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Nica Libre Contras

Damn tasty!

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, sweat, and delicious handmades at dirt-cheap prices. My hard work equals big value for you, and this little beauty will no doubt leave me a little time for some welcomed R&R. These things are damn tasty and my price is shockingly low – the perfect pairing. Open up those arms and welcome the new Nica Libre Contras.

The undersized Nica Libre Contras over deliver with a big, booming Nicaraguan flavor profile. These lovely, handcrafted 4.75”x46 Perfectos come dressed in a dark, oily Habano Ecuador wrapper overtop a bold blend of long-fillers from Ometepe, Jalapa, and Condega. Notes of coffee, earth, leather, spices, pepper, and plenty of strength are noticeable within each thick, smoke-filled puff. They’re bold, but very nicely balanced, offering a memorable 30+ minute experience.  Plus, as an added bonus, each mazo comes uniquely presented in a sewn canvas, military-style pouch.

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Contras (Perfecto) (4.7"x46) BDL OF 20 Sale In Stock $100.00 $24.91
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Customer Reviews of “Nica Libre Contras”
I received a bundle of Contras as a bonus, when I purchased a box of Nica Libre maduro robustos. This Hemingway Short Story sized figurado delivers a 20/25 minute medium flavored, spicy adventure, that increases in strength, as the burn progresses. Actually rather mild in the beginning, it ramps up the action until it reaches medium/full flavor. Peppery nuances pervade the smoke, balanced by spices & a clean finish that coats the palate, in a pleasant way. I couldn't be happier with a bonus of this quality & want to commend CI for their efforts to deliver good cigars at an affordable price. This one goes in my humidor next to my other favorite figurado, the La Perla Habana Cameroon.
When you have to smoke outside in 90+ degree weather, sometimes you want a short smoke. I used to buy the Blood Red Moon for this. Got the Contras on a bonus deal. Great smoke! I will be ordering these now instead of the BRM.
Here's a decent short stick. Med. body and strength. The burn and construction are spot on. Nice flavors.
Received these with a box of Nica Libre maduro as well. The box press maduros are a departure from my usual Cameroon and habano taste but they are fantastic and I'm happy with them. However the real prize is the Contras! 30 mins of eventful smoke and even burn! I hands down recommend them and will be ordering more when I get low! A must try! Excellent job by Nica Libre! Get some and smoke happy!
EK of Springfield, IL
I’ve smoked three of these at this point. Great little cigar. More like a 30-40 minute smoke for me but I smoke really slowly. I feel like these will be perfect with another few weeks in the humi. Had a few burn issues, and a tight draw on one, the third one I smoked being the greatest smoke. All three had great flavor, nice pepper in the nose, medium strength leaning towards full at the end of the stick. Got them as a bonus on a box of nica libres. Undecided if I’ll buy more. It’s hard to get a small cigar that smokes like a big boy. This one does the job fine, if resting in the humi improves the smoke any, this will become a staple in my humi.
JS of Palo Alto, CA
Tasty little cigar. I ordered them on a Joe Jambalaya special at a discount. Love the spices and is great choice from my humidor when I have a short time to enjoy a smoke.
TH of Tampa, FL
Like many, i received these with a bundle of Nica Libre 1990 maduros. And while that is a pretty good inexpensive smoke in its own right, these are the real star from that purchase. The peppery and leathery flavours may be somewhat one dimensional, but they are really satisfying. You aren't going to get a whole lot of flavour development in a 4.5in, 46g cigar... and that's ok because these little perfectos produce big time smoke and taste for a 30 minute cigar. I cannot say enough about how well these are constructed - Razor sharp burn line on all 5 that I have puffed so far, and the ash is always solid. Contras with a v-cut have become my go-to smoke in the wintertime.
MM of Burlington, ON
Great little cigar for these cold winter smoke sessions!!!
These were significantly smaller than I expected. Decent taste and burn, but I won't be buying any more at $2 a stick. If they go on sale for somewhere in the area of $1 per stick, I might pick up a few bundles.
Bought a bundle of these sticks on a whim. They're a lot smaller than I expected. At $2 apiece they're a little overpriced for what you get. Takes a while for the flavor profile to develop and it doesn't last for long. In any event it's decidedly unidimensional. Med-full straight tobacco flavor. No nuances that I could detect. At the full price I wouldn't buy these again. If they go on special for somewhere around $1 or $1.20 per stick I might pick up a few bundles to have for my knock around smoke.
