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Super-Premium 2nds

Another superstar from the home of Punch & Hoyo!

Can a second really be "super-premium"? It would be difficult for the Villazon factory to make a bad cigar. In fact, between the likes of Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, and Excalibur, this factory is home to some of the finest brands, produced by among the most accomplished blenders and torcedors in Central America.

Super-Premium 2nds are now available in multiple sizes! Each and every size offers a savory experience, containing complex flavors and a sassy, enchanting flavor - the whole lot are hands-down winners. To me, they taste exactly like a Punch or Hoyo de Monterrey. But the beauty of it is, we’re throwing 'em out there at a price that’s up to 65% less! So that means a delicious, full-bodied smoking experience that won’t break the bank. Each is handmade in Honduras using only choice long-fillers and wrappers. These tasty gems are one of the finest pound-for-pound values for the full-bodied cigar smoker.

They're a super value that sells so fast it seems like we are constantly filling backorders on them.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Club Corona (5.0"x40) BDL OF 25 In Stock $67.50 $34.99
Corona Extra (5.2"x45) BDL OF 25 In Stock $87.50 $39.99
Perfecto (Gordo) (4.5"x60) BDL OF 25 In Stock $127.25 $44.99
Rothschild (Robusto) (4.5"x50) BDL OF 25 In Stock $112.50 $39.99
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Customer Reviews of “Super-Premium 2nds”
Spend the money. You will not be disappointed.
NT of Lorain, OH
What a bargain! I have been smoking Punch Elites Maduro for more years than I can remember. There is no doubt in my mind these are Punch seconds. These are a wonderful, full-bodied rich maduro experience and at an unbelievable price. If you are a maduro smoker, I do not know how you could find a better cigar at this price!
Received my bundle of perfectos yesterday and smoking my first this morning. Tasty, cool smoke. Will buy them again without hesitation.
I ordered two mazos of the Perfecto's, I smoke alot of Punch Champions so I thought I'd give these a try. I have no doubt that these are Punch seconds, the quality is there. That said, I found the few I've tried were loose, the imperfections might run beyond "cosmetic blemishes". These are a 50% savings at regular price and I purchased them at a 62% savings while they were on sale, so I'll deal with the looseness of the draw for those prices. I think I'll leave them in the humidor and keep trying a couple each month to see if they start improving. A really good value and a decent cigar either way.
GB of Salem, OH
Do not buy these cigars. The wrapper is very thin, bitter tasting and the cigars are loosely rolled. I will never buy these again. However will continue to smoke and enjoy real PUNCH CIGARS! Not the ones they let the kids roll to keep the busy!!!!
I usually don't write reviews and I've been a CI customer since 2005. These are a pretty fair smoke for the price. Yes, some were loose and a few burned uneven like it was wet, but for the price I expected a few logs....and I ordered a number of each through the years, so I think I'll do a few more reviews.
There is little doubt in my smoke filled brain, that the Super Premium 2nds robusto IS a Punch maduro rothschild. I have ordered them several times & the corona once. It is true that the occasional stick has a minor wrapper flaw or is a bit less firmly rolled than a Punch 1st might be, but the flavor is the same. So doing the math, I can lay my grubby mitts on 25 of these babies for about half the cost of the real deal. Talk about a no-brainer, this one takes the cake. My only regret is that these don't come in an EMS version. I will be trying the perfecto soon & suspect it will be just as satisfying as the rothschild & corona. If you like Punch & you like great deals, give Super Premium 2nds a whirl. You will not be disappointed.
I have probably smoked more of the Rothschilde size Super Premium 2nds than any other cigar over the last 20 years. In my mind they are Punch Maduro Rothschildes. They look, taste & smoke just like a Punch regular production. I have tried the petite Corona, which is the same size as a Punch London Club. As noted by a previous reviewer, the taste of those seems a bit different than the rest of the sizes. Not necessarily bad, just not my favorite. I recently ordered a bundle of the 5.2" X 45 Coronas, which are the size of a Punch Elite. They are wonderful. They are full bodied, full flavored & indistinguishable from their 1st run cousins. Thanks to a bit of negotiating at the Make Me an Offer section I got them at a great bargain. 20% off the regular price. For less than $1.30 per vitola, I can burn off one after another, without guilt & most importantly without over taxing my wallet. If you like Punch Maduro or Hoyo de Monterrey Maduro offerings, you will love these 2nds. Highly recommended. I have never given a 2nd a rating like I do with most 1st run stogies, but in the case of Super Premium 2nds, I am making an exception & giving them a solid 89/100.
Delicious, tastes like candy to me. Just about to make another order.
This is a well made and excellent tasting cigar! They are my "go to" for a quick smoke. I always carry a few of these when I am out. At this price you can afford to be a hero and give several away to those who failed to plan properly. Highly recommended!
You have to hand it to whoever is responsible for supplying these incredibly consistent Maduro sticks at a price point that makes them attractive everyday/allday options. The bundle of Elite-like Coronas I received the other day are a good example. Nothing has changed since I 1st ordered a bundle of Rothschilds 20 years ago. They are still well constructed, easy smoking, consistently flavorful cigars. They still intend to replicate some of our favorite oldies like Punch & Hoyo de Monterrey. They do a hell of a good job at it, too! There is nothing to say these aren't production run 2nds, right off the floors of Villazon or out of the mouth of Jose Gener himself! Whatever they are, they are worth every penny asked. I rarely rate a self proclaimed 2nd, but Super-Premiums really deserve any accolades they get. The product is that good. 89/100
