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Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

Et tu....

Don’t get all uppity by the spelling of “Caeser” – in this instance, the name comes from Julius Caeser Newman, the founder of J.C. Newman cigars. This cigar was created to celebrate the company’s 115th anniversary and to honor the founding father’s 135th birthday. Newman started out humbly rolling cigars in Cleveland, and the company now operates out of Miami, with third generation Newmans running the show. 

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is a limited production beauty that’s rolled in small batches by the Fuente family. Boasting a 92-rating and spot on performance, this cigar easily fits in with the elite crowd. Dressed in an Ecuador Havana-seed wrapper draped over a Dominican binder, and featuring an eclectic mix of Caribbean basin and Central American fillers, this gem of a cigar is nothing short of fantastic. Enjoy smooth and robust flavors galore, including rich coffee, sweetness, spice, and wood. Trust me....Brutus would be super jealous.

In addition to being selected as one of the Top Cigars of the Year, Julius Caeser earned a 92-rating, noting: "Lots of rich, coffee-laden smoke layers the palate with each puff. The bold coffee is balanced by sweet and spicy woody flavors and a savory finish."

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.2"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $327.00 $294.30
5-PACK In Stock $78.00
Hail Caeser (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 20 In Stock $327.00 $294.30
5-PACK In Stock $78.00
Pyramid (6.5"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $359.00 $323.10
5-PACK In Stock $85.00
Robusto (4.7"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $225.00 $202.50
5-PACK In Stock $53.50
Toro (6.0"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $275.00 $247.50
5-PACK In Stock $65.00
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Customer Reviews of “Diamond Crown Julius Caeser”
The Diamond Crown Julius Ceaser, where do I start? The fact that I'm the only one ever writing a review on this cigar should certainly tell you something. Based on it's rediculous price of $17.00 per stick it should be telling you that I've got more money than brains.... It came dry, smoked unevenly, and basically did nothing short of disappoint. I'd smoke a PDR Reserva Limitada for $4.80 or an AVO XO for $9, or an Ave Maria for $8 or the 2012 Cigar of the Year (Flor de Las Antillas) for $6.50 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over this over rated over priced cigar.... I've purchased and smoked a lot of sticks from CI (Go ahead and verify that) so "Listen to me Know, Believe me Later;" this is the worst value product I've purchased to date.
RS of San Jose, CA
I have tried both the 1895 Special Reserve and Toro sizes. Although pricey, found them to be good tasting cigars. Not an everyday cigar, but ones to try after having a couple of other differerent brands.
My go to cigar absolutely one of my favorites, and I have tried a bunch. The downside is the price... I buy them local for $11 a stick which means I don't get to smoke them all the time, but I find them well worth it when I do.
JT of Lyman, ME
Very easy to light. Very good construction and burn with slight unevenness. Excellent draw producing voluminous smoke. Slightly oily on palate with full mouth feel. Medium strength with medium to full flavors. Initial cocoa and cinnamon with a black pepper punch. Medium length finish of coffee, cream and a lingering black pepper spice. Cigar becomes significantly milder in second half with smoother blending of flavors.
The Julius Caeser is fantastic. Great construction, very complex flavors, flawless burn. I have smoked many of these and every time I light one up I am impressed yet again. I have smoked the robusto and toro. I prefer the Toro but that's just me. If you like DE Undercrown, but haven't tried a DC Julius Caeser you missed the bus. This cigar has so much to offer.
AG of Chelmsford, MA
What a great cigar! It's like putting a pat of butter in your Americano and sucking it down with a cedar straw!