Wrapper:Connecticut Broadleaf, Costa Rican, Ecuador Connecticut
Origin:Dominican Republic, Honduras

Gurkha Salomons

Big Gurkha figurados, massive CI discount.

For a limited time, every Gurkha Salomon box is just $49.95. 

Gurkha owner Kaizad Hansotia didn’t invent the Salomon shape, but he definitely made it better. That’s for damn sure. At hand are 6 of Gurkha’s top-selling, classic blends crafted into a special 7.1”x58 figurado size which amplifies their already delicious flavors and guarantees a long, slow-burning experience.  Don’t wait on these, this one-time, limited  production run won’t last long....especially not at my insanely discounted prices. Boxes are yours for up 80% off.

Estate Vintage - Medium-Full - Dominican wrapper. Complex and full-flavored.

Black Dragon - Medium - Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Rich, chewy, spicy-sweet.

Status - Mild-Medium - Connecticut wrapper. Mellow, elegant, and buttery-smooth.

Beast - Medium-Full - Costa Rican Maduro wrapper. Bold, rich, toasty.

Beauty - Mild - Connecticut wrapper. Smooth, crisp, rich.

Crest - Medium - Connecticut Maduro wrapper. Deep, hearty, roasted flavor.

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Strength: Mild-Medium
Wrapper:Ecuador Connecticut
Beauty Salomon (7.1"x58) BOX OF 10 In Stock$350.00$49.95
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper:Connecticut Broadleaf
Black Dragon Salomon (7.1"x58) BOX OF 10 In Stock$210.00$49.95
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper:Costa Rican
Origin:Dominican Republic
Filler:Colombian, Dominican, Honduran
The Beast Salomon (7.1"x58) BOX OF 10 In Stock$295.00$49.95
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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Salomons”
“The "BEAST"....Great cigar...Gurkha, well done!”
JD of Bethel Park, PA
“Just tried the second one. A little more even burn. Still had to dress up the burn, but less than the first stick.”
TY of Plantation, FL
“Recently ordered The Beast on a special. The construction and appearance was very good. While smoking the taste was delightful but the burn was off, I had to dress it up multiple times. This is the first one. I will comment when I try the rest.”
TY of Plantation, FL
“Got a box of beast on special. After a short 7 day rest, they were excellent during the Superbowl, and even better after a couple more weeks. I would recommend these to anyone.”
TE of Pasadena, MD
“The Estate Vintage Salomon is easily my favorite cigar, and I have tried a good number of great brands. It burns smooth and perfectly, starting out sweet, moving to a warm buttery smooth bellow. But the final three inches are toasted-peppery-nut heaven. They are the perfect weight, shape and balance and an amazing amount of cigar. Just ordered 30 more knowing they can't keep these babies at this price.”
PH of Florence, KY
“As a long time CI customer, I purchased a box of "The Beast" and I can't say I'm happy. While contruction LOOKED good, several have been ....impossible to draw through and subsequently discarded. As far as the blend on those I did smoke?--meh....BTW, I don't fault CI in any way-YOU GUYS have been great!”
“Gurkha Status Salomon is a mild bodied cigar. Dominant.flavors were of cedar grass and hay. Construction was excellent, draw.firm.but plentuful.of.smoke. overall I rate a 85”
VF of margate, FL
“Gurkha Black Dragon Salomon is a medium to full bodied smoke. Dominant flavors were of earth, dark chocolate, espresso, leather and hints of nuttiness. Draw was easy with plenty of smoke. Finish semi long of dark cocoa, leather, n espresso. No touch ups required. I purchased the entire Salomon line. The Status Natural was a let down. The black dragon gets a overall rating of 89 for me”
VF of margate, FL
“I've smoked dozens of these, basically because of the affordability and size... But if a horrible burn scares you away, this is not the stick with you...needs constant attention and goes out often...”
DW of Andrews, TX
“Great cigar, smooth long burning and great flavor. I would buy them again.”
KS of Loganville, GA
“These cigars taste even better than the regular BEAUTY. There is a nutty, creamy taste all the way through and so far have been able to smoke them until they were too short to hold, with no issues. Burn great, taste great. Mild and creamy. Very good price. This has just become my favorite...”
SW of gray court, SC
“I am addicted to these Cigars. Gurkha Beauty Salomons are easy to smoke, mild but tasty, and burns even. I would have to wait until these cigars go on sale to stock up. Can't afford them on regular price.”
“Outstanding Great Smoke from start to finish and a great deal”
KB of Augusta, GA
“I bought two boxes of the Black Dragon to present at a cigar club. Ten were found to be excellent and ten were not good. I believe I received a bad box and a good box.”
“One of my Gurkha favorites: Black Dragon, it draws easily, I get two to three smokes out of it and the stub is wonderful. I like the aroma of the smoldering tobacco in the body of the cigar. I also like the configuration of the cigar: shape, length, ring size. Only thing I like better is a Beast.”
“Awesome cigars. These are tasty and at a great price. I am so happy with these and will definitely order more of them.”
SG of Marshfield, MA