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Diesel Delirium

Obsessive. Compulsive. Diesel.

Delirium is bullishly tempting. Delirium is irrationally inviting. Delirium is hellaciously ligero-licious and helplessly contagious.

Must have more Diesel....

Bold long-leaf ligeros grown from Cuban seeds throughout Nicaragua’s most fertile valleys are patiently aged in charred rum barrels, then skillfully blended inside a feisty Habano binder. A charismatic concoction, graced by an oily, sun-drenched Ecuador Habano ligero wrapper of the highest priming.

Need more Diesel....

56-Thick and carefully finished with a pigtail cap, Diesel Delirium exudes layers of robust and hearty flavors. A rustic, tobacco core is met with deep notes of oak and savory spices, while hints of leather, toast, and earth enter the fray throughout the slow burn. A complex bouquet, growing more intense with each puff, catering to the anxious palate over-consumed by the need for more flavor. More complexity. More power. More satisfaction. More Diesel. Must have more Diesel. Always wanting, needing, demanding more Diesel.

Obsessive. Compulsive. Delirium

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Delirium (Gordo) (6.5"x56)
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Delirium (Gordo) (6.5"x56)
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Customer Reviews of “Diesel Delirium”
I received a box of the Delirium last week and of course couldn't wait to smoke a couple. To be fair, I'm a huge Diesel fan and the Delirium did not disappoint. Not all that strong but downright delicious. There is a slight hint of something sweet in there you are going to love. My only complaint is the uncharacteristically fragile wrapper for an AJ smoke. The two I've lit up had some slight wrapper issues that didn't dramatically affect the smoke.
I've never felt overly compelled to write a review. I must preface this my saying that I am an AJ Fernandez fan. I have to try everything that he puts out. Some I like more than others, few disappoint. This definitely does not disappoint. My box arrived a little over a week ago. I always let smokes rest at least a week after shipping. It was hell with these. They are just gorgeous. I toasted the first one up last night. AJ has outdone himself. This may top Pinolero as my new favorite. I'm not going to try to baffle anyone by making up a bunch of flavor profile mumbo-jumbo, I just know it blew my socks off. If this thing improves with age, my brain just might explode. If you are an AJ fan or just someone that's curious, this is a must try stick. I'm ordering box #2 right now to stash away before they all disappear.
The Diesel Delirium isn't bad! But can't beat The WICKED!! Hope they come out again! And I bet I'm not alone...
DK of Indianapolis, IN
Not bad, but certainly not one of my favorites from AJ. It is actually my least favorite of all the Diesel line (Unholy being the best IMO). If you like a strong, gritty, spicey smoke like I do, then this probably wont cut it. It is too average to justify the price. Move on, nothing to see here.
SA of Waterford, MI
I agree with SA's review below. The Delirium was a disappointment with its flavor. I love AJ and his other offerings. All other Diesel blends, San Lotano Oval, MOW, Pinolero and certainly Fallen Angel (now a must have in my humi) are all WAY better than the Delirium.
As noted by a couple of other reviewers, this stick is a disappointment. Not a lot of flavour or complexity nor does it live up to its name in the strength department. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad cigar, just not all that its press made it out to be. As far as the line goes, I still prefer the Unlimited d.7 as a nice mild to medium smoke.
CO of Inver Grove, MN
Very Good Smoke! Just what i was expecting from a great brand! Thank you A.J.!
Im a diesel fan so i had to try the delirium and i have to say i was not thrilled with it, its good but i think the others are better.
Good cigar, by far not the best from AJ,
Great cigar one of the best....
I love all of AJs blends. These seem less complex and a bit "sharper" than other diesels but still a great cigar. Humidor time may mellow them. As usual construction and burn are the best.
Very good...What strikes me differently about this cigar that's different from every other Diesel I've tried is that it is very sweet. I found myself sad it was over when I got down to the nub. If you like consistent, sweet cigars, then this one is for you. Not something I could smoke every day, but certainly fairly often.
JW of Tucson, AZ
Killer cigar...
MR of Statham, GA