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Casa de Garcia Nicaragua

A Casa de Garcia with more muscle.

The Nicaragua is an amped up fuller-bodied version of the original Casa de Garcia line. Coming from Altadis, the same crew that gives us popular brands like Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo, this is a  highly-affordable option that doesn't skimp on flavor.  Utilizing Nicaraguan, Columbian, and Broadleaf filler and boasting a wrapper and binder from Nicaragua, this cigar delivers a robust medium to full-bodied experience with notes of leather, coffee and cedar.

Casa de Garcia is currently in the processing of changing its bands. The blends remain EXACTLY the same, all that’s changing is the appearance. We are receiving inventory of both the new and old bands at this moment, so the product you receive may appear different than the one pictured. However, they are the same cigar. 

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (6.5"x50)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $48.00 $32.50
Colossal (Gordo) (7.0"x70)
BDL OF 10 In Stock $31.50 $23.50
Corona (5.5"x44)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $39.00 $26.50
Magnum (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $55.00 $37.00
Robusto (4.7"x50)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $40.00 $27.00
Toro (5.5"x50)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $45.00 $30.00
Overall Rating 3.89 out of 5 Based on 36 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Casa de Garcia Nicaragua”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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4 out of 5
They are a great everyday or "knock around" stick. Goof strength and great price. Dont expect a 94 rated stick, but still 4 stars because of the price for ehat you get.
5 out of 5
Pleasant smoke
A pleasant smoke that burns evenly and smmothly with medium smoke. A good 1/2 hour smoke to enjoy.
3 out of 5
Still Pretty Good
I've smoked several bundles of these Blue label CDG's and these latest ones seem kinda TOUGH on the draw compared to those in the past. They taste somewhat ' Plain Jane ' now too, but for Unpleasant outside Winter time smoking----they're not too shabby. These are a full/solid notch ahead of the " Factory Throwouts " units I've been smoking occasionally.
3 out of 5
Beware of construction
No consistency in construction. Either too tight or too loose
5 out of 5
Vasa Garcia
I have not smoked any from this bundle yet but in the past they have been very good inexpensive cigars for about a half hour to 45 minute break from the rigors of life.
5 out of 5
Good cigars for the price
These smoke very nice
5 out of 5
Good cigar
Good cigar
2 out of 5
Smokable but...
An OK smoke for the money. Draw is tough on some.
4 out of 5
Ok for the price
They have more flavor than the Regular CG's, but there are better ones for the same price
5 out of 5
casa de garcia
One of my top favorite cheap cigars
1 out of 5
would not recomend
This Cigar is not a good one. Its hard drawing. Burns badly.
3 out of 5
Good overall smoke.
3 out of 5
Everyday some
Good smoke at a good price!
5 out of 5
My favorite everyday smoke
This has become my everyday smoke. Beats any cigar in it's price range on flavor. Every once in awhile I will encounter one that has a tight draw, but for the price it's not a problem. I buy a couple bundles a month.
2 out of 5
Casa de Garcia
I was really disappointed with these cigars.
4 out of 5
A really good full bodied smoke at a great price
A full bodied smoke. Has a leather flavor that has note of spice and an earthy/leather finish. Great draw, definitely the best draw for a gordo I've had. With such a free draw it burns surprisingly slow and enjoyably. If you enjoy free draw, full body, and a strong flavor I don't think these will disappoint you.
2 out of 5
Not impressed
I am not going to be buying theese again. When first lit you can hardly get any smoke or flavor. Raggedy ash, banana burn that you have to keep burning off. Spend your money on something good. Not worth it.
1 out of 5
casa de garcia nicaragua robusto
This is an OK cigar but i won 't buy it again! TOO LITTLE flavor being a poor man myself, it should be "my cigar" butit just isn't for me!
5 out of 5
Greatly satisfied customer
I used to buy my cigars at a local cigar shop , but I noticed they were not always fresh , and I wondered what kind of markup I was paying , so I decided to look online and see if I could find a few of my favorite cigars at a cheaper price , and I was looking for a particular brand "Casa de Garcia " and that search brought me to your site, so I placed an order , your cigars were approximately 75% less than what I had been paying in the local cigar shop , and when I receive the cigars they were very fresh , and I have since placed a few more orders and recommended it to a couple friends
2 out of 5
smaller gauge smokes
I decided to try a smaller ring gauge smoke after hearing that the cigar wrapper itself comprises a significant amount of flavor and taste. So a smaller gauge, percentage wise, offers more of that flavor. The Casa de Gacia did not fill the bill. It was a medium strength cigar, but taste and aroma rate only a two star smoke. Going back to 50 ring gauge.
5 out of 5
casa de garcia a good everyday cigar
For the money it's hard to beat these cigars. They're a great everyday cigar
5 out of 5
A nice flavorful smoke at a very good price
Flavorful cigar that burns well at a very good price
4 out of 5
Great bang for your buck
Casa De Garcia is my go to brand for everyday use. It has a full flavor but is not overly harsh.
4 out of 5
Good everyday cigar
Good everyday cigar
5 out of 5
cigar purchase
all good, thanks
2 out of 5
Casa de Garcia Nicaragua Robusto
Sorry but these did not live up to your standards. Very rapid and uneven burn, streaks about 1/8 circumference 1-1.5" while remainder of cigar burns normally. This requires lighting the uneven end several times to get ash to even out.
