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Bahia Trinidad

CI S-CHIP Buster #2,481.

One could view Bahia Trinidad as not merely a cigar but an indispensable weapon in the war on high cigar prices. Oh yes, that just happened. CI prices on this nice little handmade will transport you to a time when, pre-SCHIP taxes, there was a quaint notion of cigars actually being affordable. Well, click the heels of your ruby slippers gents because we’re back in Kansas and these cigars are practically chump change! Here’s a Nicaraguan puro crafted with a dark and oily Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper cultivated 2 years ago, optimally fermented and then tucked away for a cedar-nap ever since. Combined with this wrapper is a blend of 4-year-old Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos grown from Cuban seeds in Esteli and Condega. The end result is an aromatic, medium-bodied mix with mingling notes of cedar, cinnamon, and sweet tobacco flavors. Actually the real end result is a toothy grin on your haggard face after you realize all this cost you peanuts.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Corona Gigante (Churchill) (7.0"x54)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $49.99
No. 2 Belicoso (6.5"x54)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $150.00 $49.99
Pancho (Robusto) (5.5"x52)
BDL OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $44.99
Short Churchill (Toro) (6.1"x48)
BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $44.99    
Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 Based on 52 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Bahia Trinidad”

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5 out of 5
Everything I wanted from a cigar. Great smoke
5 out of 5
Good little schmoke
good schmoke, good value... i like the robusto size, nice shortie, good flavor medium cigar. Excellent craft.
5 out of 5
i bought them for my husband
Not often does a he like what I choose...this time a homerun!
5 out of 5
Will purchase again.
Great tasting cigar. Easy on the wallet.
5 out of 5
Love these
4 out of 5
Good one
A good consistent cigar not too pricey
3 out of 5
Trinidadian - not too bad!
Bahia Trinidad Pancho. Just grab the five pack of these suckers, stuck one with a punch and the head split. Sniffing the foot I got a little tiny bit of barnyard along with a grassy, earthy smell. The wrapper was a nice medium brown, not too shiny. I toasted the foot and lit the cigar up immediately tasting that grassy smell, the wrapper had a nice earthy aroma to it which was pleasant, just a slight hint of sweetness. Halfway through gobs of smoke, but the cigar had a hard spot that It had to work around. Nice earthy taste, good tobacco flavor, with hints of toast and a slightly sweet finish. Smoke through the nose just burned I didn't like it so much. Generally good cigars through the nose will give a more complex flavor and feel. But given the price of these I'm still rather happy. After the hard spot I had a nice even burn To the nub. Ash was weird too, it was nice and white but loose and flew off, even on the cleanup I noticed the ash was super soft, which was kind of ... Meh. Still not to bad of a smoke.
4 out of 5
Bahia Trinidad No.2 Belicoso: A very good cigar!
Good smoke good, good finish. Ciao...Dave H.
4 out of 5
The best Bahia
I like them all, they are well made and draw well. The Trinidad is medium but has a good flavor profile. A good alternative to have in the rotation.
5 out of 5
Bahia Trinidad
Great everyday cigar. Quality buy
4 out of 5
My most recent find is the Bahia brand of cigars. I like cheap cigars, but not cheap bad cigars. I will not compromise quality for price, and neither do any of the variety of Bahia cigars that I have tried. They compete strongly with cigars many times their price. Especially good after aging for a bit.
3 out of 5
like the size. Easy to light and stay lit. A bit harsh at the end.
4 out of 5
Perfect cigar
Great everday smoke at a great price
5 out of 5
Bahia Trinidad Corona Gigante
A really great stick.
5 out of 5
Bahia Trinidad No. 2 Belicoso
Thery are great and will be buying more. I bought 60 to share with my two son in laws who also enjoyed them.
5 out of 5
Bahia Trinidad
A cigar smoker for over 35 years,Bahia was among the 1st. why i waited so long to come back but glad i did. great flavor, burn, construction. You cant go wrong.
