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Gold Strike

Strike it big.

Gold Strike is rolled "Cuban-sandwich" style utilizing high-quality Nicaraguan tobacco leaves tucked inside a smooth Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. Medium in body, and producing a nice array of coffee, earth, and a dash of pepper, this handmade is worth its weight in....errr gold. But here’s the even better news....the pricing is ridiculously low, in pure CI fashion. This means you can keep the wallet well padded, while stocking up on these till the cows come home.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x48)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $26.65 $24.99    
Churchill (7.0"x48)
PACK OF 3 Out of Stock $5.99    
Toro (6.2"x50)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $25.45 $22.99    
Toro (6.2"x50)
PACK OF 3 Out of Stock $4.99    
Overall Rating 4.44 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gold Strike”

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5 out of 5
Favorite Cigar
This is my husbands favorite cigar. We used to be able to get them locally. No one sales them anymore. We were glad to find them on line.
5 out of 5
Love them
Awesome great taste for the money
5 out of 5
Gold Strike Toro
Good everyday smoke for mowing the lawn.
5 out of 5
Best on a Budget
I bought these at a Loves Travel Center in Bordentown, NJ and I was a little hesitant at first, but I can assure that hesitation was put to rest when I lit one up. For budget friendly cigar they have a nice smooth, yet spicy note at the end and a wonderful draw. I'll continue to be a fan of Gold Strike Cigars.
3 out of 5
All right! All right!
For a cheaper stick, not too bad. Put in your humidor for two weeks before smoking for best results. A poor man's Churchill. Nice cap.
5 out of 5
Better than Paybacks
I bought these in a three pack from Loves Travel Center in New Jersey when I ran out of my Room 101 Paybacks. I thought they would be disappointing since I was purchasing them from a truck stop, but man was i wrong. These gems smoke better than my Room 101 Paybacks. They have a smooth even draw with a light spicy note and the burn evenly. I absolutely love them and I am ordering them again. Soon my humidor will be packed with nothing but Gold Strike cigars.
3 out of 5
Price was good for a burner!
a fair cigar burned somewhat evenly and didn't need to be re-lit flavor was consistent on 5 (my normal sampling) and that flavour unfortunately deteriorates. a bit too blah at the end. a good , inexpensive change up to smoke 3/4 down when you just want something to feature is the cheap burner. glad i tried it and will keep a couple in my "workshop humidor" does not qualify for my top 20.
5 out of 5
Great casual smoke. Even burn all the way through. Even if you are in a truck or car.
4 out of 5
They will get you by
Picked up pack of 3 at a local smoke shop. I wasn't expecting much but they were pretty good. I wouldn't put them up there in my top 3 favorites but good enough to get you by. Moral of this story is don't leave home without your favorite cigars.
Customer Testimonials
I got a couple 3 packs for free, tried one straight away and it was so so. The peppery taste was all I got and it burned a little wonky and tried to go out constantly. The other 5 went into the the humi for about 6 weeks and boy, what a difference. Now these are not going replace any of my favs, but for an easy going smoke it's pretty good. I didn't get too much of a pepper taste, though it was there. Nutty and coffee flavors really came out after the first third. I had the churchills BTW. As I got to the end it got a little more pronounced with the pepper, but not overly so. The burn was a lot better after resting, but 3 of the 5 still wanted to go out, so I had to pick up the pace which I don't like. I am going to get a bundle of the toros when CI gets more stock. Bottom line is you get a very smokable stick for dirt cheap.
Not a huge fan of the pepper taste but it does have a hint of coffee. I was always fascinated by cigars growing up and when I turned 18 this was my first. The first few I didn't notice the flavors or anything I just thought I was cool. Now that I've started really getting into cigars and such I can say these aren't as good as I had once thought. I can now pick out flavors and really enjoy a cigar. I am smoking a Churchill as I'm typing this and for a cheap cigar it's not bad but there is a reason cheap will always be cheap.
An excellent affordable stick. Six bucks for a sealed 3 pack. Peppery yet sweet, good draw, even burn. You can't get more bang for your buck. Don't pass these up when you see em!
I'm always looking for a good everyday smoke. This fits the bill. Good flavor, (nutty, some pepper, and wood.) Burns well, and easy draw. Best part is the price. Can smoke these daily and not go broke. CI, you never cease to amaze me!
So I was craving a good smoke and stopped into the local truck stop in search of one. They had these in a three fer for $7 next to the counter. Not a bad smoke for the money. I get a little uneven burning on some and thats after putting the rest in a humi for a week or so. This is a good "Get me by" smoke.
Picked these up at a local convenience store when my humidor was empty one day(yeah, I know....shame on me). They are every bit as good as a much more expensive cigar, at a MUCH cheaper price. The local store doesn't have them all the time and I'm glad to see CI is carrying them, as I can get them from CI for even less than what I pay at the store, shipping included! Good, no, great smoke for the money.
Picture it. South Louisiana, early 2014. I was working the roads and was craving a GOOD smoke. I was too far from home, so I stopped at a local convenience store. I browsed their cigar case for a minute and noticed a three-pack of these for slightly less than $10. Considering they also sold "name brand" singles for this price, this seemed like a bargain. I hesitantly brought the package to the checkout. Got in my car and lit one up. WOW! I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much, but these definitely satisfied my need for a good, nay GREAT, cigar. It was a bit uneventful until I got past the first 1/4 of this cigar. Then it started to evolve into what tasted to me like a much more expensive cigar. I've been smoking well over 10 years, but have never tasted things like "leather, earth and floral tones" in a cigar. To me, either a cigar is great, good, good enough, or horrible. I'd definitely put these in the good / great category. I loved them so much, I easily went back to the same store and bought two more packs within a week. That's when I came to CI and noticed they didn't sell them. I contacted customer service to request that they carry them and BAM! Here they are! Try some out. They are made by the Royal Gold factory and definitely taste like first-class smokes!
Bought these on an impulse. I'm not usually one for cheaper cigars but these are able to keep up with the more well known brands. Very impressed