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Don Lino Africa

A safari for the senses.

Don Lino is back, baby! And fans will be relieved to know, it's better than ever. Initially when news spread that this one might be headed out to pasture, people panicked. Hate mail, threats, riots, you name it, the stuff started to hit the fan. But now it's nothing but rainbows and sunshine from here on out. Because not only is the same dee-lish blend in play, but thanks to a new bundle format, prices are much more digestable. It's amazing, I know. This tasty indulgence all starts with an exotic blend of premium tobaccos from Africa, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. These exquisite long-fillers are optimally fermented and aged to issue layers upon layers of rich flavors that complement the dark, Nicaraguan-grown Cuban-seed wrapper perfectly. Issuing nuances of wood, fruit, coffee, and chocolate, it's safe to say Don Lino Africa is gonna make a lot of people very happy.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Duma (Robusto) (5.0"x50)MAZO OF 20 Out of Stock $144.00$29.71    
Gordo (5.5"x54)MAZO OF 20 Out of Stock $149.00$31.59    
Kifaro (Torpedo) (6.2"x52)MAZO OF 20 Out of Stock $155.00$34.78    
Tembo (Churchill) (7.5"x50)MAZO OF 20 Out of Stock $161.00$34.78    
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Customer Reviews of “Don Lino Africa”
I have purchased these cigars over the past 2 years to my palettes enjoyment at very reasonable prices.They had recently pulled(at least I believed so) them from production.So you could imagine how excited I was to see them back in rotation.However to my dismay after smoking a few realize the blend is not what it once was although there are reminiscent hints here and there the construction now has issues as well as more importantly taste and overall flavor.I would stay away if you expect the old Africa you enjoyed.
Im not sure if the 2012 sampler had old ones or not but I find these very good .They burn nice ,great ash and have a very complex taste.Kinda sweet and a bit mild.I plan on buying another box to see if they have changed since the ones I smoked up .I am a newbie but smoke only good cigars (punch ,cohiba,5 vegas la Gloria n,ect not the outrageous richmans but not the backyard brands either)and the price is great.I hope the next box is as good as the ones I puffed up
AD of Callensburg, PA
Don't do it. I was a huge fan of the original Don Lino Africa series and buddy, this ain't it. I smoked 5 of my 20 and I cannot carry on. Unfortunately this batch is nothing more than a buck-a-stick yardgar, so very disappointing. Sorry for the bad news.
Tried these a few years back and loved'em, but this is NOT the old Don Lino. Sorry to say, these are a complete waste of time and money. Tried one off the truck and hated it. Gave it some humi time...........still terrible, no improvement At All. Great in their day, but it's over.
These are some of my absolute favorites! Sitting down with a cup of coffee in the evening, this cigar is perfect. A tasty sweetness comes through and makes for an amazing smoke. Can't wait until my newest batch is seasoned in the humidor properly so I can enjoy them once again!
KP of Eugene, OR
I bought the duma's and was disappointed with the construction of the new release. Two out of three were plugged or extremely tight draw. I'm hoping they can get it straightened out at their factory. A couple of the ones that had decent draw and burn were pretty good. Almost as good as the original Africa's.
What a great cigar for the price. If you can these r a must try. I've bought 3 boxes and really enjoy them. The description they provide really says it all. Try the Maduro, you won't be disappointed. Happy smoking
Ordered the Gordos on clearance and enjoyed them so much I ordered more before they ran out. Good medium to full-bodied flavor. Sure you have the usual Don Lino construction issues, but what the heck did you expect for $1.60/stick?
AS of Greensboro, NC