Got a bundle of the corona extra and pulled a stick out to sample. It was better quality than a cheap no name bundle but not as good as a 1st punch cigar in my opinion. Kinda on the bitter side with a quicker than usual uneven burn. It may have have good potential after being in the humi for a few weeks. I may have also pulled a not so great one out of the bundle too.
MV of Raleigh, NC
Hands down the BEST cigars for the money and more. I'm a tough critic and love to try new brands all the time. Nothing has come close to these in many many years.
OM of Staten Island, NY
I've ordered the Rothschilds (Robustos) more than a few times. Expecting that for the price that the quality and taste would simply have to vary from what for me is so close to the Hoyo Excalibur Merlins I love. But that has not happened! The robustos are actually more flavorful than the larger (and milder) Excalibur sizes I keep in my humidor. As others have said, if you like Punch or the Hoyos like me, you can't go wrong in price, quality and taste. Cigars you can satisfyingly smoke daily without worrying about depleting your humidor of your higher priced primos. A great deal!
BA of Mount Hope, WV
Love this smoke. Always included in my orders.
To be honest, the blend I got was ok. Not bad, but not great. This one I called a fishing cigar. One that you'll enjoy but don't care if it goes out and you keep lighting it back up. The wrapper was sloppy and came apart on about half of them. The draw was good and the taste was also good. Summary...spend the $ on some good cigars that you know you will enjoy. Happy smoking.
The Rothschild is one of my daily smokes. Not a cigar for handing out to high brow friends but when I'm on the lake or working in the yard a go to choice. I've smoked six bundles of these and had very few bad sticks. If looking for a great daily grab a bundle and be surprised at the quality a couple bucks can bring.
Got my corona extras in the mail and my mouth was already watering as I unpackaged them to get them in my humidifier. Dank little sucker had the individual plastic wrapping tainted with residual goodness. Smoked one right after that and fell in love. Burned straight and smoked smooth. Gets tastier towards the end. I will buy these again.
JC of Ludowici, GA
Holy Cow! Why would you spend the money on "1sts" if seconds are this good! Got them today, pulled one out to enjoy with strong black Nantucket coffee. The rest went to the humi, but I suspect at this price point they wont be in there long. Full of great flavor, near perfect construction, draw is smooth not too tight or too loose, and burn is razor sharp and flawless. Ash is beautiful and solid (not that I ever really care about that). I am loving these! I think I just found my everyday cigar. Thanks CI!
DB of Buena Vista, VA
I first bought these for my dad years ago and stole one for myself. I was very surprised how good these cigars are. I'm smoking one right now (Tasty) as I write this review. Worth the money, great smoke. Enjoy!
Second time for these for me. These are Punch Champions in my opinion. This latest batch were all very tight on the draw. I had to ream them all out with my skewer to even come close to enjoying them. Even with a rest they will not open up for me. I wish I had called for a customer service resolution. Having said that, I love these cigars when they smoke well.
CE of South Williamsport, PA
Smoking my second one today. They are great ROTT (right of the truck), but I can't wait till after they have been in the humidor fore a while. Fantastic buy.
DG of smyrna, GA
Awesome cigars! Maybe the best value I've found on the site. Corona Extras were great little dense oily devils, forget the fancy band, these are reallllly good.
RN of florence, AL
This is truly one of the best buys on CI. These cigars are wonderful for everyday smokes. Well worth the value.
BL of Indianapolis, IN
I buy these for my brother who loves Hoyo's double maduro and Punch. These are more like the Hoyo's, but not "exactly". At times a bit tightly rolled, but for the price you absolutely cannot beat them! Highly recommend them!
JM of Aldie, VA
This is my favorite way to get my full flavored fix. Been a fan of the robustos for [years]. Next reorder might be perfectos.
DH of Austin, TX
I've been smoking these for years and they are very consistent. A great everyday smoke!
Excellent cigar. I now think that it tastes the same as the Punch for a lower price...Enjoy it...
PR of Skokie, IL
Great cigar with mild flavor and burns well good every day smoke will buy again.
TW of Yermo, CA
I like these as much as a Champion (Punch), they are relaxing, mild, easy to smoke, everyday cigar. I like the shape and the size, I start the cigar, smoke it to the widest part, snuff it and come back for the rest latter. It is a great stub at the end. For me if the stub is good it's a good cigar.
Really liked them very well made will buy more good price for what looks like an taste like a punch 7 out of 10
JO of Southfield, MI
Really cool, very smooth, makes for a nice night cap.
JF of Columbia City, IN
Always looking for quality, affordable, everyday cigars and I believe I've found them in the Super-Premium 2nds. Ive tried the Club Coronas and the Corona Extras, and found them to be different blends, but still very enjoyable, high quality cigars regardless of who makes them, or what the secret brand name is. I'll still buy "the good stuff," but I'll definitely keep a supply of these in the humidor.
DE of Searcy, AR
Not bad - a little harsh - worth the price.