, wood, espresso, and honey. The dark and oily Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper envelops a well-aged bevy of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Medium-bodied and stored for several years in factory aging vaults, this rarefied handmade is rife with complexity, delivering a long, satisfying experience you won’t soon forget.

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La Perla Ivory Robusto (5.0"x52)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $49.99

Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Black Pearl Ivory”

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I picked up a bundle of these couple of weeks ago. I had one immediately when they arrived. These are well constructed sticks. The first impression was so so. It took about 1" into the smoke before it true character began to show through. Then it picked up and the flavors showed real promise. I waited couple of weeks giving them time to rest in my humidor. I had my second one today and it was really good from the start to the finish. It has a very long and pleasing finish. And again the burn and draw were near perfect. Did not have to touch it up even once. Love this cigar. Especially for the price. Can't go wrong. Highly recommend them.
WOW! What a smoke! Thick smoke, medium, and satisfying. Well worth the sale price. These sticks are overlooked, and need to be shouted from the mountaintops. It is sad to see that these might be a limited edition release. My humidor will sport these beauties until no more. Thank you CI for the availability.
As a fan of Perla's in general I picked up 3 bundles of these. Fantastic smokes. The longer they sit in the humidor the better they get. Great flavor, great draw and a nice burn with a long white, even ash. Kicking myself that I didn't get more of them but I still have 1 bundle left I will save for a bit.
Great morning stick. A bit less powerful and spicey than I prefer, but nice burn and comfortable for a first of the day smoke. Let these sit in the humi for a month or so and they turn into a very pleasant every day cigar at an extremely pleasant price point. Too bad they're a limited production run and will be gone forever at some time.
More on the mild than medium side of things. A very smooth, enjoyable smoke. Thick smoke plumes; superior draw; well-crafted. For $2 a pop or less this is a five-star cigar. La Perla's definitely got something special going on
Went to Cigarfest with 3 family members and friends. We met Dale Wood at the La Perla booth and, after a real nice chat, he gave each of us an Ivory he had stashed under the table. We all found them to be very good smokes with great flavor. We figured them as $4-6 a stick and were very pleased to see what a value they are through CI. My Son-in-Law bought out the Hanover store the next day and I just ordered 4 more bundles.
Great smoke combination of flavors really enjoyed it
A campfire smoke. Burns the same.
Dark cigar with a surprising mellow smoke. It is not lacking in taste. Good even burn, I really enjoyed them.
Granted we only paid $35 for a bundle of 20, we were less than impressed with how dry they were. They crinkled and were very brittle. We wanted to try right away and the cut was terrible. The flavor was ok, too bad it'll be two months before we condition them enough to smoke again.
Wonderful smoke, one of the best.
This is a fine smoke.
These cigars are simply outstanding. Excellent construction. Blend is creamy mild like half and half in coffee. Very consistent. The whole box burned well and tasted great.
I am a big fan of all the LPH blends and tried these on a CI special. Very good medium smoke for any time of day. A very good intro to the Black Pearl line of cigars. Once you try these you know what to expect of their more expensive brothers. A very good cigar for the price, what more can I say?
Bought these cause of the Oscuro and Jalapa blend. The Maduro wrapper is dark and rich. Medium stated, but full of flavor. Smoke is blue, ash white and smooth. Smoked first one @ a Fourth of July party on the balcony with red sangria. The two paired perfectly. This stick smoked over an hour and a half. Everyone loved the aroma it gave off and people were shocked that a cigar can smell so good. I let them sit in my humidor for about 3 weeks.... This cigar is so good I bought two more bundles! This one is now part of my collection. An evening smoke or a party piece for conversation. I even had non smokers come up to me and compliment the scent of the cigar! Wow, was the word!! Never knew a cigar could attract so many people in one sitting. You will not be disappointed! Let them sit in humi for a few weeks. This can easily be a 90 rated cigar. Complexity is nice and smooth. Buy these!!
Not worth the money, too inconsistent. From some of the other reviews I read I wanted to try these cigars. They "seemed" like a good value. Unfortunately no 2 ever seem to smoke the same. Some get mushy very quickly, some smoke well, one even was tight it literally would not smoke no matter what I tried. Build A Sampler is a way better deal for only $10 more. Much better cigars.
They were on sale, so I tried a box. Never again. Other sizes and blends of La Perla are ususally above average and I enjoy them, but these hit rock bottom. Wouldn't stay lit and smelled like burning rope.
The first couple bundles of these I bought were nothing less than excellent. Smelled great right out of the wrapper, great taste, easy draw. This last bundle I bought, though... It's like a completely different cigar. So far, the draw is very tight, and the taste, like the initial smell, is generic to (dare I say?) cheap. EXTREMELY disappointed in this last bundle after the first 60 I bought. I'm not sure how this got past La Perla Habana's quality control, but these really don't deserve to have the same band on them...
For a Maduro wrapper fairly smooth and more on the mild side of a medium rating. Smoked one out of the pack when I got them, burned pretty quick for a Robusto. Will rest them and age the others and see if it changes any. Good smoke for the price, but may not be for you if you are looking for something more medium to full.
This is a very good everyday cigar for me. It burns evenly, has a smooth taste and goes very well with a cup of good Columbian coffee fresh brewed. I hope that CI continues to provide this product at an economical price for those of us on a retirement budget.
This is the second bundle of the Black Pearl Ivory's the first was a great surprise, I am sure this bundle will be just as amazingly good as the first I would not hesitate to get this again they are great everyday smokes.