4 out of 5
Defined Value!
The Casa de Garcia Nicaragua Churchill is a well made cigar that follows the traditions of high quality Caribbean craftsmanship (even if its made in Central America). The draw is good, the burn even and flavor is what may be expected from a far more expensive line of cigars. I will continue to seek this extremely valued cigar as part of my favorite smokes.
5 out of 5
Casa de Garcia Nicaragua!!! great buy!##
A great everyday smoke. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them or not. Turned out to be a great buy. Will most definitely reorder. Also very flavorful better than I expected.
5 out of 5
Good value
a good everyday cigar. Even burn and good ash. Will reorder in the future.
5 out of 5
Customer service is amazing
I have been practicing self control unfortunately lately, due to all the good deals I have had to pass up. I bought a Bugatti B1 lighter as a gift, and the receiver has had bad luck in getting it to work. One quick call,( and a hassle free one at that) replacement is on the way. Love this site, and been a cigar nut ticket buyer for the past two years for cigarfest as well
5 out of 5
Casa de Garcia Nicaragua
They apre good cigars but 10-15 percent don't draw because they are too hard, too pressed.
5 out of 5
Casa de Garcia Magnum
For a cheaper cigar smoked everyday it is very flavorful.
5 out of 5
Great sticks
Service product web all simply great Wish I could lower shipping costs
5 out of 5
Golfers choice
Great Cigar for the Golf Course - one on the front and one on the back - very nice compliment to a round of golf
2 out of 5
I'll stick to the maduro's...
When they smoke ok, they are fine. Other wise... I've listened to one split from one end to the other in the course of a minute. Nothing like watching a cigar disintegrate before you eyes, with each passing puff.
5 out of 5
In think you are the best cigar outlet l have ever used!
Customer Testimonials
These are just dang decent budget cigars. Make sure you get the BLUE label ones of Casa De Garcia, the Red/White ones are rather plain-bland tasting. I smoke these when I'm LOW on dough, but too spoiled to settle for....mixed filler/sandwich type.... units!
Great bundle cigar. Good construction, good flavor and ok strength. Gonna let them rest for a few months and think they'll be a lot better. Smoked 4 and ordered another bundle. (Corona)
My bundle of coronas came today and I tried one. It was a little tight near the head but that seemed to lessen later in. Nice even burn, clean wrapper and the ash hangs on for dear life. It's best feature is the taste, which I compare to A/B Sungrown- delicious- and it stayed good to the last inch! These are worth more than C.I. is asking and I'll be ordering more.
Maybe not the prettiest, maybe the draw is off once in a while. Even my wife of 19 years has flaws, but there is no way I'm giving her up. Even when a Casa de Garcia shows her flaws. There is no denying that these cigars, made on the same tables as the Montecristo are nothing less than a smokers dream. Maybe I'd like them more if they charged me 3-5 bucks a stick? Yes us humans can be stupid. Well I am here to tell ya's, Do not miss out on giving any of the Casa de Garcia's a rotation in your will be your loss.
There is not a better cigar at this price!
Came quickly! Thanks CI!
I've been looking for a cheap every day smoke that won't break the bank. I came across these and decided to try them. I bought the corona size and when they came in I smoked one right away and I was impressed.... Notes of earth and coffee with a slight sweetness, great cigar. I did have a couple of them that had some burn issues but hey for about $23.00 for 20 I'm not complaining. I will definitely buy more. Thanks CI!
Just love the new Casa de Garcia. Very well constructed and a great flavor and price. Keep em coming.
Smoked several bundles of these. A great value! Have not felt the need to 'age them' in the humidor, nor have I found any plugged stogies in the bunch. No, these are not going to replace my weekend C.A.O fix, but out working on the car, or driving to work, these things fit the bill.
I ordered a couple of bundles of the Churchill size and naturally tried one right off the truck. These are going to require some serious humidor time. The first couple of sticks I handled had a soft, spongy feel for most of the length and a harder, almost plugged area near the cap. The draw--again, off the truck--was pretty hard. Not a great-tasting stick yet, either. I'll try another in about a month or so, until then they're going to need to rest for a while.
I got a bundle of the Toro size and tried them- was not impressed with the flavor, so I stuck them in the bottom of my humidor with the other pariahs to see if they'd get better. I finally tried another one last night (three months later) and was struck by how much better they are- much smoother and more pleasant. I find them medium bodied and tasty. I expect another month and they'll be just right. If you can afford to age these a bit they are a good deal.
Have smoked a few of the Corona size and these are FULL bodied to me...nothing near medium. Burn is even. Don't smoke these on an empty stomach. Tried one first thing in the morning and felt queasy in the pit of my stomach about half way through. Hint of sweetness on the tongue. Good value for the price and if you smoke them at the right time....after a good meal.
ABsolutely a great cigar for the price. Smells amazing, lots of smoke, and for just over $1 a great cigar, especially for the "Give away Humidor" that you still would enjoy smoking yourself.
Not bad for the price.
Tried the Gordo, and was very impressed. A full-bodied smoke, with delicious flavor, nice white ash, and burns very evenly. Can't ask for much more in a cigar, and these are very good!!!