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E.P. Carrillo 2nds

Save some dough with E.P. Carrillo.

Any way you slice it and dice it, E.P. Carrillo is a legend. First known for the star-studded La Gloria Cubana line, he has since moved on to his new self-titled E.P. Carrillo series. And there's no denying the guy works magic with tobacco. Want proof? His trophy case of 90+ ratings more than speaks for itself. Besides making some of the finest cigars in the Dominican, he also happens to be one stand up fellow. All the more reason to get excited for his exhibit in the 2nds display. Every one of his top-notch brands are in the mix, available in plenty of sizes. From corona to gordo, all the most popular are here. And you can bet your shirt each one is a winner. Sizes do vary slightly, so I've gone and made it a bit more seamless. Instead of a laundry list of sizes, I consolidated them into groups. I'll admit it's not a perfect approach, but after you factor in the ridiculous value, you'll see the light is much brighter than it seems. Hands down one of the best values to be had, period.

Note: A variety of wrappers are included - natural, maduro, etc. Due to the low price, I can’t let you pick the blend. But you are guaranteed to get a full bundle of the same cigar.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
BDL OF 15 In Stock $115.50 $32.50
BDL OF 15 In Stock $98.25 $24.50
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $130.50 $34.50    
BDL OF 15 In Stock $108.00 $27.50
BDL OF 15 In Stock $115.50 $29.50
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $123.00 $32.50    
Overall Rating 4.66666666666667 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “E.P. Carrillo 2nds”

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3 out of 5
burn and draw issues
These are really hit or miss. Most have issues with the burn and some have issues with a very tight draw. Flavors are still there if you can manage to work through the above issues. I've deconstructed a couple and found multiple thick stems. Good to fill up the humi, but not an effortless smoke.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!
i usually smoke E.P. Carrillo 1st and always great, but I wanted to get some E.P.s for fishing and golfing. I now prefer to smoke the 2nds for everything. I cannot tell the difference and they are priced right!
5 out of 5
Best deal ever
I kept coming back to these little beauties and continued to be delighted by the taste. I had actually forgotten what they were and where I had gotten them, but researched my account at CI and voila. Burn evenly and cool, medium to full-bodied, never a harsh puff. Is there a better deal out there? I doubt it.
5 out of 5
Good construction, good flavor
I love seconds, but you have to be willing to take pot-luck. These seem to be a habano wrapper, medium to strong body. They burn nice and straight, and have a full, enjoyable flavor.
5 out of 5
Cigar fan
great smooth smoke with lots of leather throughout.
5 out of 5
great cigar at a great
great cigar at a great price
Customer Testimonials
Fantastic. Let's keep these quiet so I can enjoy them for a long time to come...Great flavor, copious amounts of smoke from each puff and a superb value from one of the top in the industry!
I've been a big time fan of Ernie's stuff for YEARS. These 2nds are no different. I ordered the toro size and got the original Carrillo line with the Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. Now, I will say these are not the prettiest smokes you will ever see, they are veiny and have some odd colors variations on the wrapper. Very easy to see why these are seconds. But, other than appearance these are typical top notch Carrillo quality. A very robust blend for a light colored cigar and a ton of the smoke. The smoking experience is outstanding, it's just not a cigar you would whip out at a wedding because of the aesthetic issues.
Good smoke for the price. The Churchill size is hit and miss. Some smoke perfectly and some have a tendency to canoe and burn hot. But when they burned right they were excellent. Overall I find them to be good value. Better taste than most first run cigars from other manufacturers.
Great smoke! I personally have a new favorite, not only for seconds, these cigars are better than most of the full price cigars out there.
Love these!!! Great buy if your like me and prefer a medium to full bodied with smooth and spicy undertones.
Great smoke for the price!
They are hit and miss as far as the length and wrapper. The Maduro (if your lucky enough to get them) is fantastic! My last three orders of the Gordo's unfortunately have been naturals.
Extremely good smoke for the price...hands down to EP! I have smoked his blends for years and this one is very good.
Forget the firsts, save your money and buy the seconds. Unless your the type that has to have the beauty queen. These cigars are ugly but they sure do work. I'll be going back for thirds.
I have ordered these twice and both time was pleased. The first time I received a very nice small large gauge cigar that was very good. The second time was a typical EP Gordo. As always it was enjoyable. Noted that the price for the Gordo gauge has gone up $5. These must be catching on.
A few had too tight of a draw, but other than that these are almost perfect. Most only have cosmetic issues, but smoke perfectly.
I ordered a bundle of robustos and I'm pretty sure I received the smaller toro of the La Historia smokes. Just over six inches and around a 50 gauge. I am very happy with these. Excellent smoke!
5 out of 10 where not good, these looked like apprentice rolled, there was one that looked like they forgot to put the wrapper on
Small flat flavor well made not for me 3 out of 10
Big time flavor for a small time price! Back up the truck boys these cigars are fantastic! I got the maduro torpedos and am 100% satisfied!