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Profesor Sila

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Profesor Sila is giving a lesson in saving tonnage on beautiful, mild handmade cigars. Supremely mild, with a slightly sweet tip, you could smoke Profesor Sila all day long. Made from all Dominican long-fillers, Profesor Sila is topped off with a lovely, golden Connecticut-seed wrapper. Silky smooth, mellow, and pleasant - to me this an enjoyable morning cigar. But with these prices you could afford to smoke it any time of day....and repeat as needed!

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x48) BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $49.99
5-PACK In Stock $18.00
Corona (6.0"x43) BOX OF 20 In Stock $80.00 $39.99
5-PACK In Stock $15.00
Double Robusto (Toro) (6.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $100.00 $49.99
5-PACK In Stock $18.00
Rothschilde (Robusto) (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $90.00 $39.99
5-PACK In Stock $15.00
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Customer Reviews of “Profesor Sila”
Great breakfast (Profesor Sila) for the first T, then another at the turn, and then another for the 19th. Mild and smooth, a true bargain.
DM of Chicago, IL
I really wanted these to be an inexpensive Baccarat replacement, but they're not quite there. They capture the overall flavor and sweetness but also come with a slightly sour aftertaste, especially in the last 1/3. I've only had the Corona so it's possible this is less pronounced in the larger ring gauges, but the sourness creeps in so quickly I'm almost convinced that burning cooler wouldn't completely prevent it from developing.
SH of Douglasville, GA
when i saw professor sila had returned on your brand list,it made my day.i bought a box in 04.loved every one of them,so did all my cigar pals.i smoked my last one 4 weeks ago,they were that guys ran out and i just could not part with them,they were awesome. i hope they come out of backorder soon. all you cigar cats should jump on this mild every day smoke.thanx gents.
MM of Roanoke, VA
Just tried my first Sila and All I can say is wow! This cigar is truly a sweet treat to smoke. The Sila constructed nicely and have a very pleasent sweet taste throughout the entire cigar .The Sila is a great after dinner cigar to have for "desert". Enjoy.
JH of V3Long Island, NY
Just picked a a bundle of churchill's (Profesor Sila) there great not to sweet mild good smoke
If you have problems like I do with smoking harsh cigars then (Profesor Sila) is the way to go. I now smoke nothing but, they are the mildest smoke I've ever had. Even the price is right you can't beat it. Thanks CI
DB of gloucester city, NJ
I'm usually not a 'mild' cigar smoker, but this one is really nice. It has enough flavour to be interesting; it's not just smoky hot air. Nice even burn, firmish non-flaking ash...just a nice cigar that's not expensive.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Typical 'freebie' deal?: Dealer empties warehouse of garbage and actually gets paid to do it. Not so with Profesor buck and a half smoke since D'offs were a buck and a half.
DN of Sgt. Bluff, IA
TM of garrettsville, OH
Very good cigar. I'm a sampler person from Brown Bag to higher end sampler. These are the first that I have been inclined to purchase. I guess it is the sweet tooth in me.
MT of Memphis, TN
Eversince I saw these, I was tempted to buy them, but for some odd reason I was very hesitant. I finally got a box and let them rest in my humidor for a week or two. Last night I lit one up...WOW! I was really pleased. They are definitely priced right. I'll definitely keep a box in reserve. If you like flavored cigars, try adding these to your collection! They're smooth and sweet!
AP of Matawan, NJ
I just received my order of profesor ( Profesor Sila ) bundle of 20 at the price of 29.95. This cigar is top notch and a big hit in my book. Very mild great flavor and aroma to top that off it has a sweet tip which I love. It's great from start to finish C.I. I hope you run this cigar every day at this I will order often.
SN of melbourne, AR
The tip was sweeter than I was expecting, but overall the cigar was really pleasant. It drew really nice and easy and emitted huge soft billowing white clouds of smoke. It wasn't a slow burner, but it did burn nice and even through the entire length of the Churchill. I got this as part of a larger sampler and was anxious to try it so I didn't let it age at all. I think it would have been even better with a little bit of time in the humidor. At this low price, I'll buy some more and see.
RH of Spokane, WA
I cannot comment on how these smoke as I could not get past the awful chemical sweetener the cap had been drenched in. I have smoked and enjoyed Baccarats previously so a sweetened tip is not unknown to me. These things are in a league all their own. I managed to get through little less than a quarter of a stick before I had to retire the wretched thing. The after taste was so pronounced that bourbon and a “regular” cigar couldn’t fully get rid of the flavor...