5 out of 5
An overlooked treasure
The Bahia Red maybe on of the best Bundle seller, but I have to say The Trinidad is no slouch. Smooth taste, good construction. I will buy more of these. P.Fitz
3 out of 5
An Everyday Smoke
The Bahia Trinidad line is generally a very nice smoke. Nothing fancy but nothing you would be embarrassed to share with friends either. And at the price CI offers them it's really hard not to keep a healthy stock in your humidor.
5 out of 5
Smooth cigar
The Trinidad is a smooth, aromatic cigar, with a great price!!!
2 out of 5
Boo to Bahia
Hard to keep lite, bland taste
4 out of 5
Big Bahia Fan !
I am a big fan of the Bahia label. Blu, Red and Orange. All solid, inexpensive smokes... Have all 3 in the box !
4 out of 5
good smoke
Good smoke for the price
5 out of 5
This is a good everyday smoke. The cigars seem well constructed with a good draw and even burn.
5 out of 5
awesome cigar
ive had both the trinidad and maduro and both fine
4 out of 5
Good for the price
Mild to medium, burns well, stays lit. Not a ton of taste, good golf cigar.
4 out of 5
9 Hole cigar
A little quick on the burn, inexpensive quality smoke.
5 out of 5
Smooth operator
Smooth tasting, and doesn't require relighting (my top annoyance)... .nice medium to mild smoke. Will be filling up my box with some more when its on sale.
5 out of 5
Golf Course Cigar
This is a great value smoke . It is packed firm,but draws well and stays lit so you do not need to constantly re light? You have time to putt out and come back to a lit cigar.
5 out of 5
Will Order Again
Smoked one after about a week in the humidor. Surprisingly good for the price. I will order again.
3 out of 5
Dried out and unwrapped on
Dried out and unwrapped on touch
4 out of 5
A savory smoke
Lot's of flavor and a perfect burn. Nice!
5 out of 5
Trinidad Gold
Great medium taste start to finish this was my 3rd buy of this smooth tasting beauty
5 out of 5
Low price good smoke
Nice everyday smoke mild to med nice break from the stronger cigars I normally smoke
3 out of 5
Bahia Trinidad
Good everyday smoke for the price. Good flavor with some changes.
5 out of 5
Very satisfied with my cigars.
4 out of 5
Nice wrapper creamy taste with
Nice wrapper creamy taste with a hint of spice let these sit in your humidor for about a month and there good to go.
5 out of 5
Great smoke at a great price.
4 out of 5
A must
Smooth taste, with a little bite
5 out of 5
Goto everyday smoke
Great construction,smokes well and have good medium bodied flavors. And a price that is hard to beat
5 out of 5
Great value
I am a mild-medium smoker at a reasonable cost. Bahia Trinidad fits my needs perfectly; easy draw, very few pieces, and even burn. I recommend trying these.
4 out of 5
One of my favorite two dollar cigars! Always well made, very even burn, and good consistent flavor. A little cinnamon flavor is present but mostly the cedar and sweet tobacco that CI mentions. An excellent everyday cigar for any budget.
5 out of 5
Great smoke.
Great smoke at a great price!
5 out of 5
Bahia has been a long time favorite brand and the Corona Gigante did not disappoint. Great flavor and a smooth smoke. A great cigar when you are looking for an hour + smoking session.
5 out of 5
My fav
creamy, smooth. never disappoints.
4 out of 5
Bahia Trinisad
This is a nice medium smoke that burns easy and is a light taste for a medium cigar
5 out of 5
2nd review
Impatiently smoked one while putting them away good cigar smoked another 3-4 weeks later better than sales pitch can't wait till 3-4 months of cedar napping. Thanks for the recommendation C.I.
5 out of 5
Bahia Trinidads are a very smooth smoke and aforable!
Great smoke!
