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CAO Flathead

A real blockhead....

‘Murica, son! The home of hot rods, pin-up chicks, and now CAO’s newest offering: Flathead. Borrowing inspiration from muscle cars, CAO Flathead not only sports a highly unique shape, but backs it up with a high-octane blend. So what's so unique about the shape? Instead of a traditional head (rounded or torpedo shaped), this sleek handmade is flat headed, meaning it's completely squared off. 

Heavy in the hand, this dark creation starts with a well-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Thick and chewy, this leaf conceals a bevy of Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers embraced by a Connecticut Habano-seed binder. Then, each cigar is carefully box-pressed, truly bringing the unique head to light. Churning out a mix of spicy-sweet goodness, expect hints of earth, black pepper, and cocoa throughout a full-bodied experience. Each puff reveals thick and oily smoke, lending to a long, lingering finish.

And if you're looking to spruce up your man cave, good news! Each box lid is removable, making for a nice wall-hanger or conversation piece.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft (Robusto) (5.5"x54) BOX OF 10 In Stock $74.00 $47.57
V450 Sparkplug (Robusto) (4.5"x50) 5-PACK In Stock $32.50 $22.50
V450 Sparkplug + Xikar Lighter (Robusto) (4.5"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $84.88
V554 Camshaft (Robusto) (5.5"x54) 5-PACK In Stock $37.05 $25.50
V554 Camshaft + Xikar Lighter (Robusto) (5.5"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $177.84 $116.76
V642 Piston (Lancero/Panatela) (6.5"x42) 5-PACK In Stock $34.55 $24.00
V642 Piston + Xikar Lighter (Lancero/Panatela) (6.5"x42) BOX OF 30 In Stock $207.30 $135.83
V660 Carb (Gordo) (6.0"x60) 5-PACK In Stock $42.05 $29.00
V660 Carb + Xikar Lighter (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 24 In Stock $201.84 $132.96
V770 Big Block (Gordo) (7.0"x70) 5-PACK In Stock $49.50 $34.50
V770 Big Block + Xikar Lighter (Gordo) (7.0"x70) BOX OF 24 In Stock $237.60 $156.94
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Customer Reviews of “CAO Flathead”
I recently had the pleasure to enjoy the Camshaft (Robusto) prior to them being released on CI or most B&M. I actually won this cigar along with some others. Anyway the CamShaft is a great little cigar that will last you 45-50 mins. Very rich in flavor with a ton of smoke output. Get your hands on a couple of these.. You will be glad you did. Caution: do not try to cut this boxpress, some you can get away with... Not this one.
KW of Houston, TX
I tried the piston size and enjoyed it a lot. Nice smoke volume with a blue tint. The cigar had a nice sweet tobacco flavor and a nice aroma. Second third of the stick was great. The flavor really picked up. I smoked it until the last two inches and ditched it. I used a pocket knife to cut off the cap. A cutter may cut too much off with the square cap. Love the size and box press. I would recommend the Piston, but I plan on picking up some of the other sizes in the future. I always enjoy CAO cigars. I also like the box and presentation of this line. Recommended.
EG of Wilmington, NC
My wife ordered me a 5 pack of the v462, Excellant Cigar, well made, and a great smoking pleasure, the taste was excellant. Will buy again. Jim Brasby Sr
JB of New Port Richey, FL
I have enjoyed the Flathead 660 and v554 with several of my smoking buddies and we all give them high marks for their long lasting burn. The flavor is consistent throughout the smoke and deserves to become a measuring stick to other full bodied cigars.
Smoked the Camshaft on Christmas Eve and was pleasantly surprised. This thing is a smoke-stack full of peppery hardwood goodness! Great smoke for those that like full bodied sticks. The construction was excellent and this thing produced a 2 inch ash before I accidentally bumped it off. The extreme box press feels a bit strange at first but you get used to it once this puppy starts putting off incredible amounts of delicious smoke. This was actually my first CAO as I typically try to avoid "big box" cigars, but after trying the Flathead out I must say that CAO nailed it. I will make this my full flavor go to!
SB of Oak Ridge, TN
I bought a 5 pack of 642 Pistons recently. I'm normally a Churchill smoker, but this lancero size is a nice change. Very oily wrapper...kind of veiny, but nothing objectionable. The flavor is great. They're rich, toasty and earthy sweet. The wrapper seems to contribute a great deal to the flavor with this smaller ring gauge. I liked these so much that I bought a box, and sent a 5 pack to my brother who now enjoys them as much as I do. Give these a try. Oh yeah, be prepared for a tighter draw than you may be used to, as these are pretty tight.