Bought 2 more bundles of these tasty little cigars. There are times when I want a short smoke and this has been the best yet!
TH of Tampa, FL
Very disappointed. Hard draw and little smoke. Will not buy again.
Bought a bundle of these and wound up giving them away. Very difficult draw, almost every one of them plugged. Pretty much unsmokeable. Bought these on reputation as I like the regular Nica Libre, but won't be buying any more of these.
Aww how cute! Don't let the size fool ya- this is a serious smoke. My only complaint is I only ordered one.
CD of Bristol, CT
Like several of the other reviewers, I received a canvas bag of 20 Contras with a Nica Libre purchase several months ago. My mooching buddy loves them! He is normally a mild guy, but this little spark plug has shown him the brighter side of full bodied smokes. So when the recent sale was announced, I immediately dropped a bundle into my shopping cart. A buck & 2 bits is a deal for this full flavored, 30 minute smoke. But it won't leave you wanting for complexity or tastiness. It scores highly on both counts. Spicy, peppery & crammed full of big flavor, for such a diminutive cigar. Well constructed, I found no draw issues, as I was careful to cut correctly. Many inexperienced figurado smokers struggle with the proper way to cut & enjoy these oddly shaped offerings. Use a "V" or snip cutter & don't cut off much. Probe with a poker if you encounter anything more than normal resistance. As for the complaints about size, it was clearly indicated that they were 30 minute quickies & the exact dimensions were published for all to see. Yes, they are small, but they pack a powerful punch, delivered in a manner that I find delightful. At the current price per stick, laying my hands on several bundles for myself & my friends, is paramount. Considering the value, taste & construction, Nica Libre Contras earn a solid 90/100. High praise for a bundled throw-in type vitola with a suspiciously odd name. With Abel "AJ" Fernandez in their corner, did anyone doubt that they would be anything less than solidly executed?
These are small perfectos BUT they have a great taste! Don't let the size fool you, they are great for $1.25 a stick. Great deal. Medium to full body, smooth draw. Hints of pepper and leather.
AM of Canyon Country, CA
Purchased a bundle of these on sale and they have far exceeded expectations. Inexpensive, quick smoking (30-45 minutes), and medium to full flavor has made them a welcome addition to the humidor. Contras are a great smoke when you don't have time to commit to a full size cigar and the quality is pretty surprising given the price and all. The wrappers are actually of good quality and have a nice oily sheen to them which you wouldn't expect for these sticks. Not the most complex but the flavor does vary a bit over the course of the smoke so as to hold your attention. The fact that they are perfectos is just icing on the cake.
RM of Portland, OR
Ok, this cigar is small yes, but its a great smoke! Yes I will mostly order it again, awesome will share it with friends.
GM of Brooklyn, NY
Hard draw at first but soon delish and great aroma too!
Excellent little cigar - Just the right size for a hot day. My only criticism is the tight draw.
MP of Benton, AR
A huge fan of the brand. I actually ordered these by mistake. I misread the size. A very happy mistake! They are perfect for the impromptu cigar break. Great flavor, super construction. Will definitely order these again.
Reminds me of Punch Bolos.
MK of Waianae, HI
Where have these little beauties been all of my life?! I've had Nica Libre cigars in the past and thoroughly enjoyed them, but I wasn't expecting much from a small cigar in this price range. Boy, was I wrong! These little cigars are flavorful throughout and well-constructed. The best small smoke I've tried in years!
Fantastic little cigar for the price. Difficult draw and mild flavor at first no matter how you cut it, but this turns into a medium-bodied cigar with excellent flavor after a few minutes. It'll be on my list of daily cigars.
JV of Owensboro, KY
This thing was tiny. I have had cigarillos that are bigger than this.... I would have smoked half this pack in one sitting.
CB of The Colony, TX
Good for quick 20 minute break during the day. Not too powerful for me and I'm typically a mild-kinda guy.
PP of Beacon, NY
As with anything superior in any location for sale, if it's mighty good it doesn't stay around long. Gone with the wind, just like these Nica Libres with the smoothest draw in history. Try it you'll like it - is an understatement but you can't try it, - it disappeared.
DK of Pensacola, FL
I love this for a quick smoke, when I don't have a lot of time. Great taste and just as good draw.
DB of Maple Hill, NC
They pack quite a punch for such a small stick. While it may not be the best tasting cigar out there, it's perfect for when you want a quick 20 minute cigar break at work or if the weather is bad.
JC of Goddard, KS