5 out of 5
Bahia trinidad's worth every penny
one of my favorite cigars and for the price you cant beat it..Perfect cigar for anytime..especially for parties im handing these things out like candy
4 out of 5
Cheap and good
Firm easy draw with nice oily wrapper burns even and has nice spicy flavor.
5 out of 5
Great Everyday Choice
Not sure why the ratings on this are so low, but I love this cigar. It's my favorite "everyday" smoke.
5 out of 5
A real find
Just as always arrived in pristine condition.Enjoyed one as I was putting them away they are excellent firm easy draw with abundance of smoke and flavor better than described Smokes and looks like a dream
2 out of 5
They didn't appear to be
They didn't appear to be as fresh as my prior orders.....
Customer Testimonials
I bought the mazo and ashtray special, paid for expedited shipping as sometimes living in CA it take time for things to arrive from PA and unfortunatley... things sometimes dry out a bit. Needless to say this wasn't the case with the USPS priority mail shipment of this order. Upon reciept of the package, I quickly ripped open the box to retrieve the prize inside. I'm not one to smoke cigars without a friend usually, but I made an exception this time. They arrived fresh and moist. Opened the mazo and took a sniff, MMMmmm smells so good. Unsheathing the individual cigar to cut the end and prepare it for smoking I took another smell and oh boy, do these smell good. Fired up the old carbon fiber torch lighter and lit it up like a boss. First thing I noticed was the draw is nice and the cigar light evenly the first go round. The cigar produces heavy clouds of smoke and is a pleasant smoke from initial light to finger burning nub. Fairly light all the way through, nothing special stood out and no negative comments. Near the end it was a little harsh, but that's because it was being neglected. A little additional fire and it was back to full burn and great tastes. It will definitely be on my radar for future purchases. Very smooth, fairly rich and good all around cigar. Give it 4 out of 5 stars.
I am a huge fan of the Bahia Maduro, so I figured I would give these a try. They are ok smokes, but I doubt I will buy more. The flavor is a bit too mild.... I will stick with the maduro. They are much more flavorful.
4 out of 5 stars. This was a great cigar. Its not as good as the Bahia Maduro but it is sure nipping at its heels. It was very smooth and I could taste earth and oak. Wish I had more of them. I would recommend this cigar.
I got two Bahia Trinidad in a sample package. I knew I loved the Bahia Maduro so I expected to like the Trinidad. Overall, I was really impressed by this cigar. The construction is great, burned perfect, and had great flavor. Anyone who likes a mild to medium cigar will love this one. I have recommended it to a lot of people. My favorite from Bahia is still the Bahia Gold.
Are you kidding me? Bought a box of the Churchills, this has got to be the best $2.00 cigar on the planet. In my never ending quest to find good $1-$2 cigars this one is the best so far, should be selling for more but don't tell anybody.
Cigar smoker of 25 years. Bahia makes one of the best, actually tasteful cigars. Trinidad especially is one excellent cigar, be it construction, draw, taste, burn - it all excellent! Anyone here talking about it being ok cigar, good for yard work or dog walking, in my opinion, know nothing about good cigars. If this particular brand was priced x3 more, I'd still buy it. C'mon CI, make sure these are always in inventory!
definitely a staple for your humidor if you like Nicaraguan cigars, a finger burner, so be careful. Your gonna want more and more.
Where do I start? First off, the Bahia Trinidad (Gigante Churchill), is a very rare cigar. Having spent much time traveling to faraway cities in northern NJ, I have never been able to find this cigar. I rate it personally, a 9.5/10. The texture of this cigar is solid and consistent. The leaves have beautiful veins that protrude ever so slightly, which proves the masculinity and strength of this well made cigar by Tony Berhani. The initial draw of this cigar can be likened to a strong oceanic wave, the flavor is almost full flavor, and whether its your first puff or last puff - the taste stays ever so consistent and true. I would recommend you buy these cigars, or any of the Bahia lines. I'm happy I bought a 20 pack of this specific Bahia. As my grandpa used to say, it's always wise to keep 10 or 20 Bahia's stocked in your humidor, for those rainy days. Cheers my fellow Cigar Aficionados.