The CAO 642 Pistons are terrific. The CAO Brazilia 5-Pack freebie was terrible... all five wrappers cracked within the first inch of burn... old dried out poorly constructed whatever... no freebie just a pain in the butt!!!
RG of Biddeford, ME
Very spicy and tasty.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Tried two big blocks last night at the CAO event at our local casino. Master Blender Rick Rodriguez was there and recommended them to Me. These are beefy smokes (took me 2 hours plus to plow through one) but amazing. Great draw, awesome construction and delicious! I will be buying more of these!!!
CAO Flathead is my new favorite cigar. Try the Big Block. Smooth and lots of smoke. Freaking awesome! Great burn and delicious. Give yourself about 2 hours on one of these bad boys!
I received a V660 Carb at Cigarfest 2014.WOW!! what a smooth but flavorful smoke. I usually don't smoke cigars described as "full", but this one was nice. Thick ash that didn't want to fall off. I'll buy these.
I purchased a few of the piston, although not typically a fan of the lonsdale vitola. However, I found it to have an excellent draw while burning evenly and requiring no touch-ups. Dark and sweet flavors, but not overpowering in the strength department. I liked them enough to purchase a box for my birthday.
I've smoked 2 of the 4.5x50 "Sparkplug" over the last couple of days. Both have been fantastic. I've had some good CAO's and some not-so-good CAO's. These were definitely in the good category! My father and brother also had a couple each and really liked them. We all like full bodied cigars, and these were full but still very smooth. I like larger ring gauge cigars, and will try a larger size in the future. I'll be looking to add these to my regular stock.
Great cigars! Very consistant, even draw and thick rick smoke
JJ of Clovis, NM
This cigar got my attention. CAO did it again. Oily, smooth and glossy wrapper. Solid construction. Stunning to look at and to hold. Now you can start smoking it. Cool and long burn. No shortage of smooth, full, and satisfying flavor here. I have to admit that I did take the lighter to it at the nub stage to keep her fired up. It just got so nice and chewy that I had to break down and torch it to finish it off. I ordered more....maybe too many more...but my wife is (lucky for me) OK with me and my cigars. :)
Good smoke.
GC of Germantown, MD
Nice even burn. Complex well rounded flavors. Excellent smoke for watching a NFL game. Well worth the price.
KO of Gilmer, TX
This cigar is one of the best I have smoked in a while, although I have smoked the Brasil and Italia in the past, this stick is quality, enjoyed it from start to finish, very consistent and not as harsh, and for a priceline between $5 and $6 you cant beat it, Highly recomended, trust "The Pie Man" on this one.
SP of Floral Park, NY
Visited B&M for butane and picked up a flathead out of curiosity knowing CAO makes exquisite smokes. I most certainly was not disappointed with the quality of this cigar. The smoke was plentiful, the flavors of earth and cocoa were amazing, and the ash stood the test of time. I would so recommend this cigar to anyone who enjoys a full-bodied cigar! I am here to order a box right now.
BC of Palm Harbor, FL
Excellent Cigar at great prices! I have had the pleasure of smoking the 770,660 and the little impeccable v450. I can honestly say that all of sizes have consistently tasted pretty much the same. The burn has always been smooth and even. If you are looking for a tasty Maduro that is not peppery and spicy, this is the one for you!
VP of Bowie, MD
I don't know if I am glutton for punishment or what, but I am glad I am with these beauties. I have tried almost all of the CAO line and have been disappointed to downright disgusted with their cigars. Needless to say, as I ordered a 5 pack I was not really expecting a great cigar. BOY, WAS I WRONG. Super smooth smoke, with good flavor, easy draw, and good construction. Had to even out the burn a couple of times, but other than that it was a perfect smoke. I can honestly say best CAO I have had by far.
Love this little cigar. Amazing dark and oily wrapper, beautifully box pressed, full of flavor; rich and sweet notes.... you will get a delicious blast of flavor as the foot opens; the first draw is nothing but sweet wrapper leaf. What a great blend and what a genius idea on the foot. Been a big fan of CAO for a long time and it's because of cigars like the Flathead Spark Plug. A great short smoke....excellent.
a very nice full bodied smoke...I like the fact that it's a big fat honkin cigar chewin while I smoke em
JH of Lanexa, VA
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