RC of Cinnaminson, NJ
Wow! i just ordered my first box of this great cigar on a recomendation. Noty only am I surprised of how similar they are to an Acid Kuba cigar, but for a third of the price. I'll be buying more of these soon.
DE of Chicago, IL
I am always looking for a new cigar to try out. I like a mild cigar and this is one of the best. A nice even burn without alot of secondary smoke and hint of sweetness. I would order these again.
AL of Pittsburgh, PA
This is a fine mild cigar with a touch of sweetness. Draws smooth and gives alot of flavor without being over bearing. The price for these are nice too. I'll enjoy 2 to 3 a day while fishing or golfing.
TE of Burlington, NJ
I tried one from a Mild Sampler I bought and was pleasantly surprised by the sweet tip. I smoked it as I was walking down the Vegas strip and I heard a guy say he wished he had a cigar. I remember the wrapper being a bit loose and some if it came off, but maybe I did not maintain it as well as I should have. I'm a beginner at the cigar thing and still in the learning stage. I'm thinking of buying some more of there for sure.
CV of Fremont, CA
This was my first Profesor Sila and I was very surprised by the initial sweetness of the stick. It was a very even burn that got better as it burned. The sweetness lasted a little longer than I am used to but I must say that I really did like this smoke. It is very mild, but gave some good smoke and flavor throughout. I got it as part of a sample, but don't know if I would buy a complete box just yet. Still trying to find what I like. Thumbs up as a mild, everyday smoke though.
MJ of Arlington, TX
I'm not a big fan of the sugary foot (I assume they dipped it in some sugar-water at some point), but the smoke is mild, smooth, and pleasant. Reminds me somewhat of a 5 Vegas Gold. Solid construction, and slower burn than many at this price-point. Not a Montecristo White or CAO Gold killer, but definitely a nice smoke! Ash is a bit short and powdery compared to top-shelf cigars. Has a certain flavor-profile that is pleasing; like some other reviewers have said, it's a perfect 'first cigar in the morning' for those who prefer very mild cigars.
JC of Anthem, AZ
This is a very good! This is now my everyday cigar. Worth the money, that's for sure.
JC of Middleburg, FL
One of the smoothest, creamiest and silkiest cigar with a touch of sweetness I've ever smoked, I'm hook and you can't beat the price. I've tried many others and they are good put this is the one for me, I'll still continue trying others, but this will always be in my humidor waiting for me.
SI of Hurleyville, NY
Mild as you can get.... The sweet tip is nice.... it burns even and I got it almost to 3 inch of ash before it fell (always fun to see how long they can go). If you like mild, this cigar is for you.
DW of Los Angeles, CA
I tried the Professor Sila today. It had a really nice flavor but had a hard draw.
JJ of Burleson, TX
Great cigar! Just had my first one and I like it! A little bit of sweetness on the cap, but it slowly goes away. Smooth with good flavor. Can burn a little uneven, but no worries. One of my new favorites!
BW of Pomona, CA
Class is in session, and the Professor is residing! This is a very nice,MILD cigar that I always keep on hand to give to first time smokers, or for folks who think a mild cigar is not enjoyable. The sweetened tip is not overpowering and in my opinion, enhances the smoke. Construction has never been an issue, and to top it off, they come in a very nice varnished box! I recommend these to every new smoker and just added some more coronas to my cart!
JH of Valley Springs, CA
Started looking around for a mild cigar, just wanted to add something to the humidor that I can smoke at any time of the day without having the strong leftover taste. Looked around for something like what the Acid Kuba brings, but without the price tag and ran into Profesor Sila. This is truly my favorite cigar right now! I haven't touched any other cigar since I started smoking these. Very good smoke, I recommend this to anyone who wants to start off smoking cigars or to anyone just wanting to try something different. Won't be disappointed.
RG of New York, NY
Professor Sila is a mild, pleasant tasting cigar. It is well constructed, and usually has an even burn and easy draw. It is a nice morning cigar, and goes well with a cup of coffee. It is reasonably priced, and a good cigar to keep in your humidor.
I didn't care for them. They are rolled to tightly. Hard to draw.
LN of shinglehouse, PA
Very good mild cigar with sweetened end. This inexpensive cigar has become my perferred evening smoke. The draw and burn have been very consistent and construction is very nice. The price point make this a must have in the humidor.