This is a very good cigar. Medium body, the smooth beautiful wrapper with no tooth reminded me of a fine cuban, excellent construction, perfect draw and sharp burn. Lightly spicy, creamy, delicious with rest. Mine are over a year old and have really aged well. I've read a couple reviews that the wrapper came apart, I've only experienced it when smoking in extremely dry conditions and it was because of the shock from the humi to dry, the sumatra wrapper is very delicate, can't blame the cigar. A good cigar is a good cigar, and this is a damn good cigar at any price.
It is not often that I can say with honesty that a cheaper cigar really exceeded my expectations, but this time, I most certainly can say just that. Having tried the Bahia Maduro in several sampler packs I was pleased, but never impressed. It was precisely what I expected in a cheaper Maduro. The blend in the Trinidad is of far better quality and is a cigar I don't mind smokin' cheap or not. The construction was exceptional and the flavor was smooth and creamy throughout, kind of surprising considering it's a Nicaraguan puro. If reminds me VERY much of the Blue Ribbon by Drew Estate. I'm sold.
I'm guessing I bought these 1.5 years ago (corona gigante) and smoked a few back then. They were nice, nothing extraordinary, but a good and pleasant gar for cheap. With a string of spectacular weather recently, I've been diving deep and often into my substantial stash and grabbed this when the previous pick burned way too hot and I chucked it. This thing has turned into an awesome cigar! It's beautifully constructed, packed perfectly, even and slow burning. At least half of the enjoyment of a good cigar, for me, is the aroma and this thing delivers cinnamon and cedar in perfect balance. It ranks up there with the best of them for aroma. Mine didn't produce tons of smoke but it wasn't lacking either. Low-end medium strength for the first half and high-end medium second half. Smooth flavor throughout. The flavor and aroma didn't change hardly at all, but given the great start, that's fine with me! At risk of you all discounting my opinion, I'm going to say that I enjoyed this cigar as much as the Ave Maria I smoked last night. And the RP 90 before that! If you figure in the price, this thing kicks their ass! I don't know if it takes 1.5 years of careful aging for this cigar to rival Ave Maria and RP 90 but I'm going to buy more right now and find out.
Good even burn, lots of smoke... but otherwise these Bahia Trinidad cigars just weren't that good to me. Mild and bland is what they are. I could have gotten the Bahia Maduro's for just a little more money. I just love Maduro cigars the best.
If found on sale, these are a good knock around smoke. If aged a year or more, they turn into a very good cigar.
I received two of these cigars in a sampler pack, and this would be the only way I would purchase them. This is not to say, others may find this brand just what they are looking for. Being a med to full body lover with a good mild once in awhile. There was nothing about the cigar, other than the burn, that I found enjoyable. Maybe the two I received were not a good reflection of the rest. I found the flavor to be more like a mouth full of pepper, that I wanted to get rid of as fast as possible. While the Diesel is a brand I love, and very full bodied. The more than an hour of smoke time from one of their 7 X 58, doesn't leave my palate on fire like the Bahia did in 35 min. Again, I can only write what my experience was with the Bahia Trinidad.
I split a bundle of the Bahia Trinidad with a friend... it's an average smoke for the price. I have to say that at the very least what Bahia Trinidad lacks in flavor it makes up for in consistency. Out of the 10 I've smoked, each one had a nice even burn and effortless draw. The flavor profile is one-dimensional, but it makes a nice yard 'gar. Like another poster wrote: it's a great entry-level stogie, or something to hand out to your cigar-mooching poker buddies.
Hey its very simple $29.99 for 20 stogies that are way more than just ok. Do yourself a huge favor, (that is if you enjoy a mild to medium bodied smoke), do not hesitate to purchase at least one bundle of these beauties. They smoke at about the $6.00 rate and will run you $1.50 each. Come on this is a darn give away. Lakeside in Maine, I just sampled my first, for the money OUTSTANDING!!
This is the first time I have smoked a Bahia Trinidad, I tried it because it was recommended by a friend who smokes Bahia exclusively, I was told it was a great entry level cigar into the Bahia brand. So I had to make an order anyway and CI had them for a small bargain. Had my first Churchill out on the deck with a coffee and I have to say, it was very nice. Mild, creamy taste, well built and solid ash. I am more of a Maduro man, but this was a delicious change of pace, I would buy them again at this price, but not at their regular $104.00 price, they are good but not that good. You can not go wrong with these at this price. Well done CI and Bahia.
Just finished a Bahia Trinidad I recieved today, and have to say it was pretty darn good and price was even better! Did I mention the speedy service?? Twenty-five hours and fifty-four minutes from the time I ordered untill the big brown truck was in my driveway! This is microwave quick! I never got these prices or quick turnaround from the other guys. BRAVO, and keep it up Im sold on C I and reccomend you to all my friends HOOOH RA
a nice cigar. had them in the humi for less than a week and had to try one, hoping would be as enjoyable as the maduro. nice burn, good construction and pleasant taste. have been looking for something to fill in for one of my old favorites, vibe from eo. very close to it, will keep some of these for myself and friends.
I agree with pretty much everything that was said about the construction of this cigar, not much a little humi time won't fix. It will do better after a couple of weeks/month in the humidor. The wrapper started to unwrap a bit, the ash was a bit flaky leading me to believe it was a little dry although it still held an ash to about 1 1/2" on the Gigante. A lightly spiced cigar, it was smooth and mellow until about the last two inches. It burned evenly, and didn't have any problems going out. Tasted pretty good. An excellent value, I will test again in a month to see what we have here.
Just had one of these tonight. It was bundled in with my po' boy package. Not that bad of a smoke for the most part. Nothing really to rave about but the price. A good thing to take around maybe while talking or relaxing on the deck.
Just got a bundle of torpedos today and smoked one right away instead of letting them lay down a little in the humidor. The flavors are as described, especially the cinnamon and it is dead on medium bodied. Effortless draw and reasonably good burn with a white ash that was a little on the flaky side. A little on the loose side but it did not burn hot at all. The wrapper cracked since they were not in the humidor so I find no fault there. All-in-all a great bargain at $1.75 a stick. Good flavor, construction, and burn and a cigar you can give to seasoned vets without being criticized. You may even be admired when they find out what you paid.
The Bahia Trinidad is a very good cigar. I like the oily wrapper and solid construction. The cigar draws and burns very well. Medium bodied with lots of flavor. Nuances of creamy butter rum spice, white pepper, nutmeg, and much more. A really tasty cigar at a great price. Perfect with morning coffee. Cheers!!!
I delivered that 10 pack as a gift. Well my buddy offered a stick from his gift. I never had a Trinidad him either. For the price their perfect. Full of favor from the start. It burns good just as any other fine cigars. For size I was hoping it last 1 hour an a half but for I only an hour. That's ok I enjoyed every second even my dog. She sit with me. When I not puffing she gets angry. Oh I agree with NJ guy as far what it like. And if you don't like this one something wrong with you're taste buds.
The Bahia Trinidad isn't a bad gar. Great yard gar, walking the dogs type of cigar. Nothing fancy but good for the price.
I bought a 10 pack on special not expecting too much. Boy was I surprised. These cigars are very tasty, medium bodied with a nice almost cinnamon taste. These cigars beat all the cigars I've tried in this price range and even a lot of cigars that cost much much more. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. I'm gonna order a few more bundles to keep in my humidor. In fact I'm gonna light one up right now